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Live Updates Fangs in the Mist Istaria Community Manager
December 21, 2021

Content Summary

  • Large changes to the werewolf quests out of New Trismus and to Balit’s Isle
  • Ability updates for levels 20 to 100 for Dragon Adventurer, Warriors, Clerics, Mages and Scouts.
  • General


  • “The Darkness at Dusk” and Balit Island quests have been revamped and are now part of the same story.
  • New rewards and new crafting quests have been added to The Darkness at Dusk quest lines.
  • A gnome has a problem and needs your help in the Dusk Forest.
  • Anti-Werewolf Salve and Lycanthropy Ward Salve formulas are now obtained by specific Alchemist quests on Balit Island.
  • Werewolves now have a unique animation for Werewolf Bite.
  • Lycanthropy debuffs, Anti-Werewolf Salve and Lycanthropy Ward Salve formulas now have their own icons.


  • Staves (but not Quarterstaves or Blighted Staves) now require arcane or mystical skills to wield instead of 2-handed crush
  • Title Active: Welger Damage and Resistance II no longer gives Executioner title to player’s name.
  • Clarified the description of the Crimson Ravager Heart to refer to multiple Crimson Ravagers
  • Changed the icon of Hunter Scorpion Claw to be a claw instead of a trophy to avoid confusion
  • Both Hot Prisms and Urn Hammers are now guaranteed to hit and removed to-hit bonus.
  • Protection now has a 800% bonus to generate threat (up from 450%).
  • Lightning Arrows will no longer show as usable by Rangers
  • Galderos’ Flurry buff is now properly named
  • Fixed the description of the buff, Elixir of The Myloc's Focus
  • Skin Like Guardian abilities are now active abilities that reduce incoming damage by a percentage (rather than a flat armor boost), but will fade after damage is taken.  
  • Skin Like Cedar, Elm and Oak are now masterable
  • Skin Like Thornwood continues to have a Damage shield that inflicts piercing damage back at melee attackers, but the % chance is now increased from 5 to 25%.
  • Guardian’s Hillside Brute is now an active ability (rather than a passive) with a 20s recycle and a buff that lasts for 30 minutes. Tiers 1 and 2 are masterable, while the remainder are not.
  • Ice Barrier can now be cast at a range of 30 meters but can no longer be cast to overwrite itself or other versions of the buff.
  • Niesa’s Power will now properly boost Power by +100 and its tooltip will display this correctly
  • Niesa’s Strength will now properly boost Flame, not Speed. It will now boost Power by +100 instead of +50.
  • Skala Pets will properly give its radiation DoT on hit with a 10m AoE radius
  • Distract no longer references melee attacks, but instead just says attacks.
  • Corrected the experience ramp on Indestructible, Invulnerable, and Impenetrable crystals.
  • Corrected some poisons overwriting themselves and failing on lower-tier immunities.
  • Scholar: Nimble Scouts has been updated to now require Gift of Hunter spells rather than Gift of Dexterity, and is now known as Scholar: Accurate Scouts.
  • Major and Minor Radiation no longer overwrites itself every hit, allowing it to do damage.
  • Demon’s Flury’s Demonic Flurry buff has been changed to once more work with auto attacks, however, it now only applies on the first attack after receiving the buff. It also is capable of triggering off of the bonus attacks.
  • Corrected the description of Dancing Rapier.
  • Fixed Item name modifier for technique “Blighted Weapon Damage Convert: Energy” to be spelled correctly as Energy Striking


