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Istaria Military Program Istaria Community Manager
February 20, 2015

The Istaria Military Appreciation Program

What is this program about?

Since 2007, Virtrium has continued the Istarian Military Appreciation program. All new and existing Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted accounts created by military personnel and an active Six Month or Year long Property Holder Subscription may request a free Military Appreciation Access on their account. This allows you to play Istaria with another family member at the same time on one account. We hope that this will allow military families to play Istaria together, giving them a family-friendly environment where they can meet, talk and play together over the Internet. If you are in the military and would like to take part in this program, please contact customer support.

Where do I get Istaria?

Istaria is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. You will need to contact customer support at and request the the Military Appreciation Access for your account. Once customer support verifies your account and military status, they will complete the setup. You must have an existing account with a Property Holder Subscription in good standing to be eligible for this program. Your information will not be shared. See our Privacy Policy (PDF)) for complete details.

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