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Community News HTTPS Everywhere! Istaria Community Manager
June 19, 2018
No, we don't mean the browser extension. we've updated all of our websites to require HTTPS.  If you run into any issues please let us know by creating a support ticket.

Community News Chaos Restart Istaria Community Manager
June 16, 2018
Chaos will be restarted at 6:00 AM PST on Sunday the 17th to fix the missing NPC's and problems with players not being able to see each other.

Live Updates Storage Istaria Community Manager
June 8, 2018
There have been ongoing issues with players on Free Accounts taking items from community available storage. Moving forward, only accounts with Basic or Property Holder Access will be able to access structure storage.

Community News Chaos Restart Istaria Community Manager
May 15, 2018
Chaos will be restarted at 6:00 AM PDT on Wednesday the 16th to fix some issues with communities.  This should take 1-1.5 hours.

Live Updates Live Client 396.2.1 Istaria Community Manager
April 27, 2018


  • New music tracks for Chiconis and Trismus
  • Add fullscreen borderless option


  • New Trismus NPC Actions that seem to be speech but show up as emotes
  • Review furniture in remaining cities for load attachments option in graphics prefs
  • Add right click Dismiss for guards

Blight Updates Blight Delta 303 Istaria Community Manager
April 27, 2018
  • xGenerate Health is no longer obsolete (also fixed the coin and hoard values of the spells)
  • Thunder Cloud is no longer obsolete.  Now gives a Short Stun on hit.
  • Stance Changes:
    • Red renamed to Offensive, boosts outgoing damage.
    • Green renamed to Focused, boosts to-hit with melee/ranged attacks.
    • Blue renamed to Attuned, boosts to-hit with Spell attacks.
    • Knight of Creation Armor Stance now known as Combat Stance: Armored, displays a stance effect and truly puts you into a stance.
    • Shield Stance renamed to Combat Stance: Shielded and boosts Parry as well as Block.
    • Created new combat stances:
      • Defensive (Yellow) (Reduces incoming damage)
      • Alerted (Orange) (Improves Recycle and Delay)
      • Passive (Purple) (Improves Dodge, Evasion and Magic Defense)


Blight Updates Blight Client 396.2.0 Istaria Community Manager
April 25, 2018


  • Add right click Dismiss for guards


Live Updates Live Client 395.143.0 Istaria Community Manager
April 10, 2018


  • Long URL crashes client


  • Make objects unload more promptly when fading is disabled


  • Added def options isDecorationList and isDecoration so that attachments can be selectively loading, depending on graphic pref useStructureAttachments
  • Command for players to /printresources to log file
  • Add option to disable cosmetic NPC (found in Options->Video) and optimize cosmetic NPC loading

Blight Updates Blight Client 395.143.0 Istaria Community Manager
April 7, 2018


  • Long URL crashes client


Live Updates Live Delta 302.2 Istaria Community Manager
April 3, 2018
  • Hourly Blacksmith’s task, Outfitter’s Task and Scholar’s task can no longer be picked up by dragons
  • High Confessor title is now properly linked to its effect
  • Peak of Storms portal received unique texture
  • Adult and Juvenile Dragon costumes now work once more instead of requiring you to be all stages of dragon at once.
  • Ryson Stormbringer now has a better sense of direction and guides you east from him for Fortshire instead of directly off a cliff to the west.
  • Karkath is less confused and no longer refers to Skalkaar as Spirit Isle. He also does not randomly mention your name mid-sentence.
  • Pratt’s dialogue has had some issues fixed.
  • “Scholar’s Quest: A Tale of Two Magics” now properly counts 25 sandstone slabs.

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