With the release of our Spring Update to the live shards, pending for April 3rd, I’m so excited to be able to announce what’s coming with our next update! We’ve been working behind the scenes in planning for this update for a bit now, and keeping it “under wraps” has not been easy.

As the title says, we’re calling the update Enlightened Races. So just what are these races? Well, the short version is that they are a means of introducing flight to all races in Istaria, not just dragons! But it’s the story behind the short story that makes this next update so special.

We’ve found that having some “grounded” races and some with flight is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, challenge for balancing the overall game. So rather than ground dragons, which makes no sense, we have decided to provide a way for all races to fly.

Enlightened Races will introduce players to a quest series that will allow them to gain flight. Planned for when a biped reaches level 50 with their first adventuring school, our intention is to have the quest series extend through level 100, where at the end the bipedal character will have earned wings and the ability to fly.

Obviously, the Dryads will be our first race to receive this ability, as they are already a winged creature, but all characters will eventually be able to earn their wings and fly once this update is released to live!

See our new loading screen released today for an idea of how your character will appear with wings!

Amarie & Istaria Development Team

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