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Live Updates Live Delta 313.3 - The Fixer Delta Sarsilas
September 28, 2021
  • Moderate Stun, Short Stun, Long Stun, Longer Stun, Extra Long Stun will properly give Stun Resistance at the end of their timer.
  • Confused I, Confused II and Maddened (all Tiers) will properly give Mesmerize Resistance at the end of their timer.
  • Extra Long Stun and Confused II are no longer removable.
  • Outfitter school properly gains 7 Quarrying, 8 Jewelcraft, and 8 Gemworking skill per level.
  • Akhanis won’t use his psychic powers on players so they won’t see two of him anymore.
  • Fallen log now has the proper requirement to be gathered.
  • Corsair’s Rest is now populated with enemies.
  • Fixed quest “Feladan-in-Exile is No More” so that speaking with Seneschal Allambe will move the quest forward again.
  • Grammatical fix in quest “The Patience of a Dragon”.

  • Tempest Golems will show up as aggressive again.
  • Varan Shields now have a grammatically appropriate guild tag (5th).
  • Fixed requirements for:
    • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Defender of New Trismus.
    • Title: Defender of New Trismus.
  • Adjusted the respawn time and quantity of Mouf and Sermontus in the Spiritous Swamp.
  • Floating Island quest line changes:
    • “Battle for Sanctuary”:
      • Trigger radius to meet the mysterious hatchling is slightly larger.
      • BattleMaster Talaurukar takes back his Draconic Whistle once you don’t need it anymore.
    • “Weeping of the Ruin”: Emisora now accepts a wider variety of hoard items.
  • Quest “Accurate Breath II: Focusing Your Breath Weapon” properly asks to kill Small Brownback Outliers.
  • Fixed a trap at the waterfall of a skulk village in Dalimond Peninsula.
  • Fixed coin value of biped Master Cargo Disk formulas.
  • Fixed requirements of Title: Vengeance Served.
  • Fixed links in Gangaf and Gyrios’ dialogues.
  • Moved Stoneworking Pedestal a bit in Erelald’s Stoneworking Shop to improve machine detection by formulas.
  • Demonskin Staff is no longer usable at level 1.
  • Militia Guards next to New Trismus barricade aren’t quadruplet anymore.
  • Cedar’s Cove Bank now requires Ingenuity skill to apply Vault Keeper Hiring Permit instead of Tanning.
  • Updated directions in “Go Bag 5 Small Ice Beetle Compound Eyes” quest.
  • Tinkerer trainers now offer training equipment.
  • Gard Brownbottle and Alkabiades now have something to say when a player joins the Alchemist school.
  • Zhessix the Singed is now an Alchemist instead of a Cook.
  • Sslikified Sslanis NPCs’ dialogues.
  • Mithril Small Shield now has 3 technique slots.
  • Quest “Tower of Magery: Collect Icy Dire Wolf Claws” now has a description.
  • Quest “The Forest Skulk Threat II” now only counts the Elder and Shaman in the target village rather than any Elder or Shaman.
  • Improved directions in quest “Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 3)”.
  • Removed the obsolete quest “Find the Lost Patrol” from Mattias the warrior trainer.
  • Moved the shrine tutorial text from within the New Trismus 1: Welcome to the Battleground quest to its own tutorial pop-up window. The quest still instructs you to bind to the shrine.
  • Fixed typos in:
    • Quest “New Trismus 1: Welcome to the Battleground”
    • Town Marshall tutorial
    • Consigner tutorial
    • Trophy Hunter tutorial
    • Father Nuraa’s dialogues
    • Quest “Vandus Confederation: The Problem with Cults (Part 1)”.
    • Quest “The Withered Bane”.
    • Quest “South March: The Essence of Research II”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Worn Figurines”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 100 Worn Figurines”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Redbacked Tarantula Hatchling Thoraxes”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 100 Redbacked Tarantula Hatchling Thoraxes”.
    • Quest “Become a Primal Adept”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Large Loricatus Beetle Compound Eyes”.
    • Quest “Spellcraft Mastery V: Craft 70 Granite Bricks”.
    • Zookeeper and Rancher sign.
    • Drunkard in Dalimond.
    • Quest “Sshranu: The Venom of Alchemy”.
    • Quest “Jolan's Story: Malevolence”.
    • Quest “Plundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal Rest”.
    • Quest “Attunement to South Gate”
    • Quest “The Town Marshalls of Istaria”.
    • Kerian the Wise’s generic dialogue.
    • Quest “Dragon Crafter 1: Arming the Militia”.
    • Quest “Dragon Crafter 3: Learning the Ropes”.
    • Quest “Dragon Crafter 5: Magical Mayhem”.
    • Quest “Dragon Crafter 7: The Final Test”.
    • Quest “Dragon Crafter 8: The Road Forward”.
    • Quest “Avariatus' Quest: Learn About the Lunus Faction!”.
    • Quest “Avariatus' Quest: Learn About the Helian Faction!”.
