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Thread: Your Fish Were Delicious

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    You may never be fully rid of me around here (your art threads are too tasty!) but my sub is running out and I don't forsee renewing it anytime soon. I'll miss you guys!

    Thank you to all the people who reigned in the urge to clue-by-four me for my massive wall of texts. I feel better when I have somewhere to get all the words out.
    Thank you to everyone who hired me to craft them things. I always loved an excuse to USE my library of forms and techs, made me feel like less of a hoarder.
    Especially thank you to everyone I've loved in this game: guildmates, friends, RPers, random drunks in the night. No two people are the same, but all of you were awesome. ARE awesome, really, I can't see it changing just because I'm not around to witness it.

    Awdz! Can this most illustrious one get some klava going in here, please and thank you? It's not a party without drinks! *Hoists its urn of klava high, cheers, and dumps it down its throat in one gulp*

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    *serves Thicklesip an [Imperial Urn] full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy*
    Hope you make it back sooner rather than later!

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    sorry to see, but you warned me a while ago. you will be missed.

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    indeed- miss you- missed you and your input and your presence .

    Be happy with all you do- some of us will be here- until the end of time- to greet you welcome
    if you decide to return *hugs Thickle and and hides tears*
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Will miss you Thicklesip. Thanks for all the company over the years. Best wishes where ever you may roam. Hