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Thread: The story of Spirit's life: before she was born into the world of istaria

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    Default The story of Spirit's life: before she was born into the world of istaria

    here's a draft of my story if u see any rong spelling's plz let me know thank'x :-)
    The Begging
    Some where in the mountains of Dralk in a cave the size of a small mountain lives two dragon?s an ancient dark gold dragoness called Faith Life and her mate an ancient sliver dragon called Thunder Life. Deep in the back of the cave in the hottest part was a single egg in the middle of a red crystal nest that is kept at a certain temperature because of the lava running around it to guard the egg from hunters and animal?s like Ogre?s, Golems, Pigmies (small ogre?s), fire beetles, fire wolf?s and Biped?s such as Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Gnomes, Saris, Half-Giants, Sslik, Fiends and Pixie?s as the nest room is to hot for them and only dragon?s can stand the heat from the lava. Biped?s are not bad it?s just that Faith and Thunder are part of a dragon society that do not like biped?s and will have nothing to do with them, they call them self?s the Lunus dragon?s and only live in Dralk witch is a hot and dry place full of mountains and volcano?s and the dragon?s that do like the biped?s call them self?s Helian dragon?s and only live in Chiconis on the other side and the continent of Istaria Chiconis is cool and lush with green grass and tree?s and has only a few mountains around it but it has dangers from Golems, Giant Spiders, Tearents (tree like things) and the undead like Mummy?s, Ghostly Spirits, Skeletons, Zombies and the Blight it?s self all these undead are the army of the Withered Aegis who seek to destroy every thing in there path by blighting it. When Faith laid her egg neither she nor Thunder knew about the army of the Withered Aegis in till they were summoned to a great Dragon meeting by the Ancient Elders and this is where are story begins.
    Chapter 1: The Helian Meeting
    [/b]?I?m back with dinner my love!? called Thunder his scales shining in the sun as he landed on the ledge to the cave with two very fat dead cow?s in his front claws where he waited on his hind leg?s for a reply, ?Ok love I?m just coming? Faith replied from inside the cave ?how was hunting today?? faith asked as she came out of the cave her dark gold scales sparkling in the sun ?Hunting was good but there was hardly any thing around for some reason so I took these cows from the farmer in the planes of Aughundell plus some tender sheep witch I eat on the way back? he said grinning like a chaser cat Faith smiled and took one of the cows and went back into the cave to eat Thunder followed her in and went to cheek on the egg smiling lovingly down at it he turned the egg around so that the heat from the lava warms it evenly and then went to sit next to faith to eat ?how has your day been dear? he asked as he settled down next to her?Ok I guess just the normal thing chasing off Elves and Human?s and the animals around here, those fire ogre?s think there so big and strong that they think they can take me on it?s quite funny just watching them trying to hit me with there club?s but I was to fast for them and they kept missing, I ended it in the end with a blast of fire right in there face?s it was funny seeing them run around screaming as they burned? she said giggling?I can just imagine that love? replied Thunder who was also giggling now at the thought of seeing ogres running around on fire then they both went back to eating there meal.
    Around the shrine at Chiconis there was a lot of commotion as all the Helian Dragon?s and some naka-duskael (bipeds) where gathered around it waiting for the Ancient Helian Elders to speak. ?Silence, Silence! Please!? shouted the eldest Ancient there whose name was Luca Firestorm a blood red dragon in his younger days but he?s now a dark red colour, as the dragons and bipeds settled down to listen to what he had to say. Luca cleared his throat ?We have some bad news to tell you all today? said Luca in a deep rich voice and a solemn look on his face ?Elder Miannea Blackfire has been killed today when out hunting near Harro? Luca said looking down at the young adult dragon?s around the shrine sadly, a murmur went though the crowd Luca gave this news time to set in then continued on ?there?s an army of undead being?s gathering near Harro as we speak ? another murmur went though the crowd but with the sound of fear and panic in it, ?Clam down all of you there is nothing to worry about just yet please calm down? said Markol Blackfire the second eldest Ancient and the mate of Miannea, every adult and hatchling are afraid of him because of his fearsome looking silver and black scale?s ?thank you Markol? said Luca ?what I have called you all here for is to ask for dragon?s and biped?s alike to help build an army of are own together with the Lunus dragon?s as soon as we can tell them about this undead army that face?s us and about the death of are beloved Miannea who was regarded highly by both the Helian and the Lunus dragon?s? said Luca ? I need a volunteer to go to the Lunus dragon?s with this news and arrange a meeting of the Helian and Lunus dragon?s in Aughundell mines if the dwarves don?t mind of cause, any welling to go speak up now and I?ll tell you what to say to the Lunus guards so that they well let you enter unharmed? said Luca looking around at the crowd, a murmur went around the crowd again then one of the dragon?s spoke up ?I?ll go to the Lunus to tell them about the army Elder Luca? this was a young green called Garth Greenscale ?that?s very good of you Garth now if you would come with me, Elder Markol could you sort the rest of those who wish to help in the fight into group?s of ten and set up patrols for me please my dear friend? said Luca and With that Luca and Garth took off and headed for Aughundell mines to ask the Dwarves if they could use the mine?s and when there Luca told Garth what to say to the Dralk border guards and sent him on his way then returned to see how Markol was doing.