    • Quest “Town Marshall: Haunted Ruins”.
    • Quest “Town Marshall: Bludgeoner Bother”.
    • Quest “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Tablets of the Lost Pyramid”.
    • Quest “Relics of the Ancients”.
    • Quest Daily) Chitin, Chitin and More Chitin”.
    • Solistan’s persistent dialogues and “Claim Title” quests.
    • Quest “Specimens of Interest”.
    • Imperial Mender Audicus dialogues.
    • Quest “Accurate Breath IV: Precision Practice”.
    • Quest Tooth and Claw IV: Getting Your Nickel Worth of Golems”.
    • Quest “Kirasanct Tundra: Attunement to Frostwatch”.
    • Quest Tazoon Region: Attunement to Granite Hills”.
    • Leyala’s dialogues.
    • Quest “Dragon Training 1: Scales and Claws”.
    • Derasian’s, Nambanora’s, Rulan’s, Quira’s, and Melli’s dialogues.
    • Quest“Marcus' Quest: Missing Shipment of Gems”.
    • Quest “Hardened Scales I: A Ferocious Enemy”.
    • Quest “Drain Strike III: Challenging the Deep Blue”.
    • Quest “Accurate Breath III: Practice, Practice, Practice”.
    • Quest“ Spellcraft Mastery IX: Craft 70 Marble Bricks”.
    • Claw-Guard Shasses’ dialogues.
    • Quest “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Chimney Sweep”.
    • Quest “Ahala's Sweet Tooth II”.
    • Quest “Jolan's Story: Revenge”
    • Quest “Relics of a Dead People”
  • Boxes of seeds now have proper, unique icons.
  • The inventory window now has a button to open your Pet Stable (neighboring your equipment window).
  • The inventory window’s filter button now shows the filter icon instead of the letter “F”. The filters themselves have had their icons and buttons downscaled to match the rest of the inventory’s theme and be slightly more compact. The “All” filter’s text is now centered.
  • The Pet Stable can now be scaled much smaller horizontally.
  • The Cargo Disk, Pet, Pet Stable, Quest, Quest Tracker, and Wallet windows now have a unique window icon present in the window itself and on the gem menu.
  • Replaced Chef Shisheroth by Chef Ganthoss in quest “Scholar: One Hundred Orbs” and updated dialogues accordingly.
  • Overgrown Leaf Oastics will now count in quest “Town Marshall: Bring Back My Honor”.
  • In quest “Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion (Part 5)”, you can now loot the Cult Leader Belt as soon as you have killed him and make the quest progress.
  • Fixed quest “Zanlei: The Junkyard War” to give the irradiated metal properly.
  • Fixed description of ability Collect Wing-Membranes to clarify which beetles will satisfy.
  • Fixed quest “Defense of Sslanis: The Defender's Blade (Part 2)” which can now advance properly when speaking with Jahaim.
  • Saenethra in quest “Town Marshall: Tongues of Flame” no longer speaks of herself as a dragon.
  • The golem “Slag” is now named “Scoria” to avoid negative connotations in regions where its prior name was a slur.
  • Fire Wolves now spawn properly with Fire Wolves Alpha.
  • Resources no longer spawn in world models at Sandstone Bluffs.
  • Jolan’s Story quests:
    • “Jolan's Story: Devotion”: Annis refers to the player with their name instead of %name%.
    • “Jolan's Story: Revenge”: The Bulging Satchel can now be properly used.
  • Jewelry and Scale Tech Kit: Annis' Ring is now available at Krianos.
  • Sanguine Mace now awards +10 Life and Focus, up from 3.
  • Demonic Embrace and Shell I don’t only heal for 1 HP anymore.
  • Quest “Rangers in Danger: The Temple of Merrasat”:
    • Temple Chest has its proper name instead of Sandstone Chest.
    • Enchanted Bronze Key for this quest doesn’t have a Intuition skill limitation anymore.
  • In quest “Go Bag 5 Golem Hearts of Sandstone”, Trophy Hunter no longer mentions to only get the trophies on the large Sandstone Golems as the Pebble version drops them as well.
  • Monster schools don’t receive Heroic Shout I and Heroic Shout II anymore.
  • Flattened the terrain under the Stoneworking Shelter in Central Valley and Cedar's Cove Logging Camp.
  • Fixed quest “Monk: Learn the Disciplines” to require “Monk: The Initiate’s Trial” instead of the older story quests.
  • Reduced the number of Ardent Prelates that spawn within the Great Battle. They will now spawn only one Bound Spirit instead of one or two and will no longer be social with one another.
  • Fixed punctuation in quest “Bounty: The Head of Atta-Nuk”
  • Certain enemies will no longer use Fearlessness repeatedly to buff themselves against stuns.
