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Blight Updates Blight Delta 312.1 Sarsilas
March 26, 2021

Blight Delta 312.1 has been captured and will be applied to Blight soon.

  • Fixed directions in quest “Dragon Crafter 2: Learning the Ropes”.
  • In quest “Avariatus' Quest: Learn About the Helian Faction!”, player is now properly asked to visit the destroyed New Trismus shrine.
  • Removed time limit instructions in step descriptions and feedback of quest “Imperial Army: The Counterattack”.
  • Fixed Death Punch and Ground Pound to use special animations for Exalted Gudal.
  • Fixed dialogue link in biped version of quest “Fall of Tazoon: Imperial Army”.
  • Fixed dialogue spacing in the Gerix questline.
  • Renamed the quest “Gerix’s Quest: Visit the Grand City of Chiconis” to “ Gerix’s Quest: Visit the Grand Dragon Cities” as it now directs you to both cities.

  • The quest window now has icons for bounty and school quests. The icons for town marshall, trophy, and craft quests have been updated. The quest names are now colored in a format matching the icons above NPC heads.
  • Gerix doesn’t forget to take the Malachite Golem Cores anymore in quest “Hardened Scales I: A Ferocious Enemy”.
  • Helian Head Scale of the Ancients no longer works with special or melee attacks
  • Resiata now has the Beginner Essence Orb formula for sale
  • Renalem will no longer refer to ore as stones in quest “Dimensional Pocket IV: Deliver Spells for Jynasix
  • Caspuras in quest “Essence Harvesting Mastery II: Collect 100 Tainted Dim Essence” will no longer refer to a previous task you performed (since you have not)
  • Box of Supplies used in the Dimensional Pocket 6 quest is now attuned.
  • Extended Fission Mobilizer and Bronzed Proton Relocator used in the Dimensional Pocket 7 quest are now attuned
  • Fixed visibility of steps in quest “Dragon's Reach I: Damage your Enemies from Afar”
  • Hero Welger at the Ruined Colosseum no longer drops Tokens of Challenge. Instead, related quests will have a chance to award a Token of Challenge as bonus with the same drop rate.
  • The Companions of the Fallen Adventurer in the Land of the Exile are now properly spectres and not ghosts.
  • Project X should now move at a normal pace.
  • Fixed grammar in quest “Artifact Mission - Medium Level: The Spears of the Mountain”.
  • Quest “South March: The Essence of Research II” will now use an Acquire Step for Purified Pale Essence Orbs
  • Marked Half Giant Task: Brawn III quests obsolete until they can be revisited at a later date.
  • Fixed a typo in “Outfitter’s Quest: Another Belt”
  • Fixed a broken link in “Plundered Tombs: Locate the Tomb of Moravvis”.
  • The Changing Room quests have been moved to dialogue options instead to avoid overpopulating the map with non-progression quest markers.
  • Fixed quest “Elsa Batos: A Flower for Lialione” to use Kaiyar Water instead of just water.
  • Fixed quest “South March: The Essence of Research II” to acquire water instead of gathering it.
  • Updated quest “Disgruntled Gnomes”:
  • The quest now always refers to Bixben Sallamuster for disambiguation with Guard-Captain Bixben Lindnottin.
  • Bixben Sallamuster really takes the Corrupted Shade Ectoplasms now.
  • Lowered waiting time for Bixben’s experience.
  • Quests now refers to Lucky Wimmip the Gambler instead of Lucky Louis.
  • The passive buffs given by the wyverns now have a new icon to reflect their updated look.
  • Buffs given by Crystalshaper crystals now relate to the new icons and can be distinguished from each other at a glance.
  • Title Active fixes:
  • Title Active: Undead Damage I and Title Active: Undead Damage II are now usable.
  • Chest Damage I and Chest Damage II augmentations will conflict with each other and with other Title Active augmentations as intended.
  • Title Active: Chest Damage II properly gives Chest Damage II augmentation instead of Chest Damage I.
  • Title Active: Welger Damage and Resistance II will no longer conflict with beetles related Title Active and will be overwritten by Welger Damage and Resistance III.
  • Istara’s Breath baubles now properly last 30 minutes instead of 2 minutes.
  • Gian Hawkwood’s selection window icon now matches his new looks.
  • Fixed a slight hitch in the wyvern hover animation.
