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Live Updates Content Update 21.1: Tales of Tazoon Istaria Community Manager
April 28, 2021

Content Summary

  • Wyvern allies now have a new appearance, as actual wyverns!
  • Additional quest content is available in the Tazoon region, including Shau’s Grief and Shau’s Vengeance as well as Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion.
  • Title bonuses have been revisited and reorganised into a system of actives and passives. All statistical bonuses are now individual passives - from craft skills to statistics - with no exception.
  • New high quality quest icons indicate the types of quests that NPCs offer.


  • Soul Shock is a mez and was incorrectly classified as a stun.
  • Emotion “Peaceful” will now only reduce damage by 10%
  • Emotion “Enraged” will now only increase damage by 10%
  • Healing Scrolls are now more useful - healing 20% more each tick, gaining an extra healing surge, recycling faster (30s instead of 90s), reading faster (20 instead of 70), but now sharing a full timer on use.
  • Incorporeal Shift will now alter outgoing non-spell damage to be ethereal
  • Absorption Shield no longer has a duration and the ability recycles every 30s (down from 70s)
  • Minor Health spell now shares its timer at 25% (instead of 100%)
  • Regrowth spell now shares its timer at 25%
  • Stone of the Stormbringer’s debuff, The Storm, will no longer be treated as a beneficial buff for dispels
  • Closer: Ki Explosion ability will now deal slightly less damage.
  • Closer: Pummel ability will no longer automatically hit.
  • Agility Boost ability will no longer provide damage bonus and will provide slightly lower delay adjustment bonus.
  • Cleric, Mage, Warrior and Scout schools now gain 50 additional health at level 1.
  • Scout now receives Combat Triage, a non-masterable, self-only HoT at level 4
  • Warrior now receives Invigorating Shout, a non-masterable, self-only HoT at level 4
  • The effect for Incorporeal no longer uses the old Rift Spirit Form visuals and now uses a more subtle sparkle effect.
  • Miner will now correctly receive Ingenuity 2 at level 20 (instead of 2)
  • Priceless Primalist's Head Scale no longer mentions power in its description (it did not boost it)
  • The Spearman abbreviation has been changed to SPMN.
  • Helian Head Scale of the Ancients no longer works with special or melee attacks
  • Marked Half Giant Task: Brawn III quests obsolete until they can be revisited at a later date.
  • Istara’s Breath baubles now properly last 30 minutes instead of 2 minutes.
  • Urn Hammer, Shard of Freedom and Exceptional Shard of Freedom now require adventure rating of 100 and above to use.

Aughundell and Areas

  • Aughundell has been decorated.
  • Aughundell West plots have been reviewed, merged and expanded.
  • Rihki has been decorated and some plots slightly expanded.
  • Some Bluegill can be found in nearby water. Dusk Sheep and Chickens and Cows can be found near cottages.
  • Dwarven Barrows have been decorated.
  • Aughundell Mines have been decorated.
  • Lots of small community projects can be found in these areas.
  • A florist has moved into Aughundell at the market

Broken Items

  • Tiers 3 to 5 broken items now allow 2 techniques (up from 1)
  • Broken weapons now boost skill by:
    • T1 +25 (up from +6)
    • T2 +50 (up from +12)
    • T3 +75 (up from +18)
    • T4 +100 (up from +24)
    • T5 +125 (up from +30)
  • Broken Scales now allow techniques: 1 at Tiers 1 and 2, 2 at Tiers 3 to 5
  • Exceptional Elm Longbow is now attune-on-equip


  • Gift of Knowledge, Artistry, Builder and Creator formulas added to scholar and spellcrafter trainers
  • Gift of Knowledge, Creator, and Shaper formulas added to Dragon Crafter trainers
  • A new Epic resource formula, Epic Component: Crystalshaping, has been added to Vargas the Bold. This formula creates two items - Crystal Headpiece (moved from Alchemy) and Energized Agate. This change is to balance out the amount of items bipeds rely on dragons for and vice versa.
  • Instead of Taravist Powder, the Epic Technique Mental Bane now requires Energized Agate.
  • All crafted epic item resource intermediates have had their icons updated to be higher-quality and, overall, take up less space in your inventory where possible.
  • Crystal Vials and their respective formulas now have a unique icon.
  • The descriptions of the following techniques have been updated to require a Dusk Wolf Fang instead of Jade Snarler resources: Craft: Alchemy III, Craft: Gemworking III, Craft: Preparing III, Craft: Scribing III
  • The descriptions of the following techniques have been updated to require a Jade Wolf Tail instead of Jade Snarler resources: Defense: Ice Ward III, Spell: Cinder III, Spell: Flame Range III, Spell: Mind Damage III
  • The descriptions of the following techniques have been updated to require a Redden Forager Eye instead of a Redden Worker Eye (which doesn’t exist): Adventure: One Hand Crush III, Craft: Sculpting III, Craft: Stoneworking III, Craft: Tailoring III, Craft: Weaving III
  • Fixed typo in Epic Armor: Master Dragon Crafter's Hindleg Scale formula.
  • Adamantium Golem Fragment, Baleful Necrofly Wing, Frosthound Heart, Frosthound Mane, Thornwood Treant Knot, Diamond Golem Chip, Travertine Golem Fragment, Blight Crab Shell, Murk Crab Shell now say in their descriptions in which formulas they are used.
  • Defense: Armor III now properly lists Skala Crab Shell as a required component
  • Craft: Dragon Lairshaper's Benefit and Craft: Dragon Crafter's Benefit will now give the proper Stoneworking bonus instead of erroneous data.
  • You can now gather Oastic Apples from the Tamed Apple Oastic every 20 minutes (down from 60)

