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Blight Updates Blight Client 403.15.0 Istaria Community Manager
January 15, 2021


  • The game’s loading code has been rewritten which will greatly improve loading performance, allowing the game to load faster on the loading screen and stream assets ingame faster, as well as improving game stability.
  • The “Breath remaining” bar when underwater now always automatically centers and appears on top of other windows to prevent losing it.
  • The casting / ability usage bar will move itself back on screen if you accidentally moved it off and make sure it appears on top of other windows.
  • NPC Chat windows will make sure they are on-screen if they were accidentally moved off when greeting an NPC.
  • Additional optimisation has increased the client’s FPS.
  • The trade window now has a tab for your wallet, showing your currencies and their source similar to your wallet.
  • Both your wallet and the trade window can now show your currencies as a grid view, if you prefer to organise your tokens visually.
  • The map’s direction indicator is now higher quality and consistent in the default, sapphire, garnet, and emerald themes. Lava and ice already used this higher-quality icon.
  • Bee sounds from beehives are now quieter and have smaller radius
  • Add Use Option when you right click the Pet Window.


  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze while loading into a new area after a teleport.
  • Fixed an issue where assets would seemingly fail to load at random (such as textures appearing perpetually grey).
  • Improved performance of how plot permissions are applied
  • The ‘Hide Passives’ button is now inline with the search bar in the character window ability tab.
  • Item icons will now downscale to fit instead of being cut off in the wallet window.
  • Correct pet icon so that it does not truncate in pet window.



  • Fix for daily quest NPC working



  • Improved texture on New Trismus singed walls
  • The wallet’s “Type” column is now named “Source” and properly identifies the source of all of the currencies in your wallet for sorting and identification.


  • Fix bad looking water near Lerena
  • Fix crash when double clicking on Abilities Tab / Character Window



  • The ability window has received some updates.
    • An additional category has been added, Cosmetic, for non-title cosmetic effects.
    • All quest-given abilities now sort into their proper categories instead of dumping into the 'General' tab, such as Dragon quested abilities and epic abilities such as Hero's Resolve.
    • A checkbox has been added to hide passive abilities.
    • A search function has been added to allow you to search for a specific ability.
    • You can now right click or double-click to use an ability in your ability window.



  • Fixes for Currency Wallet:
    • Fixed being unable to set an asking price for items within the wallet. All currencies now have a 'Customize' option to set asking prices.
    • Fixed an issue where it was no longer possible to move currency to/from a structure. (Vaults intentionally do not fall under this.)
    • Fixed an issue preventing the icons for currencies from appearing.
    • Fixed being unable to split currency stacks.
    • Center-aligned the quantity display in the wallet.
    • Made sure that currencies in the wallet cannot be accidentally sold from the inventory or added to a trade by mistake.
    • The type of currency now also displays in the wallet list.
    • The visual list style has been modified to match other similar list interfaces.
  • When the client is running out of memory and does a full cleanup, it will no longer change your graphics settings.
  • Fixed inventory item placement being reset to default on relog if you place the item too far to the right side of the inventory.


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