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Blight Delta 315.3
Istarian Combat Overhaul
Chaos Sunday Morning Restart
Blight Client 404.258.0
22.1 Stronghold of Nature

Blight Updates Blight Delta 315.3 Istaria Community Manager
July 1, 2022
  • Flowers in Desert’s Edge no longer grow inside Artifact of Wood
  • Ayios and Khania in Kirasanct now sell journeyman formulas instead of expert
  • Thought Capture ability now properly works. It requires mind damage to be triggered.
  • Danaos in Delgarath now sells Niatha’s Blessing VI.
  • Fixed directions in quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): Delgarath”.
  • Fixed directions in quest “Biggletorque: The Secret of Skeleton Keys”.
  • Gozar’s Blessing scrolls:
    • Players don’t have to craft them by themselves anymore in quest “Biggletorque: The Secret of Skeleton Keys”.
    • They now have a coin value and can be sold at a Consigner.


Design Preview Istarian Combat Overhaul Istaria Community Manager
June 17, 2022

Wait, what?  Yes, you read that correctly, starting in 2022 we’re revisiting the combat system in Istaria and giving some key portions significant upgrades and/or rewrites.

Read more here!


Live Updates Chaos Sunday Morning Restart Istaria Community Manager
June 5, 2022

We had some technical failures on the Chaos shard and will be restarting to resolve the issue. Restart will take 60-90 minutes. Please be patient while we do everything we can to get the shard back online.

UPDATE: Shard is now online.

Blight Updates Blight Client 404.258.0 Istaria Community Manager
June 2, 2022


  • Fixed food showing as “Container” instead of “Food” in list view in the inventory.
  • Fixed missing icons and types for resources from the Satyr Isles.

Live Updates 22.1 Stronghold of Nature Istaria Community Manager
May 31, 2022
The "Stronghold of Nature" is out! Full release notes below.


  • The threat posed to the Tower of Nature within the Western Deadlands has grown considerably. New story quests are available for adventurers of level 60 and higher, beginning in the town of Aubador.
  • The Imperial Outpost has come under direct attack and Sergeant Temerac now offers a questline for adventurers of level 95 and higher.
  • Dralnok’s Doom quest chain has been given a facelift with side quests and expanded dialogue.
  • Dragon Ability Quests have been reworked through to Tier 4. Gold Rage quests at all tiers have been reworked or rewritten.
  • Scorpion Isle has undergone a renovation including plots, lairs, and decorations. This includes many more buildable community projects.
  • Contribute your crafting knowledge and adventure prowess to help restore the recently-uncovered town of Silvane in a one-time event. Can you free the village from the grasp of the Withered Aegis?
  • Finagle Biggletorque’s questline on keys has been partially revamped, introducing new quests to introduce Skeleton Keys and Locked Boxes, a new type of special end-game loot.


Live Updates Tuesday Maintenance Istaria Community Manager
May 31, 2022
We have a big update headed out the door. Finally! We're excited, as the "Stronghold of Nature" is a really fun release with new things to do in Istaria. Under the hood, we have a number of deep plumbing changes made to the server. Just like a real house, when you start disconnecting pipes under the house, it's going to take a bit of time to connect them all back together. So - yes this means an extended maintenance on Tuesday - but after Tuesday, it's extended fun with a fantastic new update and new tech to make the servers faster and more reliable.

Blight Updates Blight Client 404.255.0 Istaria Community Manager
May 27, 2022


  • The Guild Website link in the guild window has been made more reliable than it was before, and now properly shows a “are you sure you want to click this link” popup when selected.
  • Item details for Sacks no longer show a 3D image as the result doesn’t look good - Sacks now show their item icon instead.
  • When trading with an NPC that accepts tokens as currency (as opposed to coins), the game will no longer let you trade away your currency without asking for anything in return.


  • Further fixes to the Knowledge Window’s “Remember Filters” option.
Note: This client is not properly compatible with the Live shards of Chaos and Order and trying to use it there via the Patch to Blight option may result in unexpected issues.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 315.2 Istaria Community Manager
May 23, 2022
  • Corrected water issues in Draak, parts of Saritova, Skalkaar, oasis near Kaiyar, Sanctuary (Shelter Pass), Dalimond
  • Corrected spawn of Halibut in north Draak where area was too steep to gather safely
  • Corrected various underwater grass areas to be beach sand near Saritova
  • Moved community Helian Grand Hall in Chiconis so that it doesn’t invade the bounds of a nearby lair.
  • Shaloth now has a greater damage multiplier for all attacks.
  • Made sure all travels scrolls teleport player on the top of the teleport pad model. Loading screen needs to be activated.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 315.1 Istaria Community Manager
May 18, 2022
  • All “<School> Edge X” abilities are now properly instantly mastered when received and affect base skill instead of current skill.
  • To go along with the changes to her allies, Shaloth the Queen’s encounter has received a few changes.
    • Shaloth the Queen now has her own Hierophants, named Queen’s Hierophants. They are slightly larger than normal Hierophants.
    • Spiritual Transfer, the spell by which Queen’s Hierophants heal Shaloth, now takes 10 seconds to fully cast. It also now emits a bright purple beam linking the casting Hierophant to Shaloth, the former of which will also play a unique animation while casting. This is to allow for players to properly react to and kill or stun Hierophants before they can heal their matriarch.
    • Queen’s Hierophants will now perish after healing their mistress by using Spiritual Transfer.
    • Hierophants will no longer treasonously heal each other instead of their queen.
    • Regular Hierophants no longer receive Spiritual Transfer and instead have a more normal healing spell to use on their allies.
  • Quest “Attunement: Sandstone Bluffs” now properly attunes to Sandstone Bluffs instead of Garnet Bay.
  • Fixed Triston’s dialogues and quest feedback in quest “Warrior's Quest: Conquer the Spider” with the correct number of times to use Power Strike.
  • Fixed Triston’s dialogues and quest feedbacks in quest “Warrior's Quest: Destroy the Beetles” with the correct amount of beetles to kill and the number of times to use Rend Armor.


Live Updates Live Client 404.198.2 Istaria Community Manager
May 5, 2022


  • Rain effects changes:
    • Reduced volume on rain effects
    • Reduced particle usage
    • Light snow will now play instead of rain during winter event
This was also patched to Blight.

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