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Community Structure Progress
Live Server Status
Extended Maintenance
Live Update - Client 407.13

Blight Updates Blight OFFLINE Istaria Community Manager
April 11, 2024
Blight will be offline until Tuesday. We're doing additional testing of potential fixes for community structures. Thank you for your understanding as we do everything possible to resolve the live shard issues as quickly as possible.

Live Updates Community Structure Progress Istaria Community Manager
April 9, 2024
Hello Istarians,
We've completed maintenance, applying the fixes for structures that we were trialing on Blight. As of now, Order appears to have no issues. Chaos is currently working on clearing the remaining issues with community managers and structures. As the server is completely unplayable while it works through its queue of tasks, and player presence will slow this process down, we are keeping Chaos closed to log-ins until it clears up enough to be playable.

We are continuing to monitor Chaos and its progress. Once the server can handle players, we will open public logins again. After that, if issues persist, please let us know.

Thank you,
Istarian Development Team

Live Updates Live Server Status Istaria Community Manager
April 6, 2024

Hello Istarians,

We would like to give you an update regarding the issues during maintenance this week. We explained, earlier in the week, that we had an issue with recent community structure activity causing an out-of-memory crash. To enable the servers to start up, we had to disable plot and lair construction and planning.


Live Updates Extended Maintenance Istaria Community Manager
April 2, 2024

Both Order and Chaos will be offline for extended maintenance. We're aiming to have them online for Wednesday morning, but will update as maintenance progresses. Please accept our apologies for the unannounced extended maintenance.

UPDATE: 2024.04.03 08:00 PST -  We are still working on bringing the servers back online. We've narrowed it down to a few sub-systems and are doing our best to resolve as quickly as possible.

UPDATE: 2024.04.03 13:30 PST - Order and Chaos are back online, but plot and lair construction is disabled. We're be working hard to resolve this last issue and apologize for the extended delay this week.

Live Updates Live Update - Client 407.13 Istaria Community Manager
April 2, 2024
  • Fix for structure access times. All times will now be reported in your local computer's time zone.
  • Fix for quest entities spawning, such as Fire Effect and Cultist Prop.
  • Properly generate Blight loot after a shard restart.
  • Increase internal logging for world objects and item transactions. This will allow us to better track down any issues that come up.

Beyond the Battlefield: Continuing the Overhaul Istaria Community Manager
April 1, 2024
Hello Istarians!

As the overhaul is finally out the door and in a stable and working place, we wanted to sit down and talk to you all about our plans going forward. We appreciate your patience and support thus far.


Live Updates 24.1: Fixer Update 2 Notes Istaria Community Manager
March 26, 2024

Deltas 316.9 and 316.10 have been applied to the live servers as the second set of fixer updates to the Back to the Battlefield content update. This will cause an extended maintenance today, 3/26, that may last a large part of the day. A list of changes follows below.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 316.10 Istaria Community Manager
March 20, 2024

Delta 316.10, the last fixer delta for Back to the Battlefield, is being applied to Blight today and will follow it to live along with 316.9 soon.

 See below for a full list of the changes, fixes, and additions for this update!


Blight Updates Blight Maintenance Istaria Community Manager
March 20, 2024

Blight will be offline for an extended maintenance as we apply delta 316.10 and a number of DB updates / enhancements.

Blight Updates Live Update - Client 407.3 Istaria Community Manager
March 19, 2024

The following changes were released today:

  • Some changes have been made to mitigation calculations. These target players with low adventure levels fighting high adventure level enemies, particularly with high craft levels, and grant a boon against fighting low-level enemies with high adventure levels.
    • Players that are in combat with monsters that are twenty or more ratings above them will now lose 1% mitigation for every additional level below. E.g., a level 20 player fighting a level 50 monster will lose 10% mitigation. (50 - 20 = 30 level difference, 30 - 20 free levels = 10 penalized levels, -10% mitigation)
    • Players in combat with enemies that are twenty or more ratings below than them will now gain 1% mitigation for every additional two levels beyond that point. E.g., a level 50 player fighting a level 20 monster will gain 5% mitigation. (50 - 20 = 30 level difference, 30 - 20 free levels = 10 bonus levels, 10/2 = +5% mitigation)
    • The level of an enemy is capped to level 120 for these calculations, as to not penalize level 100 players fighting monsters greater than level 120.
  • You can no longer dispel effects on enemies when the dispel attack itself misses.
  • A significant upgrade to the client's texture handling. This update is expected to greatly reduce memory use and greatly reduce out of memory situations in heavy areas.

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