Halls are not fun to build.... and Kesqui's T2 Hall is driving me crazy.

If there are other lunatic dragons out there who fancy helping out with applied maelstones or flowstones in The Attic, there is coin there and waiting for you.

To get to The Attic:

Fly straight up from the pad until you're above the floating construct, then fly towards the light of the shrine; it's the lair directly in line of that flight facing the centre of Chiconis.
If you have to walk, run from the pad towards the bridge onto the floating construct. The slope to the right of the bridge can be climbed; go up there towards the crafting cave, then follow the road. You'll go past one lair as the road turns to the left - when you go over the hill, there's a lair just behind a small, flat rise that usually has Cerulean azulyte growing on it - that's The Attic.

Please try not to tread on Kesqui's "blue flowers" as you run past her front porch