Dalimond Peninsula

  • Doc Brown no longer sells Beginner Antidote, Cure Poison or Primal Cure Poison formulas. These can still be purchased from the Healer of the Clerical Order NPC’s in most towns.
  • Quest "Vandus Confederation: The Besieged Outpost II" now calls for players to defeat 12 Camp Grunts (down from 20) and 6 Risen Veterans (down from 8)
  • Quest "Vandus Confederation: To The Rescue I" now calls for players to defeat 12 Fallen Laborers (down from 20)
  • Quest "Vandus Confederation: To The Rescue II" now calls for players to defeat 12 B'Nari (down from 20) and collect 8 Caches of Weapons and Armor (down from 12)
  • Added quest “Lore Quest: The Chiconis Battlefield” to Jeffrey Smyth in Dalimond. It is available when either “The Battlefields: Exploring the Chiconis Battlefield” or “Corruption on the Battlefield I” is complete
  • Geriad Batel in Dalimond no longer offers obsolete quest “Plundered Tombs: The Tomb of Moravvis” and quest “Plundered Tombs: Investigate the Tomb of Moravvis”
  • Jan Arros near the Tomb of Moravvis now properly offers players the quest “Plundered Tombs: Investigate the Tomb of Moravvis”
  • Chiconis Battlefield
    • Tainted Spirit melee and ranged attacks will no longer do ethereal damage all of the time
    • Risen Adepts will now have only one 1 follower (instead of 2 to 3)
    • Enraged Revenants no longer receive any extra spells
  • Fixed reference in quest “King's Cross: Wolf Pelts to Market” to Tazoon
  • Quest line “Source of Power”:
    • All quests now award experience and coins.
    • In quest “Source of Power: Imbued Artifacts”, players are asked to show the artifacts to Drevon after speaking to Julius.
    • In quest “Source of Power: Astronomical Observations”, players are advised to not go alone to the observatory.
  • Quest “South March: The Essence of Research II” will now use an Acquire Step for Purified Pale Essence Orbs
  • Fixed terrain hole in Tomb of Crankenspank.


  • Dragons have had their hover and jump animations adjusted.
  • Dragons now have a new stretch emote.
  • Dragons now have an additional accent. Thank you Berry / Taiyonnai Feronix!
  • The dragon ability Breath of Flame Burst now uses a new unique animation.
  • The dragon running-takeoff animation has been given some improvements.

Dralnok’s Doom

  • Improved Vile Maggots spawn regions in Dralnok’s Doom.
  • Myloc Harbingers will now spawn a more reasonable number of followers
  • Shaloth will no longer spawn Harbingers as followers, but will restrict herself to Hierophants and Veterans
  • Fallen Guards changes:
    • One more spawn region for Fallen Guards.
    • Fallen Guards now patrol.
    • Spirit of Dralnok now spawns in his own region instead of amidst the Fallen Guards.

Fall Festival

  • The Fall Festival now has new things to offer, as a result of the 2020 Fall Festival Contest. Fall Festival Changing Room has been updated accordingly (please clear your world cache)
  • The “Best Lair on the Block” lair mural and “Muck Fly” banner can now be built using 1 Spooky Essence alongside other normal materials for murals and banners.
  • Eight new Dragon masks are now available from Jacques Allantyrn - Bounty Hunter, Dia de los Dragones, Ethereal, Iridescent, Poisonous, Sleeper’s Claw, Night Sky, and Aged Zymosis.
  • Four new Biped masks are now available from Jacques Allantyrn: Bounty Hunter, Oni, Poisonous, and Starry Night.
  • The new story “Greed” is available to read from Holm the Orator.


  • All non-obsolete currencies now have a unique distinguishable icon.
  • All of the Crystalshaper-related items, formulas, abilities, and augmentations have had their icons completely redone, including those dropped in the Rift
  • The Prophets in Kirasanct, Feladan and Aughundell have left the cities.
  • Aughundell now requires attunement for travel. Players can speak to Jarthur Ironbeard for attunement
  • Dralk now requires attunement for travel. Players can speak to Grulnar for attunement
  • All Loyalty Vaults are now known as Bronze Loyalty Vaults
  • Anarie now offers Loyalty: Bronze Vault Upgrade V quest. This vault upgrade will be 400 Stacks and 250,000 bulk.
  • Players now need to complete the “Town Marshalls of Istaria” quest before the Town Marshall quests on New Trismus become available. Town Marshalls outside of New Trismus do not have this constraint.
  • Galderos’ Tactics VI is now priced properly.
  • Gelok Tan'khor no longer speaks as if he’s located in Chiconis
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the item “Essence of Fire”.
  • Fixed strange double water pool in Chiconis stream.
  • Some volcanic sheets have been retextured.
  • Added a tutorial for poisons
  • The banners in the Dralk region now respect gravity when cloth physics is enabled.
  • Gian Hawkwood is now a dryad and gives information regarding his acquisition of the various allies he offers.
  • The Changing Room quests have been moved to dialogue options instead to avoid overpopulating the map with non-progression quest markers.
  • The passive buffs given by the wyverns now have a new icon to reflect their updated look.
  • Buffs given by Crystalshaper crystals now relate to the new icons and can be distinguished from each other at a glance.
  • Fixed black blob model in Nature's Path effect.

Guild of Artifact Hunters

  • Prices of items you can trade for Artifact Hunter Tokens have been lowered. As a result of this price change, previously acquired items from the Guild will be removed and all tokens spent refunded.
  • Artifact Mission Reward Bags: chance of receiving Artifact Hunter Tokens as bonus has been significantly raised: no bonus is now a rare occurrence. However, minimal quantities have been lowered for T5 and T6 versions as balance.
  • Mark of The Cabal drop rate has been raised a bit for quest “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Mark of The Cabal”.
  • Fixed a direction in quest “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: The Rhythm of the Tribe”
  • Superior Tome of the Sorcerer now accepts Tome Socketing.
  • Superior Tome of the Sorcerer and Superior Spiritual Tome now require lvl 100 Sorcerer and lvl 100 Spiritist/Bloodmage respectively instead of lvl 80.
  • Genuata now has the Tome of the Wizard for sale.
  • Fixed Tome Crystal of Greater Offensive’s description.
  • Quest “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Tablets of the Lost Pyramid” now awards adventure experience on completion.
  • Slightly refactored quest “The Novo Machine: Remnants” to be easier to follow.
  • Fixed typos in quests:
    • "Artifact Mission - Medium Level: Werewolves' Treasure".
    • "Artifact Mission - Medium Level: Drulkar’s Tribute"
  • Fixed "traps" around the building of the Guild of the Artifact Hunters.
  • Fixed grammar in quest “Artifact Mission - Medium Level: The Spears of the Mountain”.
  • “Ul’dathos” is now properly spelled in quest “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Scrambled Eggs”

