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Game Policies Istaria Community Manager
September 14, 2018

Game Policies

The information below is designed to provide fair and clear guides for in game and out of game conduct. If you're unsure, please contact customer support.

Rules Of Conduct - Are you a L337 hax0r kick1n, I'm going to pwn this world, make fun of your mom and take no pris0n3rs? Well - this guide is for you. For the rest of you, please have a quick look.

EULA - The End User License Agreement for Istaria.

Common Legal Questions - Do you have questions about making a web site, copyright or ownership questions?

Disciplinary Action - Just in case you're thinking of bending the rules, here's how we respond to people who don't know how to place nice.

Harassment - We want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience when playing. A quick rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't do it around your mother, then it's probably not appropriate. Not sure? Read the guide. We don't mess around when it comes to harassment.

Character Naming - Your name says a lot about where you see your avatar heading in the world - and is the final decision when creating a character. We've put together a few guidelines to help you select an appropriate name.

Account Security - When a velvety blue blanket is not enough.

Online Auctioning - So you just bought a character, got scammed and think we should do something about it... see where we stand on this issue.

Item Reimbursement - Just in case something happens to an item, when we'll step in.

Role Playing Policy - Do you sleep in chain mail, or insist on being called Sir or Lady at the drive through? The role play shard is there for you and we've got a guide to help maintain an atmosphere as close to the "real" thing as possible. Check out the social responsibilities role-players need to be aware of. Please note that these rules are in addition to all the policies listed here.

Privacy Policy - The full legalese on how we deal with your private information.

Plot Reclamation -  How, when and why we do plot and lair reclamation.

Plot Resizing - How, when and why we do plot resizing

Character Transfer Policy - Details on how and when you can transfer a character between shards

Free-To-Play - Details on free subscriptions and limitations

Loyalty Tokens - Details on the Loyalty Tokens that are provided with your access.

Memorial Plots -  Details on Memorial Plots

Passwords - Lots of information and our thoughts on passwords

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