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Blight Updates Blight Client 404.439.2 Istaria Community Manager
May 30, 2023


  • Fixed launcher not staying on last shard used.


Blight Updates Blight Combat Changes Istaria Community Manager
April 10, 2023
The combat revamp is now in pre-alpha on Blight! This revisit of Istaria's combat systems intends to improve combat, assist in balancing, and offer new features. We will be listening carefully to player feedback during this extended testing period. We expect there to be significant changes, based on your feedback. Stay up to date with us on Discord, forums, and support.

You can send in feedback through:
    Support system:
    Email: [email protected]

Please note that the support site and email guarantee your feedback is seen by every developer. Discord posts may be missed by some on the team, but you do get more back and forth communication with Discord.

Community News Into the Future: Using AI to Enhance Istaria Istaria Community Manager
April 1, 2023

Hello Istarians! We have exciting news to share with you today and we can't wait to dive in.

I am sure all of you have heard of the recent advancements in AI, but in case you have not, let us give you the rundown. Recent innovations in technology have resulted in very powerful AI - or artificial intelligence - programs, able to take prompts in plain English and return nearly anything you could ask for - scripts for plays, stories, conversations, and even images. AI has grown from the simple decision-making programs powering things such as our own monsters' wander paths to self-educating electronic brains capable of learning and evolving.

As you all know, we at Virtrium are a very small but dedicated team. Any help we can get to improve our game, we are excited to jump on. One of our biggest bottlenecks in producing new content and updates is the amount of manpower required to produce interesting storylines and art assets. We have seen the advancement of AI and are ecstatic to use it as a tool to improve our workflow.

To this end, we have decided to scale back the human involvement in our development process and submit to our new AI overlords. We hope as being among the first adopters of this unique technology that we may be spared in the upcoming collapse of society. The development process has been redefined to the following:


Blight Updates Blight Client 404.427.1 Istaria Community Manager
March 21, 2023


  • Fixed incorrect horizontal line on the character window


Live Updates Launcher Version 5.05 Istaria Community Manager
March 8, 2023


  • Fixed a typo for new character creation on Order.

Community News Chaos Restart Istaria Community Manager
February 25, 2023

Someone spilled their coffee on Chaos this morning and now it's cranky and needs a restart.  It should be back online by 10:30 am PST.

The restart is complete and Chaos is back online.

Live Updates Santva's Helper Event 2022 Istaria Community Manager
December 26, 2022

Greetings, one and all!

Recently, a hatchling has reached out to the Imperial Army for the assistance of the Gifted. She tends to Santva Claws' gift stock, acquiring materials for gifts and such. After the celebration, she found herself short of materials for the upcoming year.

With millions and millions of materials to gather over the year, there's no time to lose, Santva's Helper is requesting your council in New Trismus within the date range of December 27th (Chaos @ 12pm CST) and December 28th (Order @ 12pm CST). Many children and hatchling's next Gnomekindle is at stake!

Santva's Helper 

Community News Silvane Istaria Community Manager
October 17, 2022
We noticed that Silvane was near completion on Chaos. Congratulations for your dedication. We’d like to tell you more about it.
The Silvane event is a side content of Stronghold of Nature update, the main course being the story quests at the Tower of Nature. Its goal was to provide a one time shard scale event where adventurers could protect crafters during their work, to bring the players community through a common project and also to offer a teleporting system close to the tower.
We’ve heard you wanted more than just crafting and we have listened. We asked AmonGwareth if we could go further, he took a puff on his cigar and told us: “Come get some.”. We understood it as a yes.
Ghosts in the rebuilt structures were meant to be used for “future content”. They will be put to good use with the next content update: more stories about Silvane and unique purchasable items will be available.
We are sorry to not provide the new content earlier, but we need to admit: Chaos players were faster than we expected.
Thank you for your patience and for playing Istaria.
Istaria Development Team

Live Updates Live Client 404.327.0 Istaria Community Manager
October 13, 2022


  • Fix cargo disk not appearing when grounded

Live Updates Live Client 404.322.0 Istaria Community Manager
October 6, 2022


  • Fix for dragon crafting abilities activating multiple times when gathering.
  • Crash fix for equipment window under different themes when wearing Blighted gear.

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