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Blight Updates Blight Client 404.243.0 Istaria Community Manager
May 11, 2022


  • When applying a Tech Kit to an already existing item, the item information in the Details will now update immediately instead of after a relog.


  • Fixed issues where items in the inventory were not tinted the correct color.
  • Fixed issue where the Knowledge window’s custom filters would not save properly if the client was terminated without shutting down properly.
  • Fixed the Knowledge window not automatically saving the filters as soon as the Save tickbox is ticked.
  • Fixed the Shrine icon wrongly appearing on the map for objects that aren’t actually bindable shrines.

Client 404.236.0


  • Added Cycle Nearest Corpse, Select Nearest Corpse, and Select Last Target as bindable actions in the Options window.
  • Added Cycle Nearest Corpse, Deselect, and Select Nearest Corpse to the ‘Select’ dropdown in the Hotkey Editor.


  • Corrected Magic Evasion and Evasion base values being cut off.
  • Renamed “Unselect” to the more proper “Deselect”.

Client 404.233.1



  • Updated how the client displays techniques and tech capacity in item information to be more informative.



  • Fixed an issue where items weren’t appearing properly when trading with NPCs (pawnbrokers / oddity brokers) if a filter was being used.
  • Fixed an issue where loot wasn’t properly loading when using the loot browse window.
  • Fixed being unable to gather bonus resources (seen with the message “You gathered x as a bonus resource!”).

Client 404.232.0


  • The target window can now fit larger values of health without cutting off.



  • The consignor time limit has been increased to four weeks before the items are returned to the seller.


  • Applied a major server rewrite which will fix a number of server issues, including the infamous “broken sector” problem.
  • Fixed an issue where high level characters would get XP for kills which are too low level under some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where timing out and dropping connection from the server would cause issues upon logging back in.
  • Fixed an issue where turning in a quest while flying caused it to appear to grant you no XP (note that this is a visual issue and and you are still getting XP, it just appeared upon relogging).
  • Fixed an issue where damage multipliers were not stacking properly, causing damage to be reduced - this fix is still a work in progress and the results may not be exactly the same still, it is being worked on!
  • Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances, applying poison immunity doesn’t dispel existing poison.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to fly underwater could cause your speed stat to become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where the maximum bulk capacity of the inventory wasn’t visually correct in very rare circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where bonus resources weren’t properly being awarded when gathering, and when gathering special items (like Golden Apples) they weren’t being awarded anymore.

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