    (Half anhour later) Faith and Thunder are sunning them self?s on there ledge when a young lilac coloured hatchling came running up the very thin path to there cave. "Elder Faith and Elder Thunder!? the hatchling called out, her name was Lillie Palescale ?where here Lillie what bring?s you here so far from Dralk where?s your mother? And why could she not come her self? said Faith as Lillie got nearer ?sorry Elder? Lillie said out of breath ? but mum is on guard duty and told me to come and get you? said Lillie still panting from the run ?what ever for young one?? asked Thunder
    ?There?s a Helian at the border that say?s he as some thing very important to tell you, mum said he looked like he?d flown as fast as he could to get here and that he?s acting like he?s scared as well as sad? Lillie said in the most serous voice she could muster ?did he ask for both of us or just one we can?t leave are egg on it?s own? said Faith?that?s one of the reason?s mum sent me up to get you so I could stay here and watch the egg for you elder Faith I?m stronger then I look ogre?s and fire Beatle?s are no match for me trust me nothing will happen to your egg when I?m here I promise that? Lillie said pushing her little chest out to make her self look bigger, Both Faith and Thunder laughed at the little hatchling?s show of strength ?very well then young Lillie we will leave now we?re trusting you to look after are egg now young hatchling take good care of it now ok? said Faith and Thunder at the same time in a firm voice?I will Elder Faith, Elder Thunder do not worry about a thing ok? Lillie said smelling at them sweetly and with that Faith and Thunder took off and headed for the border.
    (Half an hour later) Faith and Thunder landed by the guard post ?Welcome Elder Faith and Elder Thunder here is the Helian dragon to see you? said Starla Palescale a White with pale pink strip?s coloured dragon ?thank you Starla? said Thunder, just then Leeron Brightwing a brown Ancient elder and his mate Sapphire Brightwing a green with pale green spot?s though now she?s a slightly darker green from when she was a young dragon, landed by Thunder and Faith?Greetings Leeron and Sapphire where you sent for too?? asked Faith in a kindwelcoming voice ?yes we where now if you don?t mind I?d like to get this all over with as soon as passable we have better thing?s to do then to stand here talking to a young Helian who say?s he has a massage for us from Luca!? said Leeron in an annoyed voice looking at the young green Helian with distaste.?Now dear I told you to be nice the Helian?s would not of sent some one with a massage innless it was really important now? said Sapphire and a gentle voice and with that they all walked over to where to young green was waiting for them. ?Now young Helian what?s your name and what bring?s you all the way here to see us?? asked Faith kindly the green took a deep breath then said?Greeting Elder?s Faith, Thunder, Sapphire and Leeron my name is Garth Greyscale and I?ve come on order?s from the Elder Luca Firestorm? he stopped to take a breath then continued ?I have to tell you that the beloved Elder Miannea Blackfire has been killed by an army of undead beings near Harro when she was out hunting two day?s ago? Garth said looking distort from the memory and shock of when he was told about it in Chiconis.The Elder?s gasped all at once and started chattering among them self? Garth waited for them to quite down then went on to say ?Elder Luca wishes the Helian and Lunus dragon?s to meet at the Aughundell mine?s at noon tomorrow so as we can all decide what we are to do about this army of undead and to find out where it could have come from and who is gathering it together? he finished taking a deep breath and bowed his head. The Elder?s chatted among them self?s again then Faith looked at Garth and said ?Tell Elder Luca that we the Lunus dragon?s will meet with the Helian dragon?s at noon tomorrow? and with that they said good bye to Garth and each other and went back to there cave?s to think about what Garth had said.