  • Maggot Hide Processing formula has been added to Tier I and Tier II Outfitter, Tailor and Gatherer trainers.
  • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Amulet of Protection’s description is now more clear about its effect.
  • Ahala’s Sweet Brew will now conflict with other potion-based health regens
  • Rich and Motherlode resource nodes will no longer spawn on Skalkaar, Spirit Isle or New Trismus
  • Quantity of resources in standard resource nodes on Skalkaar, Spirit Isle and New Trismus has been reduced
  • Regular and Enriched Dim Wisps will no longer spawn on New Trismus
  • Kerian on New Trismus now sells Armor Socketing and Claw Socketing techniques
  • Sand and Snow Scarabs will now count towards the collection of Beetle Wing-Membranes
  • Weapon Tech Kit: Moravvis' Rune of Flame is now known as Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Moravvis' Rune of Flame.
  • Fixed constraints for the following Tech Kits:
    • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Circlet of Borannis.
    • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Crankenspank's Crest.
    • Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Moravvis' Rune of Flame.
  • Beginner Teas formula changes:
    • Is now exclusively a Tier II formula.
    • Now requires 200 Cooking to be scribed instead of 150.
    • Minimal skill to craft Appetizer: Anthas Root Tea is now 200 Cooking, down from 250.
    • Crafting Appetizer: Anthas Root Tea now awards a small amount of experience.
    • Quest “Collect All The Bitter Pickle Bottle Caps” isn’t repeatable anymore.
  • Fixed Spell Tech Kit: Relic of Mellohndar description so it properly displays that the effect has 10% of chance to be triggered.
  • Removed Gold and Silver Mystery Technique Boxes from Techatrons.
  • Removed Golden Mystery Formula Boxes from Formulatrons (except Blighted Mystery Boxes).
  • Quartermaster Frig Tallowgar at the Imperial Outpost has adjusted his prices to be more consistent and to account for inflation within the Empire after the destruction of Tazoon:
    • Deluxe and Compact Cargo Disk formulas are now 100 tokens
    • Sack and basic Cargo Disk formulas are now 60 tokens
    • Construction resource formulas are now 20 tokens
    • Basic resource formulas are now 10 tokens
  • Imperial Rank Tokens from the Imperial Outpost are now known as Imperial Quartermaster Tokens.
  • Dragon’s Winter Scarf has been renamed to Dragon’s Gnomekindle Scarf.
  • A set of dragon scarves has been added to Dolly Day, these scarves can be dyed for unique appearances:
    • Dragon’s Winter Scarf
    • Dragon’s White-Striped Scarf
    • Dragon’s Black-Striped Scarf
  • Weapon & Scale Tech Kit: Blood-Thirsty is now known as Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Blood-Thirsty.


  • Temporary world effects now use less particles, no longer making some other effects not play
  • Underwater environments have been improved so particles are not as focused around player, and had some underwater “plankton” added to them
  • Thunder effect visual has been improved
  • Thunder Cloud effect visual has been improved
  • Various environment effects have been reviewed. Particles are now less focused around player (less like cloud of particles on top of player) and more spread out into background (most notable Dralk’s ashes).
  • Tombs environments now also have dust particles.
  • Certain effects do not expire anymore with increasing camera distance, for example volcanic eruption now has visible falling volcanic chunks (Mt Fury) and maelstrom effect’s green swirls can be seen from very far (Attios’ Stand)
  • Blighted environments now have further fog distance, green rain (instead of blue, where applicable), green fast mist (where applicable - Reklar’s Fortress, Satyr Islands), delayed lightning effect (from 20 seconds to two minutes) and thunder_close sound volume reduced to 60% of original


