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Community News Silvane Istaria Community Manager
October 17, 2022
We noticed that Silvane was near completion on Chaos. Congratulations for your dedication. We’d like to tell you more about it.
The Silvane event is a side content of Stronghold of Nature update, the main course being the story quests at the Tower of Nature. Its goal was to provide a one time shard scale event where adventurers could protect crafters during their work, to bring the players community through a common project and also to offer a teleporting system close to the tower.
We’ve heard you wanted more than just crafting and we have listened. We asked AmonGwareth if we could go further, he took a puff on his cigar and told us: “Come get some.”. We understood it as a yes.
Ghosts in the rebuilt structures were meant to be used for “future content”. They will be put to good use with the next content update: more stories about Silvane and unique purchasable items will be available.
We are sorry to not provide the new content earlier, but we need to admit: Chaos players were faster than we expected.
Thank you for your patience and for playing Istaria.
Istaria Development Team

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