    (Half an hour later) little Lillie was playing in the sun with a stone and a hopscotch she had drawn onto the ledge of the cave when Faith and Thunder came back. ?Welcome back!? she shouted to them as they where coming into land on the ledge to the cave ?was there any trouble while we where gone young one?? asked Faith ?nope not a thing it was really bor err?.. I mean it was fun to look after your egg for you Elder Faith? Lillie saidlooking down at her front paws Faith chuckled and smiled at the hatchling ?that?s good to hear young Lillie, run along now, I?m sure that the guard post will be changing over soon and I expect Starla will be wonting you home before night falls? said Faith Lillie looked up at Faith and
    smiled back? yes Elder Faith and thank you for letting me look after your egg I?ll be happy to look after it at any time you would like me too if you both have to go some where again? said Lillie brightly ? good bye Elder Faith and Elder Thunder? and with that Lillie ran off down the thin path down from the cave ?good bye little one and take care off your self? Faith shouted after the hatchling then she and Thunder went into the cave and went to sleep for a little bit before they go and tell the rest of the dragon in Dralk.
    After saying good bye to the Elder?s Garth decided to take his time going back to Chiconis and do some hunting as his stomach was rumbling from all the flying he had done today. He found what he thought to be a small herd off deer and swooped down too Grab one but as he got nearer he could see that it was not dear but a small band of fire Pigmies and Thunder Ogres with some Eleven skeletons heading toward Harro and it looked like they came in the way he had just been so he went down to get a better look but got to near and they saw him and started to shot lighten arrow?s at him so he feared off and headed straight for Chiconis with this news but one off the arrow?s hit him in his wing and he started loosing height so he had no choice but to head for the nearest town in an aim to save him self from the Mob shooting at him from below luckily for Garth he was near Tazoon the biggest town on Istaria and as he got nearer to it the Mob slowed down and stopped to lookup at him with anger in there eye?s at his escape from them and then started heading back to Harro. ?Phew! That was lucky? he said to his self as he landed on the path to Tazoon then ran the rest of the way to the town. When Garth got into the town he stuck his head into the door of a shop and asked ?hi is there a healer around here??
    ?YES! There?s one just across the street there he?s called Mel Tanner can?t miss it!? the shop keeper said surprised to see a dragon in his door way?Ok thanks? replied Garth and pulled his head out of the door way and walked over to where the shop keeper said the healer was, when he got to the door he gently taped it with a claw being careful not to scratch or break the door.The door opened slowly and a man stepped out and looked up ?Well, well, well what do we have here then hay a dragon at my door now I?ve seen every thing well what can I do for young dragon? asked Mel ?Hi my name is Garth and I was flying over the plane from Dralk when I got shoot at by some err? some thing and was hit by a lighten arrow in my wing luckily I was not far from here could you please take it out and patch it up as I?m in a hurry? said Garth Mel looked it him sceptically then said ?ha a dragon asking for help now I really have seen every thing? said Mel Grinning up at Garth ?ok dragon where?s this arrow then?
