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Blight Updates Blight Client 404.368.0 Istaria Community Manager
November 24, 2022
  • A new automatic pref backup system has been added - this system will automatically make backups of critical player setting files any time they’re changed - the following files are automatically backed up on change:
    • communications (UICommunications.def)
    • controls (UIControls.def)
    • hotkey_layouts (various)
    • hotkeys (UIHotkeys.def)
    • interface (UIPersonal.def)
    • inventory (UIInventory.def)
    • knowledge (UIKnowledge.def)
    • map_markers (UIMapMarkers.def)
    • notepad_character (UINotepad.def)
    • notepad_global (UINotepad.def)
    • planning (UIPlanning-*.def)
These backups can be found in the player prefs auto_backup folder (i.e. Istaria/prefs/[shard]_[charactername]/auto_backups) and contain a copy of the most recent version of the file as well as up to 100 (changeable with the ClientPrefs_Common.def pref maxAutoCharFileBackups) older versions. In the event of something going wrong with a file, one of the older backups can be restored to replace the original file. Currently there’s no ingame way to access these backups, but for this initial release Istaria support and power users will be able to use the files to restore older versions and will require copying of the old backup file to the appropriate folder.
  • The plot planning auto-save feature has been updated and will now automatically save the plan any time something changes (including moving and rotating a structure) and has been made more reliable.
  • If the game interface file (UIPersonal.def) is corrupted or unreadable, the game will first attempt to load a backup of it via the UIPersonal.bak file in the same folder. If this file was loaded, the game will notify you with a popup once you’re ingame. If there was a problem with the interface and it was unable to restore the backup, you’ll also be notified. The auto-backup feature saves UIPersonal.def too - in the future we’ll make a more user-friendly way to access those!

  • Added the ability to display ingame chat timestamps in the chat windows, these have a few options:
    • Mode: Off, Mouse Over (Timestamps only appear when moving the mouse over the line you want to see the timestamp for), or Always.
    • Format: 24 hour time (14:00), 12 hour time (2:00 PM), 12 hour time with padding (02:00 PM).
  • When being asked to assign new keybindings, the window will now correctly show the detailed name of the keybinding and not the internal name.
  • Replaced some poor quality textures for a common willow tree model with much improved ones!
  • Added an option to turn weather effects off - these affect the special timed weather (such as rain in Bristugo, sandstorms in Kion) but does not affect the already existing ambient effects like the moving snow in the Kirasanct Tundra.
  • Improved the shader responsible for rendering the ocean.


  • Fixed an issue where the interface file (UIPersonal.def) could become corrupted if the game crashed or was terminated while shutting down and would cause the interface to reset.
  • Fixed when restoring a saved plot plan, the yellow marker lines wouldn’t be in the right position above the planned structures.
  • Fixed issue where a saved plot plan might be deleted if the planning window is closed without choosing to restore the plan. Note that the auto-backup feature also will backup the plot plans any time it changes!
  • Fixed an issue where when planning a plot or lair, sometimes buildings and lair chambers wouldn’t appear in the 2D view despite being in the planned structures list and visible in the 3D world.
  • Fixed an issue where when in Borderless Fullscreen mode the window might not be placed correctly and be offset from the top left of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where if Istaria shuts down due to a Fatal Error the istaria.exe program could become stuck running in the background.
  • Fixed some issues with true fullscreen mode:
    • Fixed error popups appearing behind the game window in fullscreen mode and not being visible, now the game window will minimize if there’s an error so the message can be seen.
    • Fixed some log files being unavailable if the game is being run in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed an erroneous message in the chat “Limiting pref value to” with the /setpref command when no limiting was actually being done.
  • Fixed weather effects (like rain and sandstorms) sometimes interfering with other unrelated world effects.
  • Fixed issues with the loading screen not always showing the special load screens for special places in the world (like Bristugo, Kion and so on).
  • Fixed a bug where combat effects may not appear correctly on monsters who are extra large in size (such as Reklar and Shaloth).
  • Fixed a bug where non-boss monsters might sometimes appear with a boss healthbar.
  • Fixed an issue where shadows on the ground (commonly seen around trees) would be large squares.
  • Fixed the Dryad skirt not following movements of character.



  • Fix for dragon crafting abilities activating multiple times when gathering.
  • Crash fix for equipment window under different themes when wearing Blighted gear.
  • Fix for pet scale on first time load
  • Equipment window charge quantity on an item remains after unequip
  • Fix cargo disk not appearing when grounded
  • Improved Desert Road texture
  • Willow trees have received an updated bark texture
  • Fix minor typo in adjust size of remote pets option
  • The Dragon “dual-ram” head style for khutits should no longer have stretchy teeth
  • Three dragon chest plate options have received a clean-up on their texture
  • Monster Window and Dead Targets
    • corpses tab
    • lootall button
    • looted indicator icon
    • remove all looted corpses button
  • Chatbar: URLs not resolved correctly
  • Change Default Boss Window position / on top
  • Shopping List window fixes
  • Window Compaction - Pet and Cargo Disk Inventory layout



  • Fix for odd scaling of world objects



  • Fix for pet scale on first time load
  • Equipment window charge quantity on an item remains after unequip
  • Fix cargo disk not appearing when grounded

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