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Thread: General bugs encountered on Blight

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    Default General bugs encountered on Blight

    1) I started a sllik warrior on Blight, and noticed that when activating his abilities, any of them I choose would roll back the reset timer on ALL the OTHER abilities in my hotkey bar as well as the one I activated, so in essence, I couldn't use them for an even longer period of time, after they were already reset! Is this supposed to happen? It doesn't make any sense at all to me.

    For contrast, I have a Dragon on Chaos. When I activate an ability, that ability executes, and starts its own reset timer. It doesn't affect any other abilities or their reset timers.

    2) The first warrior quest in NT doesn't count the number of times you use the Negate Attack ability. I tried the quest twice, same result. I end up cancelling the quest. I heard this happens on Chaos as well.

    3) I went to sslanis and kion, and both cities had their bounty collector and town marshall quests broken. I would click on the link to get a bounty quest or town marshall quest, and nothing would happen.

    4) Blight seems to have less performance than that of Chaos for me. I would think with the minimal number of users, it would be faster (fps-wise, rendering graphics, etc) - all seem slower.

    5) Biped balance - my dragon on Chaos hits in combat much more often that my biped warrior counterpart on Blight. I'm not that familiar with bipeds, but this seemed odd to me for a warrior to miss as much as he does. I put all my per level points into dex, 1 hand slash, etc, and it doesn't seem to have any benefit. He misses all the time, even with monsters 5 levels below him, with any weapon I choose. Is this a negative side-effect from wearing plate armor ?

    That's it for now.

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    The Blight server is not the same power as the live ones. Even with the smaller population it normally serves it will not produce the results of the live servers in terms of performance.

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    Default Re: General bugs encountered on Blight

    I have noticed this roll back effect with my warrior as well, is this suposed to happen?

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    Default Re: General bugs encountered on Blight

    Been a while since I've logged in my ped, but quite a few of the abilites do share timers, and so you do have to wait to use other abilites. Normally this applies to abilities that are the same type or in the same line as the one you used, not all of them.

    Cant say I've ever had this issue before.

    Sometimes the link wont work if its at the bottom of the window, did you try expanding the windo or hailing the npc w/o closing the window? Also I've found that some npcs seem to suffer from dialogue lag which cant take up to a minute or more to clear.

    4. Dunno 'bout this one

    5. What's the level difference between your ped and dragon? Higher lvl characters will hit much more often then lower level generaly speaking could also be a combination of training points, overall skill in that area, weapon type, techs...ect. I wouldnt think armor type would effect ability to hit, may want to check what techs your armor has, maybe you have something that's negativly effecting your chance to hit. Certain blighted armor will do that.

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    Default Re: General bugs encountered on Blight

    Note this thread is two years old.

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    Default Re: General bugs encountered on Blight

    ROFL, I gota start paying attention to the date of these threads...

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