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Blight Client
Live Delta 311.4
Live Cient 401.20
Saturday Plot Sale
The Cult of Nazderon

Blight Updates Blight Client Istaria Community Manager
October 28, 2020
The current client on Blight has some fixes for the handling of quests that does not work on Chaos or Order right now.  If you're playing on Chaos or Order make sure to patch to those shards and not use the Blight client.

Live Updates Live Delta 311.4 Istaria Community Manager
October 27, 2020
  • Fixed Florica’s dialogues in quest “The Mysterious Pendant”.
  • Acolytes Elendosh, Ahassunu, and Lugalkam will now recognize when players can re-join the Crystalshaper school
  • Removed erroneous ‘Storm’ skill increase from the title ‘Storm Master’.
  • Fixed title ‘Scourge of Cults’ requirement.
  • Level 3 Tiny Grass Beetles will now properly spawn on Skalkaar (level 2 will no longer spawn)
  • Nature’s Aid I and Nature’s Aid II roots targeted monster instead of player. Damage has been removed (it is supposed to be a simple root) and they now have their own icon.
  • In quest “The Novo Machine: Breaking Through The Barrier” you will have to really wait for 5 minutes instead of 50.
  • In quest “Engineer: Trouble in the Trees” you will need to kill Blighted Oak Treants around Aubador instead of Enraged Oak Treants.
  • Fixed dialogue with Bishop Ronae il'Tor in quests “Plundered Tombs: The Tomb of Ashlander Vandus” and “Plundered Tombs: Investigate the Tomb of Ashlander Vandus”.
  • All coin bags now have 0 hoard to prevent accidental hoarding


Live Updates Live Cient 401.20 Istaria Community Manager
October 25, 2020



  • Fixed a game crash that was occurring around the Kion garnet cave / Sar’zeil.

Blight Updates Saturday Plot Sale Istaria Community Manager
October 15, 2020

Plots in the following communities Draendel, Jessie's Glen, Marae'kul, Sar'zeil and Sri were not working correctly after the latest update....


Live Updates The Cult of Nazderon Istaria Community Manager
October 13, 2020

Content Summary

  • Though the battle between the Imperial Army and the invading welger continues to rage around the Ruin of Tazoon, danger does not sleep and a new threat has arisen in the sands near the village of Kaiyar.  A cult and a dangerous plague have begun to spread and it is up to the Gifted to investigate and stop it if they can!
  • Long gone from the lands of Aradoth, old faces have returned and established the Guild of Artifact Hunters west of the village of Kaiyar.  New challenges and rewards await those who are willing to deal with them!
  • Numerous new plot (and some lair) decorations have been added for your enjoyment!
  • Baubles and Titles have both been given a massive facelift to organize them and to make them more relevant and useful.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 311.3 Istaria Community Manager
October 12, 2020
  • Fixed Left-Hand Crystal of Exhaustion: Lung Strike debuff has now properly a chance to be applied on a parry.
  • Halindrass is really known as a Dragon Lairshaper Acolyte this time.
  • Shau and Taur-el now speak slower in quest “The Blood-Magic of the Welger (Part 3)”.
  • Added a waiting step to quest “The Plague: Cure (Part 4)”.
  • Veteran Potion of Untraining now has a severe adverse effect on use and can’t be used in combat anymore.

Blight Updates Blight Delta 311.2 Istaria Community Manager
October 5, 2020
  • New craft NPCs:
    • Aminah, Spellcrafter, Kion
    • Jahaim, Weaponcrafter, Kion
    • Berkabah, Gatherer, Kion
    • Faariah, Miner, Kion
    • Lephana, Enchanter, Parsinia
    • Hameth Fireborn, Spellcrafter, Aughundell
    • Thodrak Graybranch, Carpenter, Aughundell
    • Hefrigit Brightbreaker, Enchanter, Aughundell
    • Thezzom Cragborn, Fitter, Aughundell
    • Thirrick Threaddelver, Weaver, Aughundell
    • Heldrur Hammerbraids, Jeweler, Aughundell
  • Dusk Sheep spawn around Aubador now instead of Dark Grey Sheep
  • Tarnak Root can now be gathered with Intuition instead of Ingenuity
  • Ssilgoth in Aubador now sells the “Shaved Tarnak Root” confectioner recipe formula. Adjusted Ssilgoth’s dialogue in quest “Ssilgoth’s Stew” to reflect this change.
  • Fixed Cassiados’ dialogue link in quest “Feladan: Learn about the Feladan Protectors”.


Blight Updates Blight Client 401.12.0 Istaria Community Manager
September 17, 2020


  • Fixed the People Search window’s race list showing strange race names.
  • Fixed incorrect rotation issues on ground clutter (grass, rocks etc).

Fixes to Prior Blight Client:

  • Fixed an issue where when crafting the Batches slider would not reduce automatically to maximum possible batches after a craft if the slider was already less than 50.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 311.1 Istaria Community Manager
September 10, 2020
  • Wrack is now preventable by Sigil of Ascent V.
  • Drouk in Skaalkar should have his Khutit form again.
  • Rune of Summoning icon looks more like a rune now.
  • In quest “Gaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 2)”, acquiring items steps for the Cleansing Bath is now  tracked instead of just completing themselves.
  • Fixed the Brobbet’s Burst bauble line from giving incorrect augmentations / not working.
  • Anamandryx now has a proper icon.
  • Moved quest “New Trismus 9: The Mysterious Key” from Serena to Zandra
  • Rapid Fire Posture will no longer conflict with other Stances
  • Ghost of Fesnick and Ghost of Sparcro Ehl`kor look like ghosts now.
  • Improved the gem inlay textures used in lairs and other dragon structures.
  • Title: The Resident doesn’t give a “for sale” symbol anymore.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 311 Istaria Community Manager
September 6, 2020


  • Energy Defense and Mind Defense abilities and aura augmentations are now known as Group Energy Defense and Group Mind Defense.
  • Group Energy Defense aura augmentations tiers III and IV now require an active Wizard.
  • Group Mind Defense aura augmentations tiers III and IV now require an active Sorcerer.
  • Group Flame and Ice Defense aura augmentations tiers III, IV and V now require an active Mage.
  • Illustrious Stand aura augmentations tiers III and IV now require an active Healer.
  • Multicast augmentation tier IV now requires an active Conjurer and Multicast augmentation tier III now requires an active Conjurer or Mage.
  • Energize augmentations now require an active Storm Disciple or Ranger.
  • Static Aura augmentation now requires an active Storm Disciple.
  • Blood Shield, Concentrated Blood and Blood Doll augmentations now require an active Blood Mage.
  • The following augmentations of all tiers now require levels appropriate to the abilities: Lightning Arrows, Ice Arrows, Flame Arrows, Spirit Arrows, Group Energy Defense, Group Mind Defense, Group Flame Defense, Group Ice Defense, Illustrious Stand, Multicast, Energize, Static Aura, Blood Shield, Concentrated Blood and Blood Doll.
  • Flame Arrows I ability is now masterable.


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