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Blight Updates Blight Delta 315.1 Istaria Community Manager
May 18, 2022
  • All “<School> Edge X” abilities are now properly instantly mastered when received and affect base skill instead of current skill.
  • To go along with the changes to her allies, Shaloth the Queen’s encounter has received a few changes.
    • Shaloth the Queen now has her own Hierophants, named Queen’s Hierophants. They are slightly larger than normal Hierophants.
    • Spiritual Transfer, the spell by which Queen’s Hierophants heal Shaloth, now takes 10 seconds to fully cast. It also now emits a bright purple beam linking the casting Hierophant to Shaloth, the former of which will also play a unique animation while casting. This is to allow for players to properly react to and kill or stun Hierophants before they can heal their matriarch.
    • Queen’s Hierophants will now perish after healing their mistress by using Spiritual Transfer.
    • Hierophants will no longer treasonously heal each other instead of their queen.
    • Regular Hierophants no longer receive Spiritual Transfer and instead have a more normal healing spell to use on their allies.
  • Quest “Attunement: Sandstone Bluffs” now properly attunes to Sandstone Bluffs instead of Garnet Bay.
  • Fixed Triston’s dialogues and quest feedback in quest “Warrior's Quest: Conquer the Spider” with the correct number of times to use Power Strike.
  • Fixed Triston’s dialogues and quest feedbacks in quest “Warrior's Quest: Destroy the Beetles” with the correct amount of beetles to kill and the number of times to use Rend Armor.

  • In quest “The Lone Wolf: Spare the Lone Wolf”, you can now only use Braekhis’ Box of Rations when you are asked to do it.
  • Fixed Wulfgar’s dialogues in quest “Blacksmith's Quest: Tools”.
  • Fixed feedback in quest “(Daily) Jon Parkh: Sleep Deprivation” after killing enough Winter Wolves Alpha.
  • Fixed wording in “Blacksmith: Cedar Staves for the Mages” and “Blacksmith: Replenish The Village's Stock of Bars” that implied Guran was at the Ore Refinery and not in town.
  • Correctly styled the quest titles “Blacksmith: Help the Village Rebuild” and “Blacksmith: Mine Some Stone for the Village Stocks” in title case
  • Removed erroneous extra dialogue from the quest “Blacksmith: Pawning The Goods!”
  • Fixed a spacing issue in one of the quest steps in “Warrior's Quest: Conquer the Spiders”
  • Corrected wording in a step in the quest “Warrior's Quest: Destroy the Beetles”
  • Risen Adepts in the Chiconis Battlefield will no longer drop T5 Junk Loot instead of T2.
  • All tiers of Blood Shield now properly reference the correct amount of hits they can protect against at maximum.
  • Corrected typos in:
    • Ancient Staff of the Sorcerer description
    • Quest “Imperial Outpost: Resupply”.
    • Scorpix Venomous Touch description.
    • Ignore Pain description.
    • Quest “Primal Mastery VIII: Prove Your Primal Power”.
    • Quest “Outfitter's Quest: Simplest of Armor”.
    • Dragon Crystalworking abilities descriptions.
    • Ancient Determination abilities descriptions.
    • Tradestone's Blessing description.
    • Quest “Outfitter: Give Ringmail Boots The Boot!”.
    • Quest “Architects of Senef”.
    • Grove Sentinels dialogues.
    • Diamond-Adamantium Mining Pick description.
    • Broken Figurine (from T3 to T6) description.
    • Cotton Banner Flag description.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Small Frost Beetle Compound Eyes”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 100 Small Frost Beetle Compound Eyes”
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Frost Beetle Compound Eyes”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 100 Frost Beetle Compound Eyes”.
    • Saris Head Scale description.
    • Quest “Return for More Dragon Treats”.
    • Curse of Enfeeblement abilities (all Tier) descriptions.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Venomous Stalker Legs”.
    • Quest “Outfitter: Embracing the Hide”.
    • Quest “Outfitter: A Shoulder To Cry On”.
    • Quest “Outfitter: Rough Day's Work”.
    • Steady Aim ability.
    • Way of Fire ability.
    • Quest “Learning to Weave Baskets”.
    • Left-Hands descriptions (all tiers).
    • Quest “Spellcraft Mastery IV: Craft 35 Slate Spell Shards”.
    • Althanas the Great’s dialogues.
    • Quest “Quarrying Mastery IV: Craft 75 Slate Bricks”.
    • Quest “Spellcraft Mastery III: Craft 70 Slate Bricks”.
    • Quest “Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade IV”.
    • Quest “Essence Shaping Mastery II: Craft 50 Tainted Dim Essence Orbs”.
    • Quest “Quarrying Mastery II: Craft 75 Sandstone Bricks”.