  • “Priscilla the Shoulder Parrot” requires to be level 15 as current adventure school again and has been modernized to fit current Istaria.
  • “Kill Red Tusk” has better directions.
  • “Clear Out the Blighted Outpost” has been updated to fit the recent changes in Lesser Aradoth and has a new reward.
  • Fixed visibility of a journal entry in quest “Join Drulkar's Flame”
  • Fixed journal entry visibility in quest “Vengeance: Trandalaran Style”
  • Added a quest description to quest “Hardened Scales X: The Final Test”
  • Typo and grammatical fixes:
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Snowback Wolf Skulls”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 100 Snowback Wolf Skulls”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Small Ice Beetle Compound Eyes”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 100 Small Ice Beetle Compound Eyes”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Scions of Oak”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 100 Scions of Oak”.
    • Quest “Vandus Confederation: Status of the Militia”.
    • Quest “Primal Mastery IV: A Profitable Deal All Around”.
    • Quest “Kion Militia Needs Assistance”.
    • Quest “The Bones of a Master (Part 2)”.
    • Quest “Brunt: Liquidate the Icy Dire Wolves”.
    • Quest “Honoring An Old Friend (Part 1)”.
    • Quest “Moham's Broken Wagon”.
    • Quest “Town Marshall: Expediting Death”.
    • Quest “Earn Title: Avatar of Pain - Masochist”.
    • Quest “Fishing Line for Bammas”.
    • Quest “Defense of Sslanis: Battle Sugar Cane”.
    • Quest “Jolan's Story: Revenge”.
    • Quest “(Daily) Jon Parkh: Summit Beating”.
    • Quest “Vandus Confederation and Cults”.
    • Quest “New Trismus 1: Welcome to the Battleground”.
    • Quest “Cleric's Tower: A Fragmented Soul”.
    • Quest “Rangers in Danger: Skeletal Patrols”.
    • Quest “Shau's Grief: Gifts of Appeasement (Part 6)”.
    • Bammas’ speech.
    • Arena Fighters’ callouts.
    • Quest “Eilin's Pretty Flowers”.
    • Quest “Drain Bolt IV: A Test of Spirit”.
    • Quest “Drain Bolt X: A Spirited Battle”.
    • Jorce Ammis’ persistent dialogues.
    • Boratan's persistent dialogues.
    • Quest “Monk: Learn the Disciplines".
    • Quest “Avariatus’ Quest: Learn about the Lunus faction!”.
    • Head of Atta-nuk.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Forest Oastic Petals”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Bhal'kuk Crude Knives”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Golem Hearts of Travertine”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Brachina Beetle Membranes”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Vikinos Shells”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Giant Ice Beetle Compound Eyes”.
    • Priceless Conqueror's Back Scale description.
    • Hardened Leather Band description.
    • Quest “Dragon Training 2: Tail Whipping Treants”.
    • Corroded Adamantium Necklace Chain description.
    • Dragon Claw Tech Kit: Deadly I to V descriptions.
    • Quest “Niesa's Fate (Part 3)”.
    • Quest “Breath of Acid: Introduction”.
    • Dispirit Foes.
    • Fiery Judge II.
    • Quest “Earn Title: Falgut the Slaver - Liberator”.
    • Quest “The Cult of Telak (Part 2)”.
    • Quest “The Cult of Telak (Part 4)”.
    • Quest “Scholar's Quest: New Trismus Awaits”.
    • Quest “Within the Destroyed City”.
    • “Attunement: Winter Vale”.
    • “Tazoon Region: Attunement to Dryart”.
    • “The Lone Wolf: Spare the Lone Wolf”.
    • “Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 4)”
    • “Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 5)”
    • Spellings of Aerlinneil in “Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 2)”
    • “The Blood-Magic of the Welger (Part 2)”.
    • “The Darkness at Dusk (Part 1)”.
    • “The Darkness at Dusk (Part 2)”.
    • “The Darkness at Dusk (Part 4)”.
    • “The Mysterious Balit's Island”.
    • “Dragon’s Reach X: The Bigger They Are”
    • “Introduction to Fortshire”
  • Burning Brand, used in quest “Snowy Expedition”, now has a 30 minute timer to coincide with the timer in the quest.
  • Quests “(Daily) Kill one Greater Epic Boss” and “(Daily) Kill One Lesser Epic Boss” and “(Weekly) Kill Greater and Lesser Bosses” now require a rating of 90 instead of level 90.
  • Quest “Relic Hunter: Locate Additional Artifacts” no longer mentions Tazoon in the present tense
  • Quest “Shau's Grief: Gifts of Appeasement (Part 1)” will now properly send you back to Shau after killing the leader of the 3rd Troop
  • Redden Collectors will now count in quest “Town Marshall: Expediting Death”.
  • Vladtmordt will no longer refer to Helian as “his” in quest “Vladtmordt's Scales: Simulated Scale of the Prime”
  • Quest “Drain Bolt I: Primal Secrets, Fiendish Pride” will now allow you to use Improved Prime Bolt as well
  • Fixed Khemarius’ dialogues in quest “Drain Bolt VII: Jaded in Spirit”. Hotfixed.
  • Quest “Sslanis Militia: Kaasha's Ring” now includes Jungle Crawlers when stating what you can kill
  • Quest “Kill Red Tusk” has been slightly revamped and modernized for a more streamlined experience.
  • Quest “Priscilla the Shoulder Parrot” was stuck in the past and has been modernized to fit current Istaria better and have a more streamlined experience. It also requires to be lvl 15 in current adventure school instead of 25.
  • Golden Bell will now count towards the quest “Weeping of the Ruin”
  • Replaced the word “ability” with “spell” in all Drain Bolt quests
  • Quest “Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 4)” is now given by Commander Jaleo Devins at the Kion Militia.
  • A quest to send players to Commander Jaleo Devins and the “Rangers in Danger” quest line has been added after completing the quest “Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 6)”.
  • Quest “The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard”  now deletes the Perfect Rose Quartz Shard
  • Kamilari in Kion no longer offers quest “Spiritist: Sort Out the Kion Beetle Problem”
  • Quest “Defense of Sslanis: Storming the Dead” now properly expects you to kill five Risen Marauders
  • Replaced mention of “Bortol’s Camp” by “Lookout Camp” in the following quests:
    • “Scholar: Blight-A-Way!”.
    • “Scholar: Marked”.
    • “Scholar: Shattered Foes”.
    • “Scholar: Stealing Vitality”.
  • Elemental of Fire in quest “Kion Militia: Elemental of Fire” is no longer resistant to crush damage.
  • Drop rate of Ghostly Ectoplasm is increased for quest “Cleric's Tower: Ghostly Ectoplasm”
  • Fixed a link in quest "Learning to Shape Lairs".
  • Quest “Learn To Change Your Form” will now track how many Bright Orbs and Soul Fragments you acquire and contains more information about where to get the Soul Fragments.
  • The Hidden Dragon quests now refer to the Kion Volcano by its proper name (Amu’merras) and include better directions to the summit.
  • Quests “(Daily) Defeat Tallinth the Sullied” and “(Daily) Defeat Vorath the Hated” in the Inner Sanctum now contain additional hints to get the targets to appear.
  • Improved directions in quest “Vandus Confederation: Traitor in the Midst II”.
  • Fixed a dependency issue in quest “The Town Marshalls of Istaria”.
  • Ssoren doesn’t offer quest “Kaasha's Ring” anymore as it is obsolete.
  • Quest “Blackhammer: The Lost Lair” now refers to Alban as a Saris, not an Elf.
  • Quest “Murrina's Quest: Help Barridin” now refers to Amu’merras and includes directions to Barridin.
  •  Quest "Marcus' Quest: Missing Shipment of Gems" now refers to Amu'merras in the journal entry.
  • Quests “Calimir: Mani's Bounty”, “Ranger: Mani's Bounty” and “Iron Guard: Kalevala's Bounty” are now only considered as bounty quests.
  • The following bounty quests are now repeatable by using the lootable bounty item. However, they can be obtained only 10 hours after completion of the previous one:
    • “Bounty: Icefang's Head”.
    • “Bounty: The Head of Atta-Nuk”.
    • “Iron Guard: Kalevala's Bounty”.
    • “Iron Guard: Tochak's Bounty”
  • Fixed a broken chat link in quest “Lore: Ganesh's Journal” and replaced --continue-- with (continue)
  • Quest “Rare Foods: To Serve Mandrake” will now use “acquire” to track the Mandrake (so you can gather or trade for it).
  • Scholar: Warriors Need Strength has been updated to now require Gift of Brawler spells rather than Gift of Strength.
  • Fixed a broken link in quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 1): The Fate of Dralnok”.
  • Quest “(Daily) Acquire Gudal's Sceptre of Command” can’t be completed anymore while talking to an unrelated NPC during another quest.
  • Quest “Attunement: Lerena” can only be completed once
  • Quest “Outfitter: Unsinged Fingers” will now show up as the same color (and have the same icon) as other outfitter quests
  • Fixed directions in quest “Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 4)”.
  • Quest “Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 1)” will now remove the Old Heart-Shaped Locket
  • Removed extra line breaks after some dialogue in quest “Revion’s Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 5)”
  • Fixed school requirements on Scholar Scroll quests from Geleon
  • Quest “Scholar: Cold Feet” now sends the player to Bortol instead of Revion.
  • Quest “Prove Your Worth At Wolf Hunting” now mentions Jade Snarlers in the dialogue.
  • Quest “Gold Rage II: Wintheria's Quest” now requires you to be level 35 (not 40).
  • Quests “Kion Militia Needs Assistance” and “Kion Militia Needs Help” are now obsolete and no longer offered by NPCs.


  • Esh the Mind Lasher will once again give loot.
  • Adjusted the respawn rate of Risen Crawler-Tamers near Sslanis
  • All Tier 2, 3 and 4 monsters have had their loot reworked, removing techniques and formulas, making the drop quantities more consistent and the drop percentages of certain loot types greater
  • As some players were able to still survive Scorch, its damage has been doubled.
  • Fallen Laborer “Grizletosh” will now show up with his proper name instead of hiding as a “Fallen Laborer”
  • Corrected Reklar’s standard resistances
  • Incorporeal now properly only applies to Physical attacks
  • Adjusted the level of Commander Torrek and the nearby Skeletal Protectors and Ravagers to be more in line with the quest, Investigate the Abandoned Quarry. Torrek will also spawn fewer followers now.
  • Grinding Mandibles will no longer overwrite existing Dazzled debuffs when it hits
  • Blighted Oak Treants are now level 59-60 instead of 61-62.
  • Bound Sandspur are now level 40 (up from 37-38) and drop Tier 3 junk loot
  • Common Sandspur are now level 40-41 (up from 39-40)
  • Myloc Relics and Rank-Seals will no longer drop as regular loot
  • All Epic bosses are now immune to Root, Stun and Mez
  • Surtheim’s Molten Armor will now expire after 60 seconds
  • Corrected the description of Skull of The Blight to refer to Toggoth instead of generic blights.
  • Enormous Jade Snarlers can now only be gathered from while dead, not alive.
  • Imp Soulslashers (regular and engorged) will no longer spam Vampiric Touch repeatedly, but will instead have an always-on buff.
  • Monsoon will now drop Tier 6 slivers
  • Elial the Mercenary is no longer harvestable when dead.



  • Defend Other is now received every 20 levels starting at 15
  • Power Strike is now received every 20 levels starting at 5
  • Istara’s Shield is now extended up every 20 levels starting at 23
  • Vokkai’s Crush is now received every 20 levels starting at 7
  • Coordinated Strike is now received every 10 levels starting at 10
  • Instant Heal is now received every 10 levels starting at 4
  • Smash is now received every 10 levels starting at 1, does more damage, will give Smashed while in Offensive Stance, extra damage while in Focused Stance, and a short stun while in Attuned Stance.
  • Smash 3 now recycles every 30s (up from 25s)
  • Multistrike is now received at levels 26 and 76
  • Gleaming Shield now recycles every 60s (down from 300s), shares a timer with other Melee Utility abilities, but no longer conflicts with other armor buffs.  It is also now received every 10 levels starting at 19.
  • Cherub’s Song now recycles every 60s (down from 180s), has a 15m range (up from 8m), and does 170-220 life damage, but is no longer an AoE.
  • Cherub's Touch now recycles every 30s (down from 45s), inflicts life damage, inflicts 25% more damage on the attack, and shares a recycle with other melee attacks. It is now received every 20 levels starting at 33.
  • Cherub's Touch's debuff no longer reduces crush resistance, but instead increases incoming non-spell damage to the target by 10% that will fade after a scaled amount of non-spell damage is inflicted.
  • Aura of Resistance's effect now reduces incoming non-spell physical damage by 10, 12 and 14% (by tier) rather than a direct reduction of resistance.
  • Quick Heal 1 and 2 no longer offer any bonuses while in stances.
  • Quick Heal now extends up every 10 levels starting at level 2.


