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Community News The Three Shadows Sarsilas
February 6, 2021

Some of you may have noticed some shadowy figures we've posted across our social media the past few months. Soon the light will shine on their scales. For now, we are simply hosting all three teaser images in one community post to keep everything together and to be sure no one has been left out of seeing them.

As many have guessed, these are the silhouettes of the new models for the wyvern allies, which have used placeholder hatchling models for the past five years. In our development diary, we will go more in depth to the story of this troubled model, so stay tuned!


The plague-carrier Algontoth.
The venom-spitting Ebbe'it.
The soothing Virrak.
These teasers are rendered images made in Blender using compiled in-game skydome screenshots and 3D elements. The models are the exact in-game models, but lighting and effects are not representative of in-game graphics.


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