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Live Updates Live Client 402.25.1 Istaria Community Manager
December 1, 2020


  • Cows now have a new sleep animation that looks less dead.
  • “Token wallet” interface container for holding all tokens.
  • Gnome houses now have beds. Tazoon Guild Hall benches are now more Gnome friendly.
  • Added a warning message if a special environment event is going on (like Winter) but you have special environments disabled.
  • Added a warning message if you disable critical prefs that might affect your ability to play the game (making NPCs invisible for example).
  • Allow abilities to be right-click used from the ability window


  • Fixed a very rare issue where dragging an item can cause the game to crash.
  • Quest AutoTracker defaults to ON for new installs.
  • Temporary fix to not display "You did the most damage" server messages (monster sending tells to grouped players upon death).
  • Fix for the icons on the lair map being in the wrong positions.
  • Fixed an issue where special events like Winter might incorrectly affect some files that it shouldn’t be.
  • Quest Tracker Modifications: Fix for AutoTrack loading all quests upon login.
  • Fix "close chat window" closing the wrong chat + chat crash
  • Correct various quest / NPC dialog windows links working. Can test changing schools with Cleric Beccan Tandis at 22633 22709
  • Added helper item inside mossy boulders so players don’t get stuck

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