Lesser Aradoth

  • Cabal Markers and Diviners near Kion are now level 10 (instead of 14)
  • Cabal Markers, Diviners and Agents elsewhere on the island can now be up to level 18
  • Torval and Aluss on Spider Isle are now level 13 (down from 14)
  • Quest “Kion Militia needs help” will now properly track greeting Jaleo Devins
  • Quest “Dimensional Pocket I: Training 101” is now known as “Gerix's Training: Introduction”
  • Quest “Primal Instant Heal I: The Power of Healing” is now known as “Gerix’s Training: Continuation”
  • “Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 9)”: finding the trigger point when entering Lesser Aradoth Deadlands will be easier.
  • Fixed the journal visibility for steps in quest “Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 5)”
  • Improved directions to beetles in quest “Gerix's Training: Introduction”
  • Quest “Dragon's Quest: Find the Lost Patrol” is no longer available from Gerix
  • Krianos in Kion now offers a Dragon version of quest “Krianos: Welcome to Kion”
  • Added all Tier 1 Adventure and Ability techniques to Jahaim and Hakzha
  • Added all Tier 1 Defense techniques to Amenak and Ssanithor
  • Added all Tier 1 Spell techniques to Aminah and Izad
  • Added all Beginner Platemail, Chainmail and Shield formulas to Amenak and Ssanithor
  • Added all Beginner wooden weapon formulas to Alehm’kir and Ssarle
  • Added all Beginner Padded and Leather formulas to Kiva and Mizumah
  • Added all Beginner Advanced cooking formulas to Hadriana and Fillet
  • Added Beginner Essence Lamp, Invisible Cargo Cap and Recharge Cell formulas to Chipahua
  • Added Beginner Power, Focus, Armor and Health jewelry formulas to Bastea and Xipilli
  • Added all Beginner Transmutation and Reaping potion formulas to Sshranu
  • Added all Beginner Armor, Focus, Health and Power scale formulas as well as some spell formulas to Xarinnis
  • Added all Beginner weapon formulas to Jahaim and Hakzha
  • In quest “Accurate Breath I: Improve Your Breath Accuracy”, feedback properly mentions spiders instead of beetles when the objective is completed.
  • Gerix’s Training: Introduction no longer requires you to finish the first of Ryson’s questline to be obtained.
  • Gerix doesn’t forget to take the Malachite Golem Cores anymore in quest “Hardened Scales I: A Ferocious Enemy”
  • Gerix’s Training: Introduction no longer requires you to finish the first of Ryson’s questline to be obtained.
  • Fixed dialogue spacing in the Gerix questline.
  • Renamed the quest “Gerix’s Quest: Visit the Grand City of Chiconis” to “ Gerix’s Quest: Visit the Grand Dragon Cities” as it now directs you to both cities.
  • Fixed visibility of steps in quest “Dragon's Reach I: Damage your Enemies from Afar”
  • Fixed a dependency in quest “Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 4)”.


  • All Tier 1 monsters have had their loot adjusted as a result of formulas and techniques being removed from the loot tables). The largest result is that the chance for Broken Items, Crystals and Coin Purses has been increased
  • Tier 1 Blighted Items have been added to loot tables for Constructs and Animates
  • Tier 2 Loot for Animals, Insects, and Elementals has been updated has been adjusted to be more consistent across levels