    ?Here? Garth said holding down his wing so Mel could reach it?Hmm it look?s like it?s lost its power it?s just a normal arrow now dose it hurt?? asked Mel
    ?A little but not much it?s just the hole in my wing that stopped me from flying? replied Garth
    ?I see, well this may hurt a bit? Mel said taking hold of the arrow with both hand?s and pulled the arrow out, Garth flinched when the arrow came out but made no sound at all ?there it?s out now wait here I?ll go and get some thing to patch that hole and stop the bleeding ok? Mel said walking back into the house, when he came back he had a bag with him, Mel bent down and opened the bag and took out some bandages and tape then came over to Garth are started cutting it up so he could put it on both side?s off his wing when that was done he stepped back to look at the bandage then said ?there that should do the job nicely? Garth looked at his wing then asked ?How much money do you wont for your work? Mel looked at him then replied ?Well it was only a small wound not even worth one copper so just run along now and be more careful ok? he smiled at Garth then put his stuff back into his bag and went into his house ?thank you!? called Garth just as Mel closed the door he said ?your welcome young dragon? and with that Garth went to the edge of town and took off for Chiconis again when he got there he told the Elder?s about what Faith and the other Lunus Elder?s said plus what happened to him on the way back from Dralk, Luca did not think that was a good sign he said ?if this is true young Garth then that mean?s that the ogre?s and pigmies of Istaria have joined the army too and that mean?s that it will take more then just us dragon?s to fight this army of undead?
    Chapter 2: The Helian and Lunus Meeting
    [/b]The next day was bright and sunny when Faith woke up and went to get there breakfast when she got back her and Thunder eat as fast as they could as they had a lot to do before noon when they finished Faith went to find Lillie the hatchling that looked after there egg yesterday for them she found her playing with some friend?s buy the lava lake ?hi Lillie? Faith said as she landed ?are these your friend?s?? she asked?Yes Elder Faith this is Firedrake and TheGolden? replied Lillie?Hi Elder Faith? said Firedrake and TheGolden at the same time?hello you too? said Faith with a smile Firedrake is a small gold hatchling with blue stripe?s over her tiny body where as TheGolden was bigger and older then her with white chest scale?s and the rest off him a bright gold ?would you like any thing Elder?? asked Lillie looking up at Faith
    ?Yes as a matter of fact could you look after my egg aging today for me please Lillie? asked Faith?Well?..? Lillie said slowly looking at her friend?s?Your friends can come and keep you company if you would like and if they would too? Faith said understanding the hatchling?s uncertainty to play with her friend?s here or to look after Faith?s egg. ?They can! That?s greet I?d love too look after your egg for you Elder we?ll be there right away? Lillie said brightly then they all ran of for Faith?s cave after telling there mum?s and dad?s where they where going. When the hatchlings where gone Faith took off and went to all the dragon cave?s she knows of too tell them to meet at the Dralk shrine in half an hour then she her self went to the shrine and waited for Thunder who as soon as Lillie and her friend?s get to there cave he goes and tells all those he knows about the meeting at the shrine just like Leeron and Sapphire where doing too and all three of them got to the shrine at the same time about 20 minutes later. ?Greeting?s Leeron, Sapphire and my love Thunder? Faith said as they landed next to her ?Greeting?s Faith? said Sapphire
    ?Hi my love? said Thunder landing next to Faith and nuzzling her lovingly?Hello? said Leeron grumpily like always landing next to Sapphire.?well I see that your, your grumpy old self Leeron? Faith said smiling at him Sapphire just laughed and nodded in agreement where as Leeron just huffed and looked in the other way as if to be looking out for the other dragon?s and that just made Thunder, Faith and Sapphire laugh harder. They finely stopped laughing when the first dragon?s stared to arrive ?well here they come, it?s just a shame it?s not happy news we have to tell them? sighed Faith ?Yea I know dear? Thunder replied giving her a kiss on the cheek to cheer her up a bit and she smiled at him.
    When all the Lunus dragon?s where at the shrine Leeron called for silence and then Faith stepped forward being the oldest elder there she cleared her throat and said ?We have called you all here today for some sad and terrible news as the Helian Elder Miannea Blackfire has been killed while hunting over Harro? she paused for breath and then continued ?this is grave news I know, but it dose not stop there as there?s an army of undead gathering in Harro where the beloved Elder Miannea was killed? she took another breath then went on ?we believe by this army and the Helian?s have asked if those who wont to help fight this army to meet at the Aughundell mines at noon today with the Helian dragons as well as us Elder?s? she said looking around at the crowd, there was a quite murmur going around the crowd when they where quite again she said ?I will leave you to decide amongst your self?s farewell all and thank you for your time? and with that the dragon?s left.

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    Default Re: The story of Spirit's life: before she was born into the world of istaria

    it's not finished yet as i'm not sure on wont to do next if u have any idea's let me know[:D] it would be a big help [Y]

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