Welcome to the grand but not so grand atall opening of...Mystic Crest!
Mystic Crest will be (i say 'will be' beause it only has 5 member so far...all of them my alts ) a friendly guild!
Where all members can cooperate to take down big names (like that Reklar), craft needed armour, spells, claws/weapons, tools etc. for each other, help each other on quests and defend Istaria from the slowly decreasing, but as strong as ever, aegis forces (i think decreasing anyhow). Aswell as fighting and crafting, guild members can partake guild roleplay (as of yet there is no specific place for guild roleplay though).
We accept members of all races, schools and skills, players new and players old, all are welcome! So if you want to join feel free to drop by in the Mystic Crest chat channel!
And finally a very important note; this guild is on order