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Blight Updates Blight Delta 315.2 Istaria Community Manager
May 23, 2022
  • Corrected water issues in Draak, parts of Saritova, Skalkaar, oasis near Kaiyar, Sanctuary (Shelter Pass), Dalimond
  • Corrected spawn of Halibut in north Draak where area was too steep to gather safely
  • Corrected various underwater grass areas to be beach sand near Saritova
  • Moved community Helian Grand Hall in Chiconis so that it doesn’t invade the bounds of a nearby lair.
  • Shaloth now has a greater damage multiplier for all attacks.
  • Made sure all travels scrolls teleport player on the top of the teleport pad model. Loading screen needs to be activated.

  • “Genevia to Genevia Towns” gate on Genevia Island will again allow teleportation to Genevia Island settlements, New Trismus, Memorial Island and the resort islands.
  • Updated “Inspire” (Apathy, Bliss, etc…) abilities descriptions.
  • Dwarven Guild Shrine model has received some improvements, including ones to obnoxious unmoving lava
  • Fixed floating and sometimes disappearing barrel in New Trismus attachment
  • Fixed multiple floating items in New Trismus attachments
  • Fixed floating palms and cliffs / rocks in Desert’s Edge
  • Fixed floating Logging Camp in Aradoth Frontier
  • Balit’s Island is now properly surrounded by storm, obscuring the island and no longer following player’s camera around.

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