  • A small number of Crimson Ravagers have been spotted amongst the Crimson Shredders
  • Blight Crabs will spawn a bit more widely (but less densely) on the beaches near the Pirate’s Inlet
  • Avatar of Pain has a larger patrol region.
  • Bond-Keeper’s Shielded is now more forgiving for incoming damage types
  • Redbacked Tarantulas will no longer share spawns with one another and have more reasonable respawn times and quantities
  • Redbacked Tarantula Hatchlings will now spawn in fewer quantities
  • Azg’azak Fyakki no longer share spawns with one another and have more reasonable spawn quantities
  • Fyakki Broodmothers and similar Fyakki now have a unique variant of the Fyakki model instead of using Myloc models.
  • Slightly increased the number of skeletons that spawn around the Almighty Cauldron
  • Abominations of Fear and Abomination Ravagers will sometimes use Heavy Cleave 3 instead of 2
  • Regular Wraith monsters will no longer change the environment when you’re near them.
  • Seliena the Brilliant now properly only has Brilliant Rage instead of both it and Gold Rage V.
  • All Spider Bites can now inflict poison (fewer bites give lethal now)
  • Dire Wolves and Dire Wolf Alphas no longer drop hide as loot (which reduced the chance of a tech comp)
  • Adjusted the following tech comps to have the same chance of dropping (it was 60/40).
    • Brownback Outlier Fang/Paw
    • Enraged Elm Mettle/Root
    • Dark Crawler Soldier Leg Hair/Venom
    • Forest Skulk Gatherer Ear/Finger
    • Forest Skulk Hunter Ear/Fin
    • Forest Skulk Tracker Ear/Fin
    • Ish'kuk Gatherer Ear/Shrunken Head
    • Ish'kuk Warrior Club Splinter/Jawbone
    • Sal'guk Gatherer Ear/Shrunken Head
    • Sal'guk Warrior Big Toe/Jawbone
    • Palesnout Knuckles/Snout
    • Enraged Oak Treant Mettle/Root
    • Deh'guk Gatherer Ear/Finger
    • Deh'guk Warrior Jawbone/Big Toe
    • Enraged Maple Treant Mettle/Root
    • Shadow Spider Leg Hair/Fang
    • Shadow Spider Breeder Abdomen/Venom
    • Shadow Tarantula Venom/Fang
    • Shadow Tarantula Breeder Abdomen/Leg Hair
    • Thel'kuk Battler Club Splinter/Jawbone
    • Thel'kuk Spotter Finger/Ear
    • Zal'kuk Scout Shrunken Head/Ear
    • Zal'kuk Wrrior Big Toe/Jawbone
    • Ravenous Bloodsnout Bristle/Snout
    • Enraged Yew Treant Mettle/Root
    • Purple Weaver Venom/Leg Hair
    • Sand Crab Pincer/Shell
    • Veteran Scorpion Venom/Tail Stinger
    • Turgid Purple Weaver Leg/Abdomen
    • Bhal'kuk Gatherer Ear/Finger
    • Bhal'kuk Warrior Big Toe/Jawbone
    • Bloodskulk Bloodmage Finger/Hair
    • Bloodskulk Soothsayer Ear/Mettle
    • Bloodskulk Spearfisher Fin/Finger
    • Nah'guk Gatherer Ear/Finger
    • Nah'guk Warrior Big Toe/Jawbone
    • Than'kuk Warrior Big Toe/Jawbone
  • Maggots are now classified as insects, rather than Animates.
  • Skalkaar Grulets, Spirit Isle Grulets, and Penned Grulets can now only be harvested for 10 hide (instead of 40-60)
  • Monster regions in Spirituous Swamp have been reviewed and adjusted. Monsters should no longer walk through any decoration and should spawn more consistently and in moderate numbers.
  • Surtheim the Greater Fire Elemental has ascended to a Living Flame and strengthened his defenses.
  • Diminished Surtheim will no longer summon Fragments but is now tougher.
  • Roaming Fragments and Surtheim Fragments now have less health.
  • Exalted Gudal’s Ground Pound is now irresistible.
  • The Memory of Elial is now ghostly to match his lore at the Peak of Storms.
  • The Pale Hatchlings and Ghostly Dragons at the Peak of Storms have been replaced with Lost Hatchlings and Departed Dragons. These two have a much smaller aggro range, but spawn more plentifully and are more dangerous when engaged.
  • Ghostly Dragons have less hatchlings following them.
  • Memory of Elial should no longer patrol through world objects and follow the path.
  • Maggots have been weakened; their skill gain is now similar to that of spiders and they have obtained their own ranged ability, Ooze Spray, instead of Piercing Blight.
  • Spirit of Dralnok Hammerfist no longer sinks into the ground
  • Kwellen Berserkers will no longer use most stance abilities, Coordinated Strike, Evasive Style, and Howl of the Northlands
  • Fallen Paladins in the Land of the Exile now have less health
  • Fixed Death Punch and Ground Pound to use special animations for Exalted Gudal.
  • Hero Welger at the Ruined Colosseum no longer drops Tokens of Challenge. Instead, related quests will have a chance to award a Token of Challenge as bonus with the same drop rate.
  • The Companions of the Fallen Adventurer in the Land of the Exile are now properly spectres and not ghosts.
  • Project X should now move at a normal pace.

New Trismus

  • Quest series “Ancient Curse” on New Trismus has been rewritten and updated. Related quests “Ruined Homestead” given by Braekhis have also been redone. Credit for these quests has been reverted so that players can do them again and obtain the rewards.
  • Theodore the Imperial Mender on New Trismus no longer sells poison related supplies and is no longer a vendor at all. He will still cure those who ask him to.
  • Rebalanced the levels of many monsters across the island to be more in tune with the expected player levels
  • Weaker Saris Ghost near the Ruined Homestead on New Trismus are now known as Vengeful Spirits.
  • Small Brown Wolves are now known simply as Brown Wolves
  • Small Brown Wolf Alpha is now simply Brown Wolf Alpha, has more health than before and is a bit larger.
  • Ritual Apprentices are no longer social
  • Urgat the Wicked has more health
  • main story quests have been updated to give adjusted XP awards and to have level requirements
  • Brown Wolf Alpha will no longer spawn followers and a few less Brown Wolves will spawn on the island
  • Undead Ogre’s Overpowering Enemy! Buff now boosts health by +100 instead of 2x (since multipliers only work on the base value)
  • Undead Ogre now gets less health
  • Uddorakh on New Trismus no longer gets Quadruple Strike, but now gets Cleave I
  • (Daily) Frelic’s Pets now has an additional step explaining how currencies and the wallet window work.
  • (Hourly) Outfitter’s Task and (Hourly) Scholar’s Task are now restricted to their respective schools.
  • Niatha’s Blessing, Heightened Senses, and Istara’s Grace are no longer sold by Geoff
  • Small Wriggling Masses will now spawn within the same areas as Wriggling Masses and at a faster rate
  • Quest “New Trismus 8: The Real Leader” now takes the Strange Blighted Key
  • Quest “New Trismus 9: The Mysterious Key” now begins with Pratt (instead of the Guard-Captain) and sends you to Krianos after speaking with Sharista
  • Acolyte Miry on New Trismus once again offers quests to Clerics
  • Ulaven on New Trismus once again offers quests to Mages
  • Sergeant Gaedin on New Trismus once again offers quests to Warriors
  • Scout Sadie on New Trismus once again offers quests to Scouts
  • Erelald has received a Scholar’s Desk in his workshop.
  • 8 will now give you the Maps and Plans of Urgat if you deleted it in the prior quest.
  • Quest “The Lone Wolf of New Trismus” now requires level 7 and Lone Wolf’s level is now adjusted to match
  • Red Tusks is now level 7 instead of level 8 and its “Minor Blight Poison” duration reduced to 3 minutes instead of an hour.
  • Fixed a trap in the village of New Trismus.
  • Fixed directions in quest “Dragon Crafter 2: Learning the Ropes”.
  • In quest “Avariatus' Quest: Learn About the Helian Faction!”, player is now properly asked to visit the destroyed New Trismus shrine.


