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Blight Updates Blight Delta 315.3 Istaria Community Manager
July 1, 2022
  • Flowers in Desert’s Edge no longer grow inside Artifact of Wood
  • Ayios and Khania in Kirasanct now sell journeyman formulas instead of expert
  • Thought Capture ability now properly works. It requires mind damage to be triggered.
  • Danaos in Delgarath now sells Niatha’s Blessing VI.
  • Fixed directions in quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): Delgarath”.
  • Fixed directions in quest “Biggletorque: The Secret of Skeleton Keys”.
  • Gozar’s Blessing scrolls:
    • Players don’t have to craft them by themselves anymore in quest “Biggletorque: The Secret of Skeleton Keys”.
    • They now have a coin value and can be sold at a Consigner.

  • Quest “Tower of Magery: Collect Glacial Dire Wolf Claws” can no longer be repeated.
  • Increased the spawn weight of Flame Blights within the Tower Siege Zone
  • Removed invalid Myloc quests from Gaileach in Aughundell (they are given out at the appropriate time by her near the Myloc Colony)
  • Lord Oakwood in quest “Imperial Army: The Package” will now properly open his package
  • Typos/grammar fixed:
    • Quest “Biggletorque: The Secret of Skeleton Keys”.
    • Quest “Biggletorque: The Frozen Tower”.
    • Quest “Where Is My Sister?”.
    • Quest “Outfitter: Rough Around The Waist”.
    • Kenal’s dialogues.
    • Half-Giant Wounded Tower Guard’s dialogue.
    • Quest “Spiked Scales IV: Chunks of Ice”.
  • Improved Finagle Biggletorque’s hints to guess the requirements for quest “Biggletorque: The Secret of Skeleton Keys”.
  • Increased the number of Myloc Gatherers and Veterans that spawn within the colony
  • The tints for the following tool icons have been adjusted:
    • Smelting Tongs
    • Sewing Needle
    • Jewelry Pliers (texture to be updated later)
    • Weaving Awl
  • Sigil of Ascent now protects from these abilities that have been renamed for monster versions:
  • Gold Rage is now known as Feral Rage.
    • Disconcert is now known as Faze.
    • Dispirit Foe/Foes are now known as Dismay/Dismay Foes.
    • Hamstring is now known as Treachery.
    • Crippling Shot is now known as Vicious Shot.
    • Breath of Ice is now known as Glacial Breath.
    • Wrack is now known as Shattering Blow.
  • Quest “Gaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 5)” awards title Nemesis of The Mylocs again.
  • Reloved Shielding of The Cabal on the Defiling Anchor in Silvane.
  • Fixed quest “Iseru: The Barricades (Part 2)”:
    • You can’t return to Nature Keeper Iseru before collecting the 8 Metallic Plates.
    • Added a counter for the Metallic Plates.
    • You can’t collect plates from the wagons in any order anymore (this could make the quest break).
  • Fixed feedback messages in quest “Druidic Order: Protect the Tower”.
  • “Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Ezzar's Folly” is now more dangerous to use but has a slightly increased chance to process its damage against monsters.
  • Quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Hammer of Kings” isn’t given automatically when completing quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): King Dralnok's Fate” anymore. It’s given by a new NPC instead to prevent players from being stuck if quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Hammer of Kings” is dropped. The quest has also been flagged as removable to match these changes.
  • Fixed school requirements display for Tier VI broken scales and Master Dragon Crafter’s Scales (and their formulas).
  • The formula for Cargo Flyer of Drulkar's Flame is now renamed to match the item.
  • Gruk and Fafnir no longer share a spawn once more. Gruk has moved further into the deadlands to the east, patrolling along the path.
  • Uprooted floating trees in South Gate have been grounded
  • Dragon pillars and crystal formations in Grand Hall attachment will no longer clip through to another chamber (was a problem with Chiconis Grand Hall).
  • Meltanis’ Prayer changes:
    • Spells are now stackable.
    • The animation is now working.
  • Pile of Imperial Rank Tokens is now known as Pile of Imperial Quartermaster Tokens.
  • Fixed some step visibility issues in quest “Jolan's Story: Galt's Blade”.
  • Any version of Istara’s Shield can now be used in quest “Cleric Training 4: Shielded From Foes”.
  • Fixed Claw Tech Kit: The Stonebreaker constraints.
  • Istarian Fungus can now be harvested with a Hunting Knife as quest “Replace the Lost Mushroom” is an adventure quest.
  • Thornwood Treants are now more reasonable in their agro range.
  • Scorpion Bay:
    • Rearranged some protective walls of the harbor area so that plot owners can enjoy the views better (and to give way to overlooks)
    • Community projects - buildable Overlooks now extend near plots and onto the bay view
  • Adjusted the respawn rate of Obsidian Golems near Aubador to be much faster.
  • Adjusted the respawn rate of Mylocs (other than Shaloth’s Hierophants) to be faster.
  • Added a counter when trying to locate squad members in quest “Cassia: The Fallen Squad”.
  • Slightly increased the chance to drop a Blighted Soul Fragment in quest “(Repeatable) Tramaniel: Purification by Blight”.
  • Monster ability Molten Sludge ability is now directed toward players instead of self.
  • Fixed title Friend of The Dwarves requirements.
  • “Title Bundle: Feelings” is now properly for sale on Anarie.
  • Added Ice Elemental Materia trophy quests to Drannor in Aughundell.
  • Splendid Cedar Longbow, Exceptional Elm Longbow, Majestic Oak Longbow, Resplendent Maple Longbow and Regal Yew Longbow now accept bow style techniques.
  • Elven Store:
    • Corrected footprint (was slightly off-center)
    • Pawnbroker is now an Elf instead of a Human to match other racial structures
  • Monster augmentation Aura of the Dark will now work against non undead races. The bonus damage also now has a higher chance to process.

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