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Thread: Iron Guard: Kalevala's Bounty

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    Default Iron Guard: Kalevala's Bounty

    I went out and hunted Kalevala and he dropped an attuned "Kalevala's Head". I went to Jarthur and got the quest listed above. As soon as I talked with Jarthur the quest completed and all I got was 200s, nothing else.

    This is a waste of a possible interesting quest. Surely there could have been more to it.

    Really disappointed!!!!!!!

    follow up: The quest is still active but is disabled for some reason. In the quest box it states this:

    Kalevala the Frosthound is a rare specimen that has been known to waylay travelers to the Tower of Magery as well as those seeking rare resources along the northern shores. The Iron Guard has offered a bounty on the head of this beast for well over a decade, but no one has claimed it... until now.
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    200 silver is really a lousy reward it seems. unfurtunately i have not done any quests of any kind aside from the spells quests such as the Burning archer quest (still upset over the change), dark cyclone, the shining blades quest (still needs improvements) and the malestorm ice spell. In my opinion the rewards just do not seem worth the effort needed anymore.

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    Certainly Kalevala's Bounty is not a quest to appeal a vet player with tons of golds in his/her pockets. But I do remember a certain dragon that was really skint due to his habit to purchase every expert/master formula he could use. Those 200s for a quick kill came in handy.
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