  • Bite now recycles every 15s, shares a timer with other power abilities at 25% and gains a 10% damage boost while in combat Stance: Conqueror.
  • Bite VI is now received at level 100.
  • Silver Strike now shares a timer at 50% (down from 100%), gains extra damage, but costs more hoard per use.
  • Tail Whip now shares a timer at 25% with other melee "emergency" abilities, but gains more damage.
  • Claw Strike now shares a timer at 25% with other power attacks
  • Refreshing Breeze now recycles every 45/60/75/95/120 seconds (down from 60 to 180s), its buff now lasts 40s (instead of 45s) and heals every 4s (down from every 5s), and it conflicts with other regenerates. It shares a timer at 25% with other breezes.
  • Ravage now shares a timer at 25% with other critical attacks and has an increased hoard cost.
  • Galewind now recycles every 45s (down from 60s) and does 10% more damage in Primalist stance, but has an increased hoard cost.
  • Staggering Howl now shares a timer with other melee utility abilities at 25% and will only apply its debuff on a hit (not a block) and is now received at level 41 and 81.


  • Engulf is now received at levels every 20 levels starting at 5
  • Melee Ward is now known as Androgos' Armor and is received every 20 levels starting at 6
  • Incinerate now recycles every 25s (down from 30s) and is received every 20 levels starting at 3
  • Burnout 2 and 3 are now known as Affinity to Flame and recycle every 40s (down from 70s and 90s).  The buff is known as Gained Affinity (Flame) and has a duration of 20s but boosts damage by 30% and 35% respectively.  Affinity to Flame is now received at levels 7, 47 and 87.
  • Magic Shell is now received every 16 levels starting at 2
  • Coordinated Flame Bolt now recycles every 60s (down from 180s) and is received every 10 levels starting at level 9.
  • Counterspell Other is now received every 20 levels starting at 9
  • Mage's Maddening Trick is now received every 20 levels starting at 10
  • Group Flame Defense is now received every 20 levels starting at 12
  • Group Ice Defense is now received every 20 levels starting at 15
  • Magic Umbrella is now received at level 27
  • Spell Barrier is now received at level 67


  • Missile Master is no longer masterable
  • Spray Arrows now recycles every 60s (down from 120s) and has an AoE range of 25m (down from 40m) and has moved from level 90 to 92.
  • Staple Shot now recycles every 45s (down from 120s) and has moved from level 60 to 62.
  • Fleet of Foot is no longer masterable but boosts speed of +20 (up from +10)
  • Headshot now recycles every 75s (down from 120s)
  • Crippling Shot 2 now recycles every 60s (down from 120s) and gives Hamstrung
  • Hamstrung now debuffs delay by 25% in addition to speed.
  • Multishot now recycles every 60s (down from 120s) but shares a timer with other multiple shot abilities.  They are now available at levels 18, 44, 72 and 96.
  • Quick Shot 2 now only gains 6m extra range while in Alerted Stance (instead of 8m)
  • Quick Shot 3 through 10 are now available every 10 levels starting at 22
  • Heart Seeker now recycles every 60s (down from 180s) and is available every 20 levels starting at 9.
  • Coordinated Shot now recycles every 60s (down from 90s) and is available every 10 levels starting at 10.
  • Long Shot now recycles every 30s (down from 60s), gets a slightly increased damage boost, but shares a timer with other primary ranged attacks.  It is available every 10 levels starting at 3, but now also extends up to level 93.
  • Blinding Shot 2 no longer gives Blinded 2, but instead just gives Blinded
  • Blinded now lasts for 20s and debuffs to-hit by 75%
  • Blinding Shot now extends every 10 levels up from 5 to 95.
  • Power Shot now recycles every 20s (down from 30s), gets an increased damage boost, does 10% more damage in offensive stance, and is now received every 10 levels starting at 1.


