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Unity Transfer Istaria Community Manager
August 23, 2012

Since the time that the European shard, Unity, was closed, many players have waited, hoping that some day their characters would be available for transfer to one of the US shards.  Some started new characters on either Order or Chaos, but still held out hope that someday their other characters could be added to this new account.  And others have been waiting, watching Istarian news, but not returning until they could have their original characters.

Final details of the program are displayed below and an invite email has been sent out.

We're very pleased to finally get this all together and welcome all Unity players to a new home in Istaria.


-- Amarië Ancalímon
Community Manager




  1. Active paid Account in North America. Please visit (Trial and Free Access subscriptions do not count as paid subscriptions)
  2. Please note that if your account has been inactive, you will need to add a free trial subscription to your account before the rest of the payment options will display.
  3. Valid email address linked to a North American account. If we can not verify your email address, we will not transfer any characters.

What is Transferred

  • Character
  • Inventory
  • Vault
  • Storage Structure Contents
  • Consignment Contents
  • Base coin value of any owned plots

What is Not Transferred

  • Guild Tags
  • Plots / Structures
  • Plot Tokens / Structure Novians

What Can Change

  • Name - Will be appended with _Unity if there's a name conflict. You can request a name change through customer support for free.

Making the Request

  1. Create a support ticket at
  2. In your ticket, provide the following information. If you don't remember something, say that you can't remember. If you're unsure, provide us with a few options. The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to track down your old account.
    • European Account Username
    • European Account Real Name, Phone Number and Address
    • European Account Email
    • Current Account Username
    • Current Account Email
    • List all Unity characters you remember.
    • For each character listed, specify if you want the character transfers to either Order or Chaos, or not transfered.

Here's a sample request:

Content: Hey - I'd like to get my Unity characters back and I'm sending in my request before <insert deadline>

Here's my old account info:

Old Account User Name: !StormBringer or !RainBringer
Old Account Email: [email protected]
Old Account Name: Alex or Alexander Knafla
Old Account Address:
Zschopauer Str. 169 A
09126 Chemnitz, Germany

Current User Name: !StormBringer
Current Email: [email protected]

Unity Characters:
Ort (or maybe Ortt) Dragon 100 lvl -> Chaos
Ort Cleaver (or Ort Cleavor) Adult Dragon -> Chaos
Cleavis Maximum Fiend -> Order
Mule8822 Human -> Don't transfer
Mule8823 -> Don't transfer
Gary TooToo or Gary ToTo -> Don't transfer

Special Notes

We will not transfer characters to the Order shard with names which violate the Roleplay Rules of Conduct.  If your character name would violate those rules, please choose Chaos as the server to transfer that character.

Base coin value of your plot is the starting price of the plot, not the asking / last sale price.

You must have enough subscriptions on your account to hold the number of characters you are asking to have transferred.  For more information on subscription types, please refer to our knowledge base article

You may have more than one subscription per account - allowing you to double up services so you can have extra plots on a single account, or extra character slots.  If you wish to have multiple old accounts combined into one new account, please include as much information as you can give us for each of the old accounts.

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