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Blight Updates Blight Client 400.61.0 Istaria Community Manager
January 27, 2020


  • Added a “clear all” button to shopping list window
  • Added a “save filters” button to formula window


  • Various startup splash images will now properly appear instead of being skipped over.
  • Rewrite how quest location triggers work so they are much more accurate.
  • Fixed an issue where buildings and other world objects would disappear randomly.

Blight Updates Blight Delta 310.2 Istaria Community Manager
January 25, 2020
  • Dragon Tech Kit: Tail Blade IV and Tail Spiky Ball IV don’t require Alchemy skill anymore to be crafted, only Dragon Scalecraft skill.
  • A link has been fixed in quest “The Fall of Tazoon: Protect the Camp”. The quest can now progress.
  • Flawless Magnaar Stone attunement doesn’t work as intended and has been removed for the time being.
  • Red Silk Deluxe Backpack Pouch is renamed to Red Deluxe Silk Backpack Pouch to match names in other tiers.
  • Quest “Attunement: Aiya” has a better quest log and gives you better feedback.
  • Fixed description of Phylactery of the Afflicted and Head of Grendulf the High Priest.
  • Fixed a typo in quest “Storm Disciple: The Way of Wood”.
  • Fixed a direction error in the text of New Trismus 6: The Breach.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 310.1 Istaria Community Manager
January 15, 2020
  • The Sigil of Kaasha no longer restricts you to be under level 40, but heals for 27-33 HP per tick instead of 1.67% of maximum health.
  • Surtheim's Combust now recycles every 90s (up from 60s), does more damage up front and less as part of the DoT, is no longer a Drain Life, the DoT is once against dispellable, but the Flame Resistance debuff is now a separate debuff and remains not-dispellable.
  • Trepidation will now fade after a reduced number of hits (2 to 5 hits instead of 2 to 8).
  • Kalevala’s Head description now mentions the Iron Guard and a bounty.
  • “Trials of the Gifted (Missing Ability)” is now called “Trials of the Gifted: Redeem Emblem” to minimize confusion and not appear like an error.


Blight Updates Blight Client 400.57.0 Istaria Community Manager
January 14, 2020



  • Added option to graphics section in game options to disable remote pets


  • Remove background performance profiling to improve performance
  • Fix splash screen not always appearing


Blight Updates Blight Testing: The Fate of Tazoon Istaria Community Manager
January 3, 2020

The Fate of Tazoon

The next update has been released to the testing shard Blight. If you'd like to preview the update and help with testing, please be sure to send in a ticket on any issues or let us know in Discord

Tazoon, once the shining seat of the Empire of Istaria and a symbol of cooperation amongst the Living Races, has been devastated by a calamity. 

A pall of destruction and death hangs over the city and the lands surrounding it. Into this, a new force has emerged which stands at odds with the Empire and, according to those who fled the ruins, has killed or captured many within the walls.  It is now up to the Gifted to investigate, protect and strike back at this new enemy who has sown confusion and destruction in the heart of the Empire.

Those who are interested in this story should speak with Captain Bixben Lindnottin in New Rachival.


Live Updates Live Client 399.45.0 Istaria Community Manager
November 13, 2019

Game World:


  • Changed the flowing lava sound to sound less wet and more realistic
  • Seasonal effects have been reduced to a few weeks around corresponding holidays to avoid oversaturation.
  • The Flame Elemental Ally now has its own unique cohesive look rather than borrowing the shaders of mobs.


  • Dragon Trainees in New Trismus are no longer just heads.
  • Underwater effect is less flashy
  • Special effect models not working
  • Myloc Queen texture is now higher quality.
  • Draconic Union Head Scale texture has been slightly modified to fit in with the graphical style of the game.
  • Problems with Select Last Target working consistently


Blight Updates Blight Client 399.45.0 Istaria Community Manager
November 13, 2019



  • Select Nearest Resource


Live Updates Account and Support Web Site Istaria Community Manager
November 10, 2019
We're currently in the process of updating the Account and Support web site. We'll update when the upgrade is complete.

Live Updates Quest Hotfix for Chaos and Order Istaria Community Manager
October 30, 2019
We've rolled out a hotfix to Chaos and Order that resolves an issue with NPCs giving out only one possible quest.

Community News Chaos and Order Restart Istaria Community Manager
October 16, 2019
We're going to restart Chaos and Order at 6 am Pacific Time on Thursday to correct a problem where "build unlimited" structures are only able to be built once... quite limiting.

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