  • Power Strike is now received every 10 levels starting at 1
  • Rend Armor is now received every 30 levels starting at 3
  • Negate Attack is now known as Heroic Shout and is received every 10 levels starting at 7. Negate Attack's debuff is now known as Confused and is a 30 second mesmerize that breaks after a number of hits from 4 to 8 (depending upon the tier).
  • Confused 1 and 2 now break on 4 hits (down from 5).
  • Critical Strike now recycles every 60s (down from 180s), has a 15 post-delay (down from 20), but has a 25% shared cooldown now. It is now received every 20 levels starting at 9.
  • Coordinated Strike now recycles every 60s (down from 90s) and is received every 10 levels starting at 10.
  • Distract now recycles every 60s and is received every 30 levels starting at 15
  • Multistrike is now received every 30 levels starting at 22
  • Whirlwind Attack is now known as Whirlwind, recycles every 60s (down from 120s), has a flat 10m AoE range, and does increasing damage each tier.
  • Whirlwind 1 does 1.5x damage and is now received at level 23 while Whirlwind 2 does 1.75x damage and is received at level 53.
  • There is now a third Whirlwind that does 2.0x damage and is received at level 83.
  • Cleave is now received at levels 42 and 78
  • Heroism now recycles every 180s (down from 300s) and shares a timer (at 25%) with other Melee Utility abilities.
  • Interpose is now received at level 95


  • Umbelroth now has more than 2k health
  • Fixed a grammatical error in dialogue of Kayl Reynos
  • Increased the number of Ice Crystals that spawn near Acul (hotfixed 13.10.2021)
  • The ruin Khemarius on the Lesser Aradoth sits on is no longer floating.
  • Added region names around the Deep Forest and Plateau of Amu on Lesser Aradoth
  • Khemarius now disappears from his prior locations and appears at his next location during the Drain Bolt questline. He also tells you where he is going next after you finish the offered quests in his current region in case you forget.
  • Plump Hen now has idle actions
  • Lowered the token cost of Clerical Titles above Confessor by 20%
  • Old Warrior, Mage, Scout and Cleric quests from New Trismus are now obsolete (from before the recent update).  Note: This has no effect on the new quests or players, it simply makes the old quests that may be hanging around in player quest books obsolete.
  • Masculinize dwarf male emote text in emotes: shoe, special, twirl.
  • Corrected a terrain issue nearby the Oasis of Brethil.
  • A fishing pier has been added to King’s Lake. Schools of fishes in this lake shouldn’t be out of water anymore as well.
  • White Stemmed Papyrus Plant spawn isn’t shared between King’s Lake and Reed Lake anymore.
  • Lore Master now properly awards Epic Award VIII once more.
  • Gaeta Ironforge, Elenna, and Reffis Ironforge on New Trismus are no longer labeled as trainers.
  • Punctuation and Grammar Fixes in NPC dialogue:
    • Scale-Guard Kerrak’s standard dialogue
    • Sergeant Ral Ortos’ standard dialogue
  • Fixed spelling of Galderos on the Galderos’ Flurry trinket.
  • Green Cashier’s greet message now properly opens in new window (was main chat)
  • Kerian no longer sits on a Stoneworking Pedestal.
  • Rose Stemmed Papyrus Plants don’t spawn in water anymore in the Frozen Wastes.
  • Fixed a trap near a wall of the Lookout Camp.
  • Fixed Promissory Note and Ring description.
  • Fixed water in New Trismus and in area near Frozen Wastes

