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    A odd thing happened just today.

    It was any normal day, so to speak, but as it passed by there was a odd sensation floating about her. A voice in her head, rich, like crushed velvet, whispered to her.


    Was it him? Was he speaking to me? Must be my imagination...I never should of ate that Sslik. But never the less I went to Skalkaar, because the voice in my head told me to.

    It was empty there. The crickets chirping away. I was about to center my energy and recall myself back home when I saw it running up to me. Well, or trying to get by me, because I was standing in the middle of the road.

    It was a small hatchling...

    "Hello there."

    "Hello there. How are you my friend?"

    "I am fine. My name is Velat, I am a dragoness of Lunus. Who might you be young one?"

    "Young one? Nay, I am merly trapped in this vessel. But I work to achieve my new form. I will fly the skies some day!"


    "Oh my apologizes, I am Csemoris, of Lunus."

    "Nice to meet you Csemoris, is there anything I can help you with?"

    "Nay, I do not belive so. But I would love your company on my travels, for your beauty strikes me to dumbfounded state."


    "Handsome and charming. I would be delighted to join youon your travels through Istaria."

    "Wonderful! Shall we be off?"

    ....And we havent parted yet....


    I, Dream; of Darkness. Shadow's Incarnite. The Light in Life of Mother Night's Embrace.

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    nice work [Y]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velat
    Was it him? Was he speaking to me? Must be my imagination...I never should of ate that Sslik.
    that was one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

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