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Access Types Istaria Community Manager
December 20, 2018
Free Access - Lifetime (Free)

* 1 Character Slot *
Bipeds Level 15 Cap per School
Dragons Level 15 Cap per School
No Plot or Lair
No Guild Ownership
10 Global Consignment Slots
1 Concurrent Login
Can Not Use Account Upgrades (see list below)

Basic Access - 1 month ($9.95)

5 Character Slots
No Plot or Lair
Guild Ownership
50 Global Consignment Slots
1 Concurrent Login

Property Holder

Access - 1 month ($14.95) / 
6 month ($77.70) / 12 month ($155.40)

7 Character Slots
1 Plot or Lair
Guild Ownership
150 Global Consignment Slots
1 Concurrent Login

Is a Subscription Required?
Istaria offers both fixed term access (no automatic re-billing) and subscriptions that provide automatic re-billing. The same game features are available with either option.

What are the Account Upgrades and Features?
You can add account upgrades to a Property Holder Access to extend or expand features available to you without having to purchase another full Access. Please note that this is only available for accounts with Property Holder Access.

A La Carte Upgrades
5 extra characters: $4.95/month
100 consignment slots: $4.95/month
1 extra plot / lair slot $9.95/month or $99.95/year

What is Access / Subscription Stacking?
Istaria allows you to add multiple access / subscriptions to your account so you can stack account services. For example, if you want twice the plots, character slots, global consignment slots, etc., then you can add two Property Holder subscriptions / access and get twice the game services on your account.

Special Actions
Istaria allows you to add special action tokens to your account. These tokens can be purchased at and are then be accessible from the launcher.

Character Name Change Token ($4.95) - Change your character name
Character Recovery Token ($24.95) - Recover a character that was deleted. Your character will be recovered from backup and this process takes 1-3 days. Special Note: If your character can not be recovered from backups, you will receive a full refund.
Character Transfer Token ($24.95) - Transfer one of your characters from one shard to another. Note: If you character is currently on Blight server, you must also meet other requirements. There are single, 3 pack and unlimited transfers (if you want to move between shards).
Character Copy Token ($9.95) - Copy one of your characters from one shard to another. Note: All copied characters are subject to a filter that removes coin, novians, and various obsolete items from the inventory.
Character Appearance Token ($9.95) - Re-create all aspects of your appearance (outside of race). This includes gender, hair, face, color and body attributes. This includes a name change.
Merchandise Setup Token ($9.95) - Create an item for sale in the Istaria store:

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