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Blight Updates Blight Client 404.132.0 Istaria Community Manager
November 8, 2021
Blight has been updated with our latest development client. If you patch to Blight, but play on the live shards, there will be problems with tints displaying properly. While we'd love the feedback of using the Blight client on the live shards, please also be aware of this limitation.



  • The Options window has received a slight organisational pass.
    • Various typos and inconsistencies in the text of options were corrected.
    • The ability to hotkey the Companion List has been added. By default, it is CTRL+P.
    • The Pet Window is now properly named Companion Window in the keybindings list.
    • Moved the floating combat and regeneration information to the Floating Information section of the Advanced tab.
    • Moved ‘Lock Cursor to Game Window’ option to Advanced/Miscellaneous from Video.
    • Added a “Performance” category to the Video options window to separate out performance-based toggles such as disabling decorative NPCs.
    • Added an indent before any option that is dependent on the enabling of the option prior to it.
    • Renamed “Enable Decals” to “Terrain Decals” to give more of a clue as to what the option does.
    • Added a warning in the tooltip of Shadow options that Real Shadows can cause large FPS drops on some machines.


  • Fixed a few typos within the Wallet and Companions tutorials.
  • Prevented Anamandryx, the hatchling companion, from flying.
  • Lair T4 Garden Chambers now properly take up only two levels instead of four.
  • Corrected typos in Sergeant Khar’s chat dialogue.
  • The icon of items within the Quest Tracker and Quest windows are now properly tinted.
  • The emote window buttons now respect UI scaling.
  • Inventory windows should no longer think they are structure windows. This should correct the issue in which you occasionally could not delete or hoard items from your inventory’s right-click menu.
  • Instance NPCs should no longer occasionally load the animations and effects of other instance NPCs.
  • NPCs can no longer be greeted from a distance further than 20 meters from their current position.
  • Items that attune on equip should no longer repeat their attune warning if you equipped it in certain ways.
  • The “Equip” and “Use” inventory and right-click menu buttons should now disable for items that you do not meet the requirements for. (This was a visual error and does not change any functionality.)

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