  • Epic wyvern allies now have a unique model.
  • The Avatar of Pain’s pet is now the proper version of abomination
  • Project X now drops an epic pet at the same rate as other epics
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Surtheim and Daknor from dropping their pet equivalent.
  • Memory of Elial’s pet has been updated to match his corrected appearance. This pet now also no longer drops from Elial in the Rift and has been renamed to ‘Memory of Elial Pet’.
  • Spellabot and Combatabot descriptions now properly say 6% damage boost

Plots and Lairs

  • Granite Construction Blocks on L/S Dryad Memorial Trees, L/M/S Dwarven Memorial Headstones, L/M/S Elven Memorial Headstones, L/M Human Memorial Headstones, and L/M/S Saris Memorial Headstones now use Masonry instead of Essence Structuring
  • Fixed the Statue Mold’s resource and skill requirements.
  • Plot and Lair Machines
    • Beginner Machines now give a bonus of +40 (up from +25), Journeyman +80 (up from +50) and Expert +120 (up from +75)
    • Tier 1 Lair Machines now give a bonus of +40 (up from +15, Tier 2 +60 (up from +30), Tier 3 +80 (up from +45), Tier 4 +100 (up from +60), Tier 5 +120 (up from +75) and Tier 6 +140 (up from +90)
  • A new lair structure has been added: Helian/Lunus Corridor - Spiral 4 Way. This is a spiral style chamber that connects in all four directions on the top and bottom, requiring the same resources as other spirals/corridors.
  • Removed the Community Human Lamp from the plot structure list. (It was an erroneous duplicate of Lamp, Human 2)


  • Fixed typos in ‘Where Is My Sister?’, ‘Fall of Tazoon: Refugees’, and the crystal ‘Ada Fruthak’s Memento’.
  • Fixed steps visibility in quest “Orthondrin's Riddle”.
  • Fixed dialogues in quest “Helian's Tomb: Eternal Rest”.
  • The following trophy quests now link themselves on repeat instead of a different quest.
    • Go Bag 5 Bhal'kuk Crude Knives
    • Go Bag 5 Bloodskulk Crude Spearheads
    • Go Bag 5 Bloodskulk Rudimentary Charms
    • Go Bag 5 Drained Fragments
    • Go Bag 5 Greater Devourer Shells
    • Go Bag 5 Jade Wolf Pelts
    • Go Bag 5 Lesser Devourer Shells
    • Go Bag 5 Nah'guk Bludgeoners
    • Go Bag 5 Sapphire Wolf Hearts
    • Go Bag 5 Skala Crab Thoraxes
    • Go Bag 5 Than'kuk Crude Knives
    • Go Bag 5 Vikinos Shells
    • Go Bag 100 Bhal'kuk Crude Knives
    • Go Bag 100 Bloodskulk Crude Spearheads
    • Go Bag 100 Bloodskulk Rudimentary Charms
    • Go Bag 100 Drained Fragments
    • Go Bag 100 Greater Devourer Shells
    • Go Bag 100 Jade Wolf Pelts
    • Go Bag 100 Lesser Devourer Shells
    • Go Bag 100 Nah'guk Bludgeoners
    • Go Bag 100 Sapphire Wolf Hearts
    • Go Bag 100 Skala Crab Thoraxes
    • Go Bag 100 Than'kuk Crude Knives
    • Go Bag 100 Vikinos Shells
  • Bonding the Blades: Step to speak to Galean is no longer broken.
  • Only Ognis Beetles will now count in quest “Town Marshall: Seeing Changes in the Fire”
  • In quest “Kion Militia Needs Help”, quest will progress with speaking to Commander Jaleo Devin in Kion as intended instead of Captain Kerrak in Sslanis.
  • Fixed a typo in Miemonus’ persistent dialogues.
  • Karane the Historian will really keep the Ancient Records for Semeneth in quest “The Archives”.
  • Added the methods to acquire the resources asked in quest “Drain Bolt VI: Performance Enhancement”.
  • Quest “ARoP12 - Gate of Embers: Ellean's Story Part One” no longer refers to Tazoon to find a Dragon with dimensional knowledge
  • Removed the numeral after ‘Dimensional Mastery’ to avoid confusion with the dimensional pocket questline.
  • Fixed directions in quest “Blasta's Lost Ring”.
  • Ted’s fishing quests now properly mention the amount of fish you need to gather and do not require you to bring any to him to progress.
  • Renalem will no longer refer to ore as stones in quest “Dimensional Pocket IV: Deliver Spells for Jynasix”
  • Caspuras in quest “Essence Harvesting Mastery II: Collect 100 Tainted Dim Essence” will no longer refer to a previous task you performed (since you have not)
  • Box of Supplies used in the Dimensional Pocket 6 quest is now attuned.
  • Extended Fission Mobilizer and Bronzed Proton Relocator used in the Dimensional Pocket 7 quest are now attuned
  • Fixed a typo in “Outfitter’s Quest: Another Belt”
  • Fixed quest “South March: The Essence of Research II” to acquire water instead of gathering it.
  • Quest “Drulkar's Wrath Part 4: The Desert Rose” can be completed again. Players already stuck need to drop the quest, delete their Dried Blue Rose Petals and take it again.
  • Krianos, Town Marshall of Kion, complained that he had not received “Lieutenant Elderincus' Investigation” quest like his colleagues. It is fixed now.

Spirit Isle

  • Adjusted the XP awards and kill quantities of Mage, Cleric, Scout and Warrior quests on Spirit Isle
  • Quest "Cleric's Quest: Beetle Overpopulation" will now ask you to kill two additional grass beetles
  • Quest "Warrior's Quest: Slay the Grulet" will now ask you to kill two additional grulets
  • Quest "Warrior's Quest: Conquer the Spiders" will now ask you to kill 4 Brown Crawlers instead of 3
  • Quest "Scout's Quest: Spider Attack" will now ask you to kill 4 Brown Crawlers instead of 3
  • Quest "Mage's Quest: Cold-Blooded Grulet Killer" will now ask you to kill 5 Grulets instead of 3
  • Quest "Mage's Quest: Burn the Source" will now ask you to kill two additional spider s
  • Quest "Mage's Quest: Beetles to Ashes" will now ask you to kill three Tiny Grass Beetles
  • Improved the respawn rate of Brown Spiders on Spirit Isle
  • In quest “Scout's Quest: Target Practice”, all versions of Power Shot and Long Shot will now work to complete the step asking to use them.
  • In quest “Warrior's Quest: Conquer the Spiders”; all versions of Power Strike will now work to complete the step asking to use it.
  • In quest “Warrior's Quest: Destroy the Beetles”, all versions of Rend Armor will work to complete the step asking to use it.
  • In quest “Mage's Quest: Burn the Source”, all versions of Fireball/Enhanced Flame Bolt will work to complete the step asking to use Fireball.
  • In quest “Mage's Quest: Beetles to Ashes”, all versions of Incinerate will work to complete the step asking to use it. Additionally, a typo was corrected.

