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Community News Temere Colorum Istaria Community Manager
April 1, 2021
The clock strikes midnight. Dragons all around Istaria have awoken to feeling a shift in their own scales...

Oh no! Dragons of Istaria have been afflicted with a magical disruption known as temere colorum. Their scales are wrong, their spots are now stripes, and even worse, their gloriously horned heads are... different.

Top researchers in New Rachival Institute of Gnomish Excellence are working around the clock to resolve the dragon's vanity crisis. However, they need your help! Many dragons feel they have become far too ugly to be seen by the naked eye and have fled to their backs of their lairs. The gnomes need live examples of T. colorum to investigate and cure it!

Share images of your corrupted dragon friends and expose their ugly - or unintentionally beautiful - faces. The gnomes and all of dragonkind are counting on you!

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