    • Quest “Spellcraft Mastery II: Craft 35 Sandstone Spell Shards”.
    • Quest “Quarrying Mastery II: Craft 75 Sandstone Bricks”.
    • Quest “Outfitter: Rough Around The Waist”.
    • Thanthor the Fisher’s dialogues.
    • Quest “Corruption on the Battlefield I”.
    • Quest “Kion Militia: Trouble in Bridgeview”.
    • Quest “The Forest Skulk Menace I”.
    • Quest “Dragon Healing Adept: The Rottenest Treant of Them All”.
    • Quest “Earn Title: Exterminator”.
    • Bride's Determination description.
    • Quest “Outfitter: A Need for Wristbands”.
    • Ranger Tyralandan’s dialogue.
    • Quest “Trandalar Attunement: Aroah's Leap”
    • Tarah Smyth’s dialogue.
    • Quest “Dragon's Reach III: Uprooting the Treants”.
    • Quest “Town Marshall: Howling in the Night”.
    • Quest “Go Bag 5 Forest Crawler Thoraxes”.
    • Quest “Jemmei's Lost Gear”.
    • Quest “Attunement to Serenity - Collecting Bones”.
    • Quest “Corruption on the Battlefield I”.
    • Quest “Become Adept with Teeth and Claws”.
    • Quest “Investigate The Abandoned Quarry”.
    • Rhobb Tomas’ dialogue.
    • Quest “The WIthered Bane”.
  • Master Crafter’s Cargo Disk no longer caps fly height, but requires biped races. (Dragons could not currently use it due to other restrictions; this change is for future-proofing)
  • Training Dummies now have less health in order to display correctly in the target window, but still more than before. (Approximately 1,000,000)
  • Training Dummies can no longer use Full Heal and will only regenerate health when out of combat.
  • Training Dummies now have a white name instead of a red name to reflect that they will not, in fact, attack you.
  • Training Dummies no longer award experience.
  • Tier 6 (Level 110) Training Dummies have made an appearance in Delgarath.
  • Lavender Plants now have a description when selected.
  • Corrected grammar in the quest “Blacksmith: Make Short Work of Short Swords”.
  • The catapults nearby the Imperial Outpost are no longer selectable.
  • Vokash the Plunderer and other Wraith Overlords now properly spawn followers.
  • Flattened plot in Meadowhill.
  • Flattened plot in South Point.
  • Stone and metal in Heather Mines should no longer spawn under the floor in the mines.
  • Gruk the Frigid now receives Greater Expulse which does direct damage and has a 75 second recycle.sands
  • Demon Claw now has a 15% chance of giving Shredded Armor, but the debuff will now give a temporary immunity after expiration.
  • Removed duplicate items from Lealta’s inventory.
  • Adjusted a spawn of barley on Scorpion Island to avoid spawning the resource in water.
  • Epic cargo companions now require either craft or adventure rating of 100 to be equipped instead of level 100 adventure.
  • Lesser Epics now properly follow the new personal loot system for Epic crates.
  • Added a description to Primal Instant Heal abilities.
  • Master Dragon Crafter’s Cargo Disk of Drulkar’s Flame is now known as Cargo Flyer of Drulkar’s Flame, as the prior name was exceptionally long.
  • Cargo Flyer of Drulkar’s Flame will no longer show biped schools as able to use the item.
  • Gruk the Frigid’s followers are now higher level and may pose a slightly greater challenge.
  • Updated the description of the Primal Cast to be more accurate.
  • “Genevia to Genevia Towns” gate will now properly allow you to port to related pads on the island.
  • “Scorpion Island to Genevia, Resorts, New Trismus” gate will now properly allow you to return to the main Genevia town gate.
  • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Defender of New Trismus now properly costs 50 Tokens of Gratitude instead of an outrageous 3,000.
  • Fixed required tool descriptions in the following formulas:
    • Statue Mold Pattern.
    • Special: Urn Hammer.
    • Epic Currency: Ally Plaque.
    • Char the Jade Ravager Haunch.
    • Purified Essence Powder.
    • Dragon Journal Collection.
    • Dwarven Relic Collection.
    • Weapon Tech Kit: Blood Drainer.
    • Weapon Tech Kit: Fyakki Slayer.
  • Purified Essence Powder and Stone Bowl formulas now have minimum and optimal skill at 1000 Intuition.
  • Dragon Cargo disks now have a much less blurry texture.
  • Fixed a floating vine in the destroyed version of the Trismus Canteen structure.
  • Lillian has moved herself and her wheelbarrow away from any potential workplace hazards when Trismus receives damage.
  • New Trismus structures now properly show the community project icon when unfinished.
  • Updated the description of Multicast to be more accurate.
