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    I've got some great news! We recently received a great suggestion from a member of the Istarian Community about getting Istaria listed with Steam's Greenlight program (thank you!). Greenlight is a program where players can propose games to be added to Steam.

    The registration is complete and Istaria is now listed.

    If you'd like to see Istaria added to Steam, just visit the page below:

    Please click the Yes button below, "Would you play this game if it were available in Steam?"

    Getting Istaria listed on Steam would be a great way to spread the word about Istaria. We hope you'll consider having a look and clicking that button.

    -- UPDATE --
    Many questions have been brought up regarding Steam and Istaria. I pulled together answers from the team / boss:

    - Will I have to use Steam to play Istaria?
    - Will I still be able to download Istaria without Steam?

    There is no intention of making Istaria a Steam downloadable game only. Steam itself doesn't mandate that a game be available through Steam only and encourages developers to pursue other distribution methods.

    - What happens next if Istaria gets Greenlit?
    - What Steam features do you plan to integrate with Istaria?
    - What can I expect to pay for the Steam version?
    - How long do you plan to wait to see if Istaria gets Greenlit?

    These questions will be answered once we have access to the development kit / communicate further with a Steam representative. We have no intention of hampering any existing functionality of Istaria.

    - How will the Steam version of Istaria differ from the current direct-download?
    - Am I able to play on the same characters using the Steam and non-Steam versions of Istaria?

    There are no plans to make the Steam version of Istaria different than the non-Steam version.

    - What do you hope to get out of the Greenlight program?
    - How can I tell you about other avenues to gain exposure for Istaria?

    The goal of working with Steam is to expand Istaria's exposure to potential new players, as well as get in touch with previous players to come back. If you've got other ideas about increasing Istaria's visibility, please contact customer support at

    Hopefully the information above answers any questions you have, and of course there's further clarification / information that will come as things progress (or don't progress). Like many of you, the developers would like to see Steam enhance Istaria's future.


    - Istaria Customer Support
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