Scorpion Island

  • Kenaf Port:
    • Kenaf Port has been decorated and plots expanded / merged. Area includes buildable Lighthouse and smaller community projects
    • Kenaf Port has been split into two communities: west side has remained Kenaf Port, and further east is now known as Mastodon Port
    • Fixed typo in Kenaf Port’s teleporter (was Kenaf Point)
    • Mastodon Port now has outgoing teleporter and pad
    • Sheep have appeared in areas near Kenaf Port and Mastodon Port
    • Kenaf spawns should be more uniform now
    • Bluegill has been spotted near the beaches in Kenaf Port
    • Tiny amounts of Cerulean Azulyte have been spotted near Mastodon Port
  • Scorpion’s Claw:
    • Gem spawns are now more predictable and uniform
    • Area has been decorated and plots expanded / merged. Includes buildable structures like Gemcutting Shack, bridges and lighthouse.
    • Small spawns of Bluegill have been spotted in area
  • Water’s Edge:
    • Decorations added and plots and lairs expanded
    • Buildable structures available
    • Tiny spawn of Bluegill has been spotted in area
    • Settlement has acquired a Loose Sand Deposit
    • Settlement has acquired buildable Artifact of Wood
  • South Point:
    • Settlement has acquired an outgoing teleporter
    • Plots and lair have been merged and resized
    • Sheep have been spotted enarby
    • Decoration and projects added!



  • Added a new Hoard display to the character sheet for dragons, this will show the current hoard level of the dragon, progress to the next hoard level, and the beneficial effects of your hoard!
  • Updated how the game client handles restrictions and requirements for abilities and spells to reduce bandwidth requirements with the server.
  • The FPS window now fully displays the client version information without any cutoff.
  • Added floating numbers for XP and coin gains!
  • Added a scrollbar to the Gem menu.
  • Made it possible to turn floating names off via shortcut.
  • Added an option to turn off the “double click closes” feature of the inventory window.
  • Added “Show Details…” option when right-clicking entries in the Wallet.
  • The Options window has received a slight organisational pass.
  • Various typos and inconsistencies in the text of options were corrected.
  • The ability to hotkey the Companion List has been added. By default, it is CTRL+P.
  • The Pet Window is now properly named Companion Window in the keybindings list.
  • Moved the floating combat and regeneration information to the Floating Information section of the Advanced tab.
  • Moved ‘Lock Cursor to Game Window’ option to Advanced/Miscellaneous from Video.
  • Added a “Performance” category to the Video options window to separate out performance-based toggles such as disabling decorative NPCs.
  • Added an indent before any option that is dependent on the enabling of the option prior to it.
  • Renamed “Enable Decals” to “Terrain Decals” to give more of a clue as to what the option does.
  • Added a warning in the tooltip of Shadow options that Real Shadows can cause large FPS drops on some machines.


  • Minor updates to the character creation window related to fonts and the Dryad music (made the music elven instead of human, much more appropriate!).
  • Fixed an issue where the ability search on the abilities tab of the character window could seemingly reset at random.
  • Fixed the issue where requirements for items were showing incorrectly after switching schools.
  • Clickable quest text is no longer underlined - sometimes it was and sometimes it wasn’t and this was unintended.
  • Fixed the wallet becoming unusable if it was auto-opened on game startup due to it being open after the last game shutdown.
  • Fixed issue in abilities window where search resets randomly
  • Add scroll bar to side menu for use with UI scaling
  • Add option to enable / disable floating names
  • Add option to enable / disable double click in inventory window to close window
  • Fixed a few typos within the Wallet and Companions tutorials.
  • Prevented Anamandryx, the hatchling companion, from flying.
  • Lair T4 Garden Chambers now properly take up only two levels instead of four.
  • Corrected typos in Sergeant Khar’s chat dialogue.
  • The icon of items within the Quest Tracker and Quest windows are now properly tinted.
  • The emote window buttons now respect UI scaling.
  • Inventory windows should no longer think they are structure windows. This should correct the issue in which you occasionally could not delete or hoard items from your inventory’s right-click menu.
  • Instance NPCs should no longer occasionally load the animations and effects of other instance NPCs.
  • NPCs can no longer be greeted from a distance further than 20 meters from their current position.
  • Items that attune on equip should no longer repeat their attune warning if you equipped it in certain ways.
  • The “Equip” and “Use” inventory and right-click menu buttons should now disable for items that you do not meet the requirements for. (This was a visual error and does not change any functionality.)

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