  • Removed stun immunity from Crimson Ravager, Fallen Darkstaff, Gregory the Traitor, Lieutenant Acphlegm, Saronn the risen King, Blasted Automaton, Degraded Automaton, Fallen Automaton, Twisted Automaton, and Nazderon
  • Cave of Winds portal no longer requires attunement
  • Aegis Zombie Knight of Destruction is now simply known as Aegis Knight of Destruction
  • Monsters will no longer actively use “Monster Nerf”
  • Quest “The Tale of Kiatar”:
    • Saris Military Rank Badge is properly deleted upon quest completion.
    • Quest now has a coin award.
  • Quest “Cleansing the Land of Merrasat's Curse” now requires to kill 6 Emir’s Guards instead of 10 to fit monster spawns.
  • Quest “Drain Bolt III: Into the Dead Pool” now properly directs you to Khemarius in Chiconis, not Kirasanct.
  • Quest “Drain Bolt IV: A Test of Spirit” now properly lets you gather Greater Ghost Vapor from the ghosts around the Tower of Healing. It also now properly asks for four vapor instead of one.
  • Quest “Drain Bolt V: Field Research” now properly progresses when you speak to Khemarius on the Tower of Healing.
  • Quest “Drain Bolt VI: Performance Enhancement” now asks for Focused Titian Azulyte Crystals instead of an unobtainable Focused Dark Azulyte Crystals.
  • Quest “Drain Bolt X: A Spirited Battle” now properly progresses when you speak to Khemarius on the Tower of Spirits.
  • Anamandryx now has a slightly more reasonable health pool, but also has NPC invincibility to protect her from nearby monsters.
  • Karane the Historian and Khemarius now have more immersive health values.
  • Attack skill (chance to hit) values added to Dragon Claw Tech Kit: Deadly I to V descriptions.
  • Parcel of Khemarius' Crystals doesn’t look like a scroll anymore.
  • Shield Breaker ability doesn’t require having a two-hand slash weapon equipped to work anymore.
  • Jewelry and Scale Tech Kit: Kaasha's Sigil no longer conflicts with Armor Up.
  • Khutit Form augmentation isn’t removed on death anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where Dragon Scale Tech Kit: Piercing Winds and Rift Spirit Form (and likely other similar augmentations) used together would prevent using auto-attacks.
  • Fafnir’s Scorch has received some balance changes.
    • Now recycles every 60s (up from 35) and will cause damage after 10s (up from 7s), but now has a base damage of 2800 (up from 2200) and ignores armor and resistances
    • Properly uses Fafnir’s innate Blight skill now.
    • Stuns Fafnir and prevents him from moving during the charge time to allow players to flee his range.
    • A new effect players during the charge showing the radius of the blast.
  • Added “Fine Cedar Round Cross Shield” to the usages of Sandstone Golem Fragments.
  • Fafnir no longer receives Instant Transfer and Static Aura.
  • Rerouted a road that was going up a cliff near Desert’s Edge.
  • Plot decorations ‘Tree, Fall Orange Maple’ and ‘ Tree, Fall Red Maple’ now properly have collision.
  • New Trismus 13: Conclusions will now suggest the proper quest for Dragons instead of the Biped version of it.
  • Fixed directions in quest “Blacksmith: Bronze Maces For The Militia”.
  • The first step of these quests will now properly progress without needing to greet the NPC twice:
  • “Lore Quest: Nyrevin's Apologies”.
  • “Lore Quest: Galderos' Heart”.
  • “Remnants of an Artifact (Part 4)”.
  • “Rare Foods: Dinner? Impossible!”.
  • Drain Bolt IV and Drain Bolt V damage values were inverted. It is now fixed.
  • Khemarius' Crystal and Khemarius' Final Crystal are no longer equippable. They are only meant to be used during their respective quest.
  • Fixed dependencies in quest “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: For the Honor of the Iron Guard”, so the step asking you to return to Kandoru doesn't appear before acquiring the required items.
  • Updated directions in quest “Gold Rage II: Wintheria's Quest”.
  • Shadow Tarantula Hatchlings no longer share a spawn with regular Shadow Tarantulas.
  • The spawns in the Barrows have been reworked to avoid spiders crawling up cliffs and remove spawn overlaps.
  • Shadow Tarantulas in the Western Deadlands should no longer compete for spawn real estate with Bloodflies and instead spawn in consistent numbers.
  • Fixed step visibility in quests:
    • “Lore Quest: Nyrevin's Apologies”.
    • “Lore Quest: Galderos' Heart”.
  • Rub of Weak Poison formula, Collect Wing-Membranes and Collect Venom Glands abilities now have a proper icon.
  • Quest “Spiked Scales II: Skulks in the Forest” changes:
    • Fixed a visibility issue at first steps.
    • Quest targets have been changed: instead of Forest Skulk Shamans, player is asked to kill the Skulks of a specific village. Directions have been updated accordingly.
  • The adventure trainers on New Trismus now properly suggest you speak to Pratt if you haven’t picked up or finished New Trismus 2.
  • Radiant Wisps near Harro should now behave more predictably, but may respawn more slowly.
  • Falgut has returned to his previous health value and does a little less damage, but is still harder-hitting than before.

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