Tazoon Region

  • Fix grammatical issues in Zalikhet’s dialogue
  • Zalikhet in her cage will now recognize her situation
  • Fixed grammatical issues in quest “The Blood-Magic of the Welger (Part 1)”
  • Shau’s Battlestone is now known as Shau’s BattleStone
  • Quest “Relics of the Ancients” updated with the proper lore for the Fate of Mellohndar
  • Pulsing Fragment used in quest “Remnants of an Artifact (Part 4)” is now attuned, no longer hoardable or sellable, and has proper keywords
  • Lowered the density of Captivated Cultists and Dominated Cultists near New Rachival by 1/3rd
  • Stromba Stonehand at the Village of Kaiyar would like players who have helped defeat the Cult of Nazderon deliver the Enclave’s thanks to Shau for his assistance
  • Zuyazu within the Ruin of Tazoon now has a continuation of the “Art of War” quest (Note: It is recommended that you complete the Stromba quests to Shau first).
  • Imperial Scout Burris now offers trophy quests for Magma Fragments
  • Nazderon has recruited stronger Magadi Guards and Cult Fanatics who now have a consistent level for Tier III instead of lvl 36 - 38.
  • Tau-rel and Taiwen appearances have been updated.
  • Map of the Ruin of Tazoon is now attuned.
  • Ambirannis has been freshened up.
  • Quest “Imperial Army: The Counterattack” no longer has timers which can result in failure
  • Quest “Specimens of Interest” will no longer break if you logout or crash after getting the Scorpix Taming buff.
  • Updated some dialogue in quest “Grant Smyth's Fate” (when you choose to turn Grant in)
  • Removed the duplicate Dryart attunement quest from Boltai.
  • Removed time limit instructions in step descriptions and feedback of quest “Imperial Army: The Counterattack”.
  • Fixed dialogue link in biped version of quest “Fall of Tazoon: Imperial Army”.
  • Fixed quest “Elsa Batos: A Flower for Lialione” to use Kaiyar Water instead of just water.
  • Updated quest “Disgruntled Gnomes”:
    • The quest now always refers to Bixben Sallamuster for disambiguation with Guard-Captain Bixben Lindnottin.
    • Bixben Sallamuster really takes the Corrupted Shade Ectoplasms now.
    • Lowered waiting time for Bixben’s experience.
    • Quests now refers to Lucky Wimmip the Gambler instead of Lucky Louis.

Tempered Scales/Scales of the Prime

  • The Tempered Scales/Scales of the Prime quests have been modernized
  • All quests now reward experience and coin upon completion.
  • Replica and Simulated Scales quests now have a description.
  • Replica Scales quests requirements:
    • Quest “Avariatus' Quest: Learn About the Helian Faction!” in New Trismus needs to be completed to get the quest “Vladtmordt's Scales: Replica Scale of the Prime”.
    • Quest “Avariatus' Quest: Learn About the Lunus Faction!” in New Trismus needs to be completed to get the quest “Vladtmordt's Scales: Replica Tempered Scale”.
    • The quests are restricted to Hatchling Dragons again.
  • Replica Scales quests will require less running.
  • 7 Assorted Ulmus Beetle Pincers will be required instead of 8 in quest “Vladtmordt's Scales: Replica Scale of the Prime” to match Tempered Scale one.
  • In Simulated Scales quests, directions to use Dragon Flask/Shimmering Vial have been improved.
  • In Replica and Simulated Scales quests, items asked by Vladtmordt the Chronicler need to be acquired (looted/crafted/traded) instead of just being brought.
  • Sslikified Sshranu’s dialogue in “Vladtmordt's Scales: Replica Scale of the Prime” quest.
  • Tempered Scales and Scales of the Prime now offer a better Armor bonus.
  • All quests will now grant you the title ability directly. (A few still gave the emblem item.)


  • Updated the descriptions of “Beetle Swatter” and “Defender of the Iron Guard” titles to the correct amount of kills to earn them.
  • You now earn the title “the Brave” from completing the Red Tusks quest.
  • The loyalty title “the Aged” is now known as “the Loyal”.
  • Fixed grammar and punctuation errors in the quests “Earn Title: Skulk Slayer”, “Earn Title: A Reel Fisherman”, “Earn Title: Purifier”, “Earn Title: Antidote Expert”, “Earn Title: Keymaster”, and “Earn Title: Keymaker”.
  • Changed the wording of the dialogue in “Earn Title: Lesser Prelate of the Clerical Order” to avoid mentioning patriarch or matriarch to opposite-gendered characters.
  • Title: Defender of New Trismus is no longer dispellable.
  • Solistan now offers titles through a quest, allowing you to obtain all titles without changing schools.
  • Solistan now gives you the Master Builder title without requiring you to obtain the previous title first, so long as you are level 100 in every building school.
  • The Creepy Crawler Crusher title no longer can be dispelled.
  • All emblem items have been removed from the game. Players who still have emblems will have them changed into their respective title. Players who completed a title quest but do not have the emblem nor title will receive the title ability.
  • The Grand Master Crafter and Grand Master Dragon Crafter title quests will now announce the achievement globally similar to the final epic title quests.
  • Title: The Riddle Solver and Title: Defender of the Iron Guard are not dispellable anymore.
  • Title: AFK Away from Keyboard will no longer save on logout and the movement limitations have been removed.

