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Thread: Dragon Titles?

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    Exclamation Dragon Titles?

    Can someone tell me what titles are available for dragons season 1-30 please? Thanks.

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    Hmmm.. there's Exterminator at Sable Shores... there's also Skulk Hunter there too (or something similar). You can get the Gifted from Pratt in NT, and also Defender of New Trismus from Pratt. There's something about the Kion militia that you can get... I'm not too keen on the emblems, but those are the ones I know.

    Oh, there's also Gravedigger I think in Bristugo.

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    Theres also Slayer of Chickens, and Sslanis Militia from Sslanis
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    Lv20 - Exterminator, in sbale shores
    lv20 - Forest Skulk Hunter & Avenger, in sbale shores
    lv5 (i think) - Emblem of the gifted, on New Trismus
    lv10 - Defender of New Trismus, on New Trismus
    lvI'm not exactly sure - Defender of Sslanis, and i assume in Sslanis XD
    lv10-15 (second part is a lv15 quest) - Kion Militia, in Kion
    lvI'm not exactly sure - Slayer of Chickens, near Sslanis
    Around lv20 i think - Grave-Digger, in Bristugo
    lv30 i think - Spider Slayer, Spire's Gate or one of the spire places
    lv20-30 (i suggest lv40 for solo on this one, or with a freind around 30) - Vandus Milita emblem
    lv I'm not exactly sure - Investigator, starts in Tazoon vault

    i think thats all of them. my god i still need to get Defender of Sslanis and thats all the t1-2 emblems done almost for me XD

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