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Blight Updates Blight Client 397.76.0 Istaria Community Manager
May 16, 2019


  • Local Dialog Trees (future content)
  • The dragon “Bulldog” head has been adjusted and fixed up to be higher quality and more in line with the other head models. (Thank you, Scaleeth!)
  • Add additional character support to chat
  • Add an 8k scaling resolution / max font size for chat 24 pt
  • Knowledge Book: Show number of items scribed


  • Slight adjustments to the dragon “pounce” emote to prevent eyes from popping out of some skulls.
  • Underline chat bug
  • In FirstPerson, display of weapon and tool
  • Chat Window Doesn't Save Extents
  • Experimental FPS throttle and game gem. Please report any issues with in game tutorials not working.

Blight Updates Red River Radio Presents Istaria Istaria Community Manager
April 22, 2019

Come join us on Red River Radio this Wednesday, April 24 for a discussion about Istaria and the world / story building process.

Live Updates Live Client 397.61.3 Istaria Community Manager
April 19, 2019


  • Update exe so it tells windows to not use auto-high DPI scaling (let Istaria do the scaling)
  • Fix so that if you try to talk to ignored NPC, they will still talk to you
  • Missing pets


  • Experimental feature for frame rate throttling - find under Graphic Options “FPS Target”

Blight Updates Blight Client 397.61.0 Istaria Community Manager
April 13, 2019


  • Missing pets


Live Updates Sacred Arts Update Istaria Community Manager
April 9, 2019

Content Summary

  • Hasera Steelclaw is looking for new Disciples to teach them about the Sacred Arts.  Visit her on her platform north/northwest of Kion
  • Visit the Oasis of Brethil, an idyllic region of canyons and lakes amidst the ancient Ruins of Mellohndar
  • Numerous improvements and decorations have been added for Plots and Lairs alike!  Check them out and post pictures of your lair or plot on the community site for all to admire!
  • The town of Bristugo and the Island of Falathien have undergone transformations including new buildings, decorations, resources and even monsters!


Blight Updates Blight Delta 307.2 Istaria Community Manager
April 5, 2019
  • The 15th Anniversary Diamond Head Scale costumes have now received a brand new look, complete with a fully unique texture and shader set.
  • The 15th Anniversary Diamond Head Scales can now be “used” to apply an augmentation to the user, changing them into a Diamond Dragon. Note: This is purely cosmetic and does not grant you any stat bonuses or effects of the original head scale.
  • The scales also now have icons with small previews of their associated costumes to better differentiate between what is in your inventory.
  • Alistair in New Brommel now also sells khutit versions of existing dragon costumes to complete the existing sets. They cost the same as existing costumes of their versions to buy and use.
  • Alistair’s costume wares have been price-adjusted to follow a scheme, fixing the few random outliers that were far too expensive or too cheap. All skeleton costumes are now 10c, mummy 20c, zombie 30c, and ghost 40c.
  • Killer Head Scale is now 30c, down from 50, to match all other available masks and head scales.


Live Updates New Tech Development Istaria Community Manager
April 1, 2019

Big news today with the release of ASK-E platform for unlimited virtual worlds


Blight Updates Blight Delta 307.1 Istaria Community Manager
March 27, 2019
  • Gambling Statues will now return Statue Mold novian on deconstruction
  • Two new Gambling Statues added: Golden and Diamond Dragon Statue
  • Seal of the Clerical Order tech kit will now properly have a 5% chance to heal on incoming non-spell hits.
  • Nature’s Path will now properly share it’s cooldown with Sprint when used first.
  • Reklar’s Winds of Fury and Demonskin Armor effects will no longer conflict with each other and other augmentations.
  • Four new Gifts has been added: Gift of Colossus, Gift of Shroud, Gift of Brawler and Gift of Hunter. Formulas can be purchased from scholar and spellcrafter trainers.
  • Determination is now known as Ancestral Determination and will provide lower bonus to strength, but higher direct melee damage increment. Statistic loss for tradeskills bonuses will be compensated by a new set of special crafting Gifts in future updates.
  • Primal Roar is now known as Drulkar’s Focus and will provide lower bonus to power, but higher direct spell damage increment. Statistic loss for tradeskills bonuses will be compensated by a new set of special crafting Gifts in future updates.
  • Demon’s Aegis:
    • Threat mod is now 300%
    • Demonic Embrace will overwrite other Heal over Time
    • Demonic Embrace now heals for 10% of health


Blight Updates Blight Client 397.56.0 Istaria Community Manager
March 22, 2019


  • Dragon gets stuck if doing transition and another action occurs
  • Dragon morph animation gets stuck if attacked


Live Updates Live Client 397.48.1 Istaria Community Manager
February 25, 2019


  • Add new Filter to Spell Book, change Error Text ??? to Special
  • Select last target command works again

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