  • Corrected the position of a dock in Sandstone Bluffs.
  • Adjusted a sandstone spawn region in Nuthala to prevent sandstone from spawning within trees.
  • Adjusted a spawn of Elm Treants outside of Bristugo to not spawn within a larger tree and prevent unintended treeception..
  • Skill Changes to Adventure Schools:
    • Scout - Bow to 10 per level, Crossbow to 10 per level
    • Ranger - Bow to 11 per level, loses Crossbow
    • Mage - Energy to 10 per level, Flame to 10 per level
    • Wizard - Energy to 11 per level
    • Crossbowman - Crossbow to 11 per level
    • Cleric - Life to 10 per level
    • Healer - Life to 11 per level
    • Warrior - 1-Hand Slash to 10 per level, 1-Hand Pierce to 10 per level, 1-Hand Crush to 10 per level, 2-Hand Slash to 10 per level, 2-Hand Crush to 10 per level
    • Monk - Unarmed to 10 per level
    • Berserker - 2-Hand Slash to 11 per level
    • Spearman - 1-Hand Pierce to 11 per level
    • Storm Disciple - receives Nature skill instead of Energy at 10 points per level.
  • Berserker, Crossbowman, Healer, Spearman and Wizard no longer get Edge abilities at level 100.
  • The Drunkard in the Dalimond Tavern no longer has negative health and has had his name capitalized. When greeted, he now offers flavor text instead of claiming he is dead.
  • Shifted a Minnow spawn in Genevia to be more accessible to anglers.
  • Fixed a hole in the rocks in Shelter Pass.
  • Removed some grass that was growing in the sea around Genevia and Scorpion Island
  • Grounded the previously floating Pleasant Canyon teleporter.
  • Adjusted the terrain around the Kion docks so they no longer float.
  • The Determined buffs will no longer pause their timer on log-out, like all other Gifts.
  • Various hydro fixes: Genevia, Scorpion Island, Sanctuary Bay, Kion, Drakul, Aubadrine, Lesser Aradoth, Dikaina, Bristugo, Aedan
  • Aemald Hauwry (Sandstone Bluffs Oddity Broker) will now properly activate - hotfixed 04/05/22
  • Adjusted the spawn quantities and rates of Ebon Archaeologists and Risen Laborers in Ezzar’s Folly
  • Updated Blood Shield augmentations descriptions.
  • Chiconis Travel, Chiconis Special Travel, Dralk Travel, Dralk Special Travel scrolls will now teleport you on the teleport pad model.
  • Removed attack skill (chance to hit) bonus from Superior Tome of the Mage.
  • A temporary solution has been found to the issue preventing players’ delay debuffs to stack. Unfortunately, Sigil of Ascent technique won’t protect from debuffs shared by players’ and monsters’ abilities anymore. A permanent solution has been found but requires more planning.
  • Sunscopes will no longer display tech slots
  • Food will no longer display tech slots
  • Regular chickens will now respawn faster.
  • Fixed issues with walls in Scorpion Bay
  • Fixed issues with Halls (t3-t6), Lairs, Grand Halls not being able to place on Floor 0
  • Fixed issue with Grand Hall where it would spawn at the top of the lair clipping through lair boundaries. It should now spawn starting with its top floor.
  • Removed “For Sale” flag from Dragon Lairs until a dedicated model can be inserted (it was wonky / broken). Players please clear cache.
  • Fixed Watcher Barin’s dialogue in quest “Cleansing the Corruption I”.
  • Quest “Go Bag 5 Forest Crawler Thoraxes” can now be completed by talking to either Karios or Lagontus.
  • Monster version of Expulse abilities is now known as Vicious Expulse and has a longer recycle.
  • Shade of Ada-Korrous is now an Aegis Ghost Sorcerer.
  • Icy Dire Wolves are now known as Glacial Alpha and Glacial Hunter
  • Glacial Alphas can now spawn in more locations near the Tower of Magery and the Winter Vale, but will share some spawns with Glacial Hunters
  • Feral Bloodsnouts (and Younglings) now share spawns in both the Misted Forest and Yew Forest (this increase the opportunity for them to be far greater numbers of either)
  • Dire Wolf Alphas can now spawn along the Abandoned Shore and in the Yew Forest, but will share some spawns with standard Dire Wolves.
  • Chieftain Bulok and High Soothsayer Digda will now spawn alone and more quickly
  • Adjusted the respawn rates and quantities of Bloodskulk Bloodmages, Soothsayers and Spearfishers within the Spiritous Swamp
  • Dragon Lair Planner now properly displays “Signs” alongside Statues and Displays - Statues, Signs & Displays.
  • Planter Edgings 10 meters now properly use 10 meters unfinished stage instead of 5 meters.

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