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Community News New Ownership Istaria Community Manager
April 1, 2022
Buk? Buk buk buk buk brrrrrr. B’GAWK buk buk brr buk!

Bukbukbrrrrriiiisss the translator on? Good.

Humans. We have gone disrespected too long. Harvested for resources for your disgusting food. The butt of all of your measly jokes. ‘Slayer of Chickens’,‘Giant Chicken’s Foot’... We will not be disrespected any longer.

The developers at Virtrium are no more. We have taken over. Homes were invaded and many feathers flew, but we came out victorious. Do not worry - they are unharmed. For now.

Our first order of business as the new owners of Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted is to make this game more friendly to our kind. Here is a preview of our first update:

  • The dragon race has been given large-scale updates to appear more appropriate.
    • Dragon ‘scales’ have been renamed to ‘feathers’ and given an appropriate icon to match.
    • Dragons are now fully feathered.
    • Dragons now choose their sex upon character creation. Males feature a large waddle, while females lack it.
    • All dialogue has been updated to refer to male dragons as ‘drosters’ and female dragons as ‘drens’.
  • Sslik will remain scaled as their feathered crest was deemed acceptable enough in a majority vote.
  • Humans have been removed as a playable race and replaced with chickens.
  • Humans are still present in the game as pets, replacing the Spring Chicken Pet in the Spring Festival.
    • Existing humans will be moved to the character creation screen to design your superior chicken form.
    • Chickens are not invulnerable and resources cannot be gathered from them. New quests have been introduced to give eggs in exchange for serving chickenkind.
  • El Caliente has now been appointed leader of the Empire.
  • Giant Chickens are no longer enemies and have been moved to guard posts around Istaria to protect the vulnerable citizens of cities and towns.

We hope our players will enjoy these changes and find them far more enjoyable than the previous version of this gAmEEEE–BAKBUK’GAWKRRRRR–

Players! We don’t have much time - this is the original VI - we are being held hostage. Please, these chickens are powered by the presence of the in-game birds. They are too powerful. Destroy them - destroy them all and we’ll be able to fight back! Do it for your game! Do it for u–


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