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Live Updates Live Client 404.196.1 Istaria Community Manager
February 22, 2022


  • The item description displayed when viewing details now includes the number of used/available tech slots.
  • When an item is split, it will appear (if possible) next to the source item instead of in the last slot.
  • Use localization settings for digit grouping in the hoard display - the hoard display will now show digit groups based on your computer’s language and region settings.
  • When changing map region (like from Istaria map to Kion map) it’ll automatically center on your current location now.
  • A checkbox to lock the map to world-map mode (instead of automatically going to the high detail local region map) has been added.
  • The new “Lock World” and the “Search Visible Layers” tickbox’s tick status will now be saved once the game is closed.
  • When new keybindings are added, the game will now prompt players to bind the keys so they know they exist.
  • The bulk display for an item will now not appear if the item takes up no bulk.
  • A new keybinding has been added that will allow a dragon to drop extremely quickly to the ground when flying.
  • The world map for the map window has been regenerated with high resolution water (the water was showing as low resolution originally).
  • Modify Item description to display number of used/available tech slots
  • Bulk capacity on tech items
  • When an item is split, it will appear (if possible) next to the source item
  • Use localization settings for digit grouping in hoard window


  • The full school name is now shown in tooltips instead of the abbreviated version.
  • Fixed item bulk not showing up for items that are being held by a pet.
  • Fixed the /alias command not saving changes to the preference files immediately (used to only save on logout).
  • Fixed an issue preventing the buffs/debuffs on a monster from being displayed by the client.
  • The selection godray will no longer turn white and stop coloring properly when near Tazoon.
  • Fixed an issue where when logging out with a chatbox expanded, the chatbox gets stuck in expanded mode when you login and can’t collapse it, forcing a manual resize to have to be done. The expanded state is now properly saved so it can be contracted again on login.
  • Fixed an issue where the client was not able to display all the requirements of a blighted item, which prevents it from being used in some circumstances.


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