Title Bonuses

  • Title bonuses have been revisited and reorganised into a system of actives and passives. All statistical bonuses are now individual passives - from craft skills to statistics - with no exception.
  • All DPS-increasing, damage-reducing, or healing effects from titles have been moved into their own ‘Title Active’. These actives conflict with each other, so only one can be active at a time, but can be used with any title. If you wish to be the Slayer of Chickens while slaying undead, you may.
  • The “Iron Guard” title series now begins with “Private of the Iron Guard” and increases your damage against Iron Guards by 4, 6, 8, and 10 DPS (Up from 0, 2, 3, and 4.)
  • The Scorpion title series now increases your DPS against Scorpions by 6, 8, and 10. (Up from 3, 4, and 5.)
  • Champion of the Imperial Army’s bonus now increases your DPS only by three (down from 5) but reduces incoming damage from them by 3% (up from 0) to fall in line with other welger-related titles.
  • Beetle Swatter and Beetle Squisher now grant +6 and +8 DPS against beetles (up from 5 and 7).
  • Dung Splattered and Dung Reeking now grant +6 and +8 DPS against dung piles (up from 5 and 7).
  • Slayer of Chickens now grants +3 DPS (down from 4) but affects all animals instead of just chickens.
  • Undead Slayer now gives +2DPS instead of a straight +2 damage against Undead.
  • The Drulkar’s Flame ranks now give bonuses to Tooth and Claw and Primal from +60 to +100
  • Defender of Sslanis now grants +50 Focus as its passive.
  • The title “Friend of the Satyr” from “Relics of a Dead People” now grants an active for +5DPS increase against undead.
  • The title “Honored Knight of Creation” from “Knight of Creation: The Challenge” now grants +3 Block Bonus as its passive.

Epic Titles

  • All Greater Epics now have 5 titles. Son of Gigaroth had his quests split into ten kill increments instead of twenty.
  • All quests have been rewritten or touched up to offer more interesting lore and story regarding each epic. All Greater Epic quests will now do a global announcement on completion of the fifth and final quest.
  • Mayor Lem Berenrick now offers the Project X title questline instead of Morran Gizmogrinder.
  • Trikoz Trek now offers the Falgut title questline instead of Vargas the Bold.
  • The following titles have been removed. They may be reintroduced at a later date: the Helpful, the Lost, the Beaten, the Mad, the Sad, Bane of the Undead, the Gentle, the Calm, the Peaceful, the Seeker, Blights’ Bane, and Bane of the Deadlands.
  • Most titles have been shuffled and many epics have had new titles added to their roster. The updated roster is below.
    • Reklar: the Loyal, the Knight, the Champion, the Valorous, Vandus’ Sword
    • Son of Gigaroth: Demon Slayer, Demons’ Menace, the Diviner, the Shieldbreaker, Infernal Executioner.
    • Valkor: the Wicked, the Mourner, the Tortured, the Tormented, Sanguine Warden.
    • Shaloth: the Regicidal, the Spiritual, Explorer of the Deep, the Light in the Dark, Keeper of the Heart.
    • Falgut: the Free, the Liberator, the Savior, the Emancipator, Breaker of Chains.
    • Surtheim: the Singed, the Burned, the Scalded, the Firestarter, Touched by Flame.
    • Elial: the Insane, the Mercenary, the Timekeeper, the Chronicler, Sleepers’ Talon.
    • Daknor: the Reckless, the Manic.
    • Gruk: the Glaciated, the Bite of Winter.
    • Fafnir: the Blighted, the Houndmaster.
    • Avatar of Pain: the Masochist, the Sadist.
    • Project X: the Saboteur, the Mastermind.
  • Epic Title passive awards are now tiered without mention of Greater or Lesser epics, from one through eight.
  • “Title Award: Unsung Hero” is now known as “Title Bonus: Epic Award I” and grants +25 Attack Skill and +5 DPS instead of +100 Attack Skill.
  • Nemesis of the Mylocs now also grants 100 Spirit Resistance (down from 200) and the aforementioned Title Bonus: Epic Award I.
  • Epic Title passive awards are now tied to the amount of epic killed rather than arbitrary difficulty. Any epic title that requires you to kill 10 Greater Epics will grant you the same title bonus passive.
  • The final quest of each Greater Epic questline now grants a passive resistance (by 150) or armor boost (by 100). Reklar boosts Primal Resistance, Shaloth boosts Spirit Resistance, Surtheim boosts Fire Resistance, Son of Gigaroth boosts Blight Resistance, Elial boosts Ethereal Armor, Valkor boosts Evasion, and Falgut boosts Armor.
  • All epic quests no longer force the title to be worn upon completion.

Vendors and Quest Givers

  • Trainers: Heldrur, Aminah, Hameth, and Jahaim now have correct inventory and no longer ask for Lore Tokens for currency.
  • Many crafting trainers formulas have been cleaned up and sync’d to what they should be selling.
  • Formulatron has been cleaned up and will no longer give formulas that can be purchased in game.
  • Karl Noban is now properly at the Eastern Outpost and lets you join Wizard school if you meet requirements.
  • Weaponcraft Trainers now have the proper guild tag
  • Gift spell formulas of Dexterity, Focus, Power and Strength are no longer available on vendors
  • Formulatrons no longer sell any Silver Mystery Boxes (except for Silver Blighted)
  • Techatrons no longer sell any Copper Mystery Boxes
  • Tsraari now has infinite supply of the Beginner Imbued Essence Orb formula
  • Resiata now has the Beginner Essence Orb formula for sale