  • No creature or object should ignore the fog effect of regions any longer.
  • Maggots will really use Ooze Spray now.
  • Updated Special Coin Purse description.
  • Fixed a dependency in quest “Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 4)”.
  • Surtheim’s Molten Armor now has a longer cooldown.
  • Exalted Gudal’s Ground Pound will now deal less damage.
  • Cold Prism can now be traded.
  • Cold Prism will now drop more frequently.
  • Hot Prism’s duration has been increased.
  • Urn Hammer, Shard of Freedom and Exceptional Shard of Freedom now require adventure rating of 100 and above to use.
  • Gift of Shaper V no longer gives itself and instead gives the buff.
  • Gift of Builder V augmentation requires to have current craft school at 80 instead of 800.
  • Dialogue links should now work in the new Epic title quests and in Gian’s dialogue.
  • Epic title quests are now prefaced with “Earn Title” for clarity.
  • You now earn the title “the Brave” from completing the Red Tusks quest.
  • Quest “Drulkar's Wrath Part 4: The Desert Rose” can be completed again. Players already stuck need to drop the quest, delete their Dried Blue Rose Petals and take it again.
  • The loyalty title “the Aged” is now known as “the Loyal”.
  • Krianos, Town Marshall of Kion, complained that he had not received “Lieutenant Elderincus' Investigation” quest like his colleagues. It is fixed now.
  • Fixed a constraint preventing Ghost of Fesnick from giving his quest during the Explosion questline.
  • Fixed terrain hole in Tomb of Crankenspank.
  • Fixed a typo in Nyjia’s dialogue.
  • Adjusted the terrain near the Trandalaran Grand Magus to better allow climbing of the slope.
  • Removed the Community Human Lamp from the plot structure list. (It was an erroneous duplicate of Lamp, Human 2)
  • Shau’s Grief and Shau’s Vengeance quest lines changes and fixes:
  • Fixed typos in quests:
  • “Shau's Grief: Introduction”.
  • “Shau's Grief: Headstone”.
  • “Shau's Grief: Gifts of Appeasement (Part 4)”.
  • “Shau's Grief: Gifts of Appeasement (Part 7)”.
  • “Zuyazu: The Art of War”.
  • “Shau's Vengeance: Vengeance Sought”.
  • “Shau's Vengeance: Vengeance Concluded (Part 1)”.
  • Kisgrath Morbach properly takes the required resources in quest “Shau's Grief: Headstone”.
  • Shau's Water Vessel is now attuned.
  • Fixed steps visibility in quest “Shau's Grief: Items of Endurance (Part 2)”.
  • Jade Ravager Haunch and Charred Jade Ravager Haunch icons are now properly displayed.
  • Fixed Shau’s animation in quest “Shau's Grief: Items of Endurance (Part 2)”.
  • Fixed steps visibility in quest “Shau's Grief: A Gift From Shau”.
  • Fixed Lumberjack Mathoor Danokh’s animation in quest “Shau's Grief: Gifts of Appeasement (Part 6)”.
  • Player’s reward Give 1 Welger Trait is now known as Varrantoth’s Blessing.
  • Removed treasures from First-Warden Vak-el as he’s not supposed to be killed and looted.
  • Warden Borakos fixes:
  • Fixed special abilities of Warden Borakos to use unique animations and give augmentations.
  • Fixed Skull Bash to have its proper name in combat feedback.
  • Fixed Intact Relic description.
  • Removed skirmish AI from Master Ta’ort.
  • Fixed Shau’s animation in quest “Shau's Vengeance: Vengeance Concluded (Part 2)”.
  • Fall of Tazoon: Explosion quest line changes and fixes:
  • Ghosts quests:
  • Ghost of Fesnick now offers a quest as intended.
  • Fixed steps visibility in quest “Sparcro: Find Protector Maika”.
  • The NPC you are looking for is now visible in quest “Sparcro: Find Protector Maika”.
  • Ghost of Brilthor has stopped being too apologetic in quest “Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion (Part 3)”.
  • Fixed animations in quests “Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion (Part 4)” and “Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion (Part 5)”.
  • Fixed Spell Tech Kit: Fragment of The Chalice description.
  • “Ul’dathos” is now properly spelled in quest “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Scrambled Eggs”.

Known issues:
  • The Bachan-Style Headstone used in a new quest uses a placeholder texture for its engravings. It will be more serious in its final form.
  • Char Raw Meat needs 2 stacks of meat to work.

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