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Live Updates Fly / Run Speed Change Istaria Community Manager
March 10, 2020
We've made a short term change to the max run / fly speed in an effort to diagnose a problem we have with player positioning in Istaria. Please be assured this is a short term change. We all want to run fast, devs and players included, and will update as we gather additional information. Thank you for your understanding while we try to resolve the player positioning issue.

- Istaria Development Team

Live Updates Live Client 400.116.0 Istaria Community Manager
March 9, 2020



  • Inventory Window : Fix double click on minimized window
  • Significantly speed up game shutdown
  • When doubling clicking container, open contents or close window if open.
  • Resolve issue with chat window sometimes being displayed off screen for NPC chat.

Live Updates Live Client 400.108.0 Istaria Community Manager
March 5, 2020



  • ‘Hoard Breath’ now has an icon matching the rest of the interface.
  • If you open a pouch (or any container) by double clicking, you can also close the displayed window by double clicking on the same pouch.
  • /printversion command copies client version info to clipboard


  • Fixed Drulkar’s Altar having no distance fog effects applying to it.
  • Dodge and Block icons are no longer cut off.
  • Fixed group window so it displays leaders.
  • Remove out of range monsters from the monster window.
  • If a structure is fading in / fading out, then don't display detail attachments.
  • Various small objects no longer ignore distance fog.
  • Fix quest followers sometimes causing other players to crash.
  • Fix object fading off making attachments disappear

Live Updates Live Delta 310.5 Istaria Community Manager
March 3, 2020
  • "New Rachival Defense Force: Carry Word" quest is now classified as a story quest.
  • Expert Tech Kit: Tail Spear requires properly 900 Scalecraft skill to be scribed instead of 100.
  • BattleMaster Valrukhath will send you to Sergeant Talbot at the end of “The Bones of a Master (Part 2)”.
  • Abandoned Heirloom item has its own icon now.
  • Fixed typos in quest: “Imperial Army: The Counterattack”, “Fall of Tazoon: The Aftermath (Part 2)”, “Source of Power: The Ritual”, “Source of Power: Into the Observatory”, “Source of Power: The True Source”, “Ranger: Wolf Hunter”.
  • Dark Tiger Style duration has been reduced to 1 minute, down from 5 minutes.
  • Astral Claws will now recycle every 5 seconds, down from 5 minutes, and will no longer overwrite Dark Tiger Style.


Live Updates Chaos and Order Restart Istaria Community Manager
February 28, 2020

We will be restarting Chaos and Order at 2:00 AM PST on Saturday to fix a few issues related to monsters.  The restart should take about 1.5 - 2 hours.

* Restart Complete!

Blight Updates Blight Client 400.100.0 Istaria Community Manager
February 27, 2020



  • Fixed Drulkar’s Altar having no distance fog effects applying to it.

Live Updates The Ruin of Tazoon Istaria Community Manager
February 25, 2020

Content Summary

  • Tazoon, once the shining seat of the Empire of Istaria and a symbol of cooperation amongst the Living Races, has been devastated by a calamity.  
  • A massive volcano called Mount Fury has erupted within the region known as Char, altering the landscape in its wake.  Into this fiery devastation new enemies have emerged and now stake their claim on lands and resources on the slopes of the raging mountain.
  • All major cities and some points of interest now have their own unique loading screens when teleporting that replaces the default concept art/current content image
  • Many new epic items formulae available from Vargas at Eastern Outpost!
  • Continued improvements to game client performance

The Fate of Tazoon

Tazoon, once the shining seat of the Empire of Istaria and a symbol of cooperation amongst the Living Races, has been devastated by a calamity.  

A pall of destruction and death hangs over the city and the lands surrounding it. Into this, a new force has emerged which stands at odds with the Empire and, according to those who fled the ruins, has killed or captured many within the walls.  It is now up to the Gifted to investigate, protect and strike back at this new enemy who has sown confusion and destruction in the heart of the Empire.

Those who are interested in this story should speak with Captain Bixben Lindnottin in New Rachival.


Blight Updates Blight Client 400.96.0 Istaria Community Manager
February 24, 2020



  • Added a new optional mini window containing controls just for the cargo disk.
  • It’s now possible to turn off auto-afk when using the sleeping emote via the options menu.


  • Fixed an issue where some cached resources wouldn’t be unloaded, which was causing the game to run out of memory after playing for a long time and traveling to lots of unique areas.
  • Fixed issue with how certain textures are displayed, this fixes Welger having no textures in some cases and fixes objects which use textures also used by characters (like statues) rendering incorrectly.
  • Chat tab text is now properly constrained again to the tab and won’t overflow to other tabs, sorry about that!
  • Fixed running in circles when auto-moving to gather from a resource node.
  • Fixed water disappearing in some circumstances when using lower view distances.
  • Always make water always load at view distance
  • Allow large effects to load at view distance (for volcanoes, etc.)