  • A scholar’s desk can now be found in Onyndriss’ building in Delgarath
  • Baldorr Greybeard is now located at the Eastern Outpost.
  • Decorations have been added to the Barasavian Desert. Plots in Tishlar, Dryart and Desert’s Edge have been expanded as possible and the settlements received decoration. Some small community projects can be found in these areas.
  • Trandalaran Refuge and Abandoned Camp areas have been slightly improved visually
  • Drift Point has been decorated and its plots and lair expanded/merged. A community tunnel can now be built that leads to higher areas and stoneworking shelter. Other small community projects await.
  • Shelter’s Pass plots have been resized or merged, new plots and lairs have been added to the community and the settlement has been decorated.
  • New Koraelia Winter Season has been decorated and a few small community projects added.
  • Festival Grounds has been renamed to Hempbound Estate and small decorations have been added to the area.
  • No creature or object should ignore the fog effect of regions any longer.
  • Adjusted the terrain near the Trandalaran Grand Magus to better allow climbing of the slope.
  • Fixed bad looking water near Lerena

Server (Features)

  • Changed XP calculation for rating. When the attacker is higher than rating 150, cap it for XP calculation purposes. This allows high rating players to continue to earn a little XP when killing monsters (Note: in tests with a rating 200 player against a level 100 mob this resulted in about an increase of XP from 3% to 36%).
  • Cleaned up several obsolete systems related to groups, this will improve the performance of group functionality in the server backend.
  • Cleaned up monster attack systems which will also improve server performance.

Server (Fixes)

  • Fixed an issue with the calculation of who did the most damage / which group, this will ensure the right loot rights are issued.
  • Fixed some issues with monster processing which will improve server performance.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters would sometimes not use all the abilities they had available.
  • Fixed an issue where items that are not part of a quest were erroneously getting a boosted chance to be looted after failure.
  • Fixed an issue where item constraints weren’t working properly in fringe situations.
  • Fixed issue with AI aggro where overwhelming burst damage modifiers would always cause aggro to break from the tank. Now players who are intentionally trying to tank (using threat modifiers) will be more likely to retain aggro when another player does a sudden burst of damage.

Client (Features)

  • The game’s particle effect code has been rewritten. This overhaul fixes the bugs where effects would stop working after a while, effects would constantly loop (screenshake etc), and the debug log would fill up with “EMPTY PARTICLE POOL” messages. It’s now safe to turn your spell effects back on!
  • The game’s loading code has been rewritten to greatly improve loading performance. This overhaul allows the game to load faster with the loading screen enabled and stream assets ingame faster, as well as improves game stability.
  • Overhead quest icons on NPCs will now display based on priority, and use a new icon based on their classification. The color of the overhead icon now indicates the type of quests being offered. You can see more about them here:
  • Added a slider to advanced options to set the default NPC Chat font size.
  • Some items have a simple skill requirement to craft (i.e. 300 min, 300 max) meaning the efficiency bar isn’t helpful. In those situations the efficiency bar will now show you how close you are to the required skill instead of either being empty or full.
  • The “Breath remaining” bar when underwater now always automatically centers and appears on top of other windows to prevent losing it.
  • The casting / ability usage bar will move itself back on screen if you accidentally moved it off and make sure it appears on top of other windows.
  • NPC Chat windows will make sure they are on-screen if they were accidentally moved off when greeting an NPC.
  • The trade window now has a tab for your wallet, showing your currencies and their source similar to your wallet.
  • Both your wallet and the trade window can now show your currencies as a grid view, if you prefer to organise your tokens visually.
  • The map’s direction indicator is now higher quality and consistent in the default, sapphire, garnet, and emerald themes. Lava and ice already used this higher-quality icon.
  • Bee sounds from beehives are now quieter and have smaller radius
  • Added the “Use” option when you right-click the Pet Window.
  • The ability window has received some updates.
    • An additional category has been added, Cosmetic, for non-title cosmetic effects.
    • All quest-given abilities now sort into their proper categories instead of dumping into the 'General' tab, such as Dragon quested abilities and epic abilities such as Hero's Resolve.
    • A checkbox has been added to hide passive abilities.
    • A search function has been added to allow you to search for a specific ability.
    • You can now right click or double-click to use an ability in your ability window.

Client (Fixes)

  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze while loading into a new area after a teleport.
  • Fixed an issue where assets would seemingly fail to load at random (such as textures appearing perpetually grey).
  • Improved performance of how plot permissions are applied.
  • The ‘Hide Passives’ button is now inline with the search bar in the character window ability tab.
  • Item icons will now downscale to fit instead of being cut off in the wallet window.
  • Corrected the pet icon so that it does not truncate in the pet window.
  • Fixed a crash when double-clicking on Abilities Tab / Character Window
  • When the client is running out of memory and does a full cleanup, it will no longer change your graphics settings.
  • Fixed inventory item placement being reset to default on relog if you place the item too far to the right side of the inventory.
  • Fixed all known causes of an ability/item/spell hotkey becoming stuck grey and unusable due to an infinite cooldown.
  • Fixed floating text being corrupted after character creation.
  • Fixed issue where quest icons would move incorrectly if the NPC it’s attached to turns their head.
  • Fixed an issue where Welger quest icons were in the wrong place.
  • Fixed situations where holding the ENTER or RETURN keys would auto-close any popups the moment they appeared.
  • Fixed /quit command not working.
  • Fixed quest icon taking longer to display, and remaining visible longer than intended.
  • Fixed several issues with character creation:
    • Fixed the music in character creation not functioning correctly (i.e. not the racial music for the selected race).
    • Fixed strange buzzing sound with effects, such as the birds and steam.
    • Fixed the loading screen disappearing too early before character creation was actually done loading.
    • Fixed the character rotating too fast when using the rotation buttons if the client was experiencing high FPS.
    • Fixed being able to unselect your currently selected race, this is cosmetic issue but is still confusing.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive abilities would appear to load and be active when they really weren’t.
  • Fixed excessive spam when receiving the newly active abilities that are given for some schools.
  • Fixed the terrain textures for some areas being wrong (i.e. Sslanis had lost it’s jungle texture).
  • Fixed shadows rendering too big or too small for some types of monsters (golems, Pratt’s Pond spiders etc).
  • Double-clicking Inventory window -list view column header closes window
  • Fixed a crash issue with idle NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue with shopping list forgetting techniques.
  • Moved messages without local lookup error messages into debug channel.
  • Corrected a problem with NPC Quest link text formatting.
  • Fixed a rare crash with the Character Window.

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