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Live Updates Live Delta 314.2 Istaria Community Manager
December 28, 2021
  • Talbain’s dialogues have been adjusted in quest “The Mysterious Balit’s Island”.
  • Balit’s Island is now surrounded by storms.
  • Unstable Lycanthropy Ward Salve and Lycanthropy Ward Salve can’t cure lycanthropy diseases anymore: they have never been supposed to do so and only prevent diseases to be applied.
  • Lair T6 Trophy Chamber - Daknor the Berserk Pet doesn’t require Demon Essence to build anymore.
  • Grammatical fix in quest “Scholar: Talk to Geleon the Wise”.
  • All keys should now properly work and no longer cause a conflict message with other damage modifiers.
  • Doubled the amount of resources in resource nodes on the starter islands.
  • Resource spawns on Skalkaar, Spirit Isle and New Trismus are no longer linked.
  • Niesa’s Strength will now boost Dragon Breath by +100.
  • Fixed typo in technique Defense: Slash Ward V description.

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