Blight Updates Blight Delta 310.4 Istaria Community Manager
February 21, 2020
  • Some typos fixed in quest “Grant Smyth’s Fate”.
  • Precious Heirloom that is given as a reward in quest “The Fall of Tazoon: Survivors” is now known as “Family Heirloom.  Updated the dialogue in the quest to reflect the change.
  • Some updates to quest “The Fall of Tazoon: Refugees” to smooth out the experience and transition to the next quest.
  • Lieutenant Bakhtor at the Imperial Army Camp now offers attunement to the destination pad near the camp.
  • Updated quest “The Fall of Tazoon: Welger Patrols” to be more specific about who to kill.
  • Debris retrieved from Debris Piles can now have 2 to 3 units in it (impacts Bank Records and Abandoned Heirlooms).
  • Quest “Fall of Tazoon: Refugees” will now allow you to gather logs and raw gruok in any order.
  • Grammar and spelling updates in numerous Fall of Tazoon quests.
  • Stone of Remembrance no longer stacks with other Focus or Power crystals
  • 2nd Troop Banner no longer stacks with other Strength crystals
  • Green Gummy Spider Shoulder Pet will now properly give a Tech Kit when festival tokens are consumed
  • Flattened plot in Harro
  • Chicken “Scratch” emote now works. (when polymorphed)
  • “Shield Tech Kit: Fiery Rose Quartz Shard” is now named “Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Fiery Rose Quartz Shard” to better clarify it can also be used on the dragon head scale.
  • The Fiery Rose Quartz Shard technique kit now properly applies its augmentation on your ranged and melee attacks as its description implies rather than when others attack you.
  • Armor of the Sun formulas now use Solite Bars instead of Steel Bars
  • Solite Bar formula requires Smelting skill to scribe and Smelting skill to create instead of Alchemy
  • Chainmail of the Sun:
    • Unintentionally required Steel Bars instead of Solite Bars to create. These now require Solite Bars to create.
    • Each armor piece now consumes a certain amount of Solite Bars to create a tech kit of itself
    • Created item name, consumed component name now display in tooltip
    • A Sun Blade formula has been added to Bortak. Sun Blade also offers to create tech kits of itself upon use and can be added to one hand slash weapons (broad swords, short swords, long swords) for its visual.
  • Corrected an exploitable issue with the Piercing Winds and Razor Teeth technique kits.
  • Fixed an exploit regarding the attunement of epic items.

Blight Updates Blight Delta 310.3 Istaria Community Manager
February 12, 2020
  • Player will be properly sent back to Refugee Camp after killing the Welger in quest “The Fall of Tazoon: Counterattack”.
  • Torch and Bucket of Water icons aren’t gold tinted anymore.
  • Rusty Army Knife now looks like an Istarian Army Knife instead of a Harvesting Knife.
  • The capture now works as intended in quest “Imperial Army: The Messengers”.
  • The Welger now have varied looks to be better differentiated and offer more variety.
  • Updated Dimensional Apparatus requirements to be more in line with other epic items
  • Dragon Gambling Statues:
    • Renamed Statue of Golden Dragon and Statue of Silver Dragon to Statue of Golden Dragon - Plain and Statue of Silver Dragon - Plain; no visual changes
    • New set of statues, Statue of Golden Dragon - Complex and Statue of Silver Dragon - Complex use updated textures
  • Fixed a typo in quest “Imperial Army:  Protect Harro From A New Menace”.
  • Stone Boulder Golems now have updated textures to be in line with their regular kin, while still being distinct - cracked, slightly tint shifted, and darker in most cases.
  • The chained boulder welger weapon now properly has transparency.
  • Fixed a potential issue to not receive Ganesh’s Journal item in quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 3): Ganesh's Journal”.
  • Renamed “Journal Page (xx to 10)” items to “Ganesh’s Journal Page (xx to 10)”.
  • Fixed Emblem: Expert Lairshaper to check proper completion of the quest instead of the presence of a title.
  • Shareik now properly runs on lair floor instead of above it
  • Quest steps in “Granstak's Crab Shells” and “Granstak's Shamanic Rituals” have been improved.
  • In quest “Granstak's Crab Shells”, Grantstak will ask for Undamaged Blooded Shell to avoid confusion with the resource for Weapon Tech Kit: Blood Drainer.
  • Dialogues refers to Kerrak instead of Ssoren in quest “Sslanis Militia: Basic Stores Report” as Ssoren is no longer the quest giver.
  • Improved directions to find Vrex in quest “Sslanis Militia: Battle Sugar Cane”.
  • Improved Weapon Tech Kit:  Hunter's Retribution I description.
  • Improved Precious Heirloom (tech kit) description.
  • Dimensional Apparatus now accepts any craft cog if Tool Socketing was applied to the tool claw.
  • Flattened plot in Heather
Known issue: some Welger texture don’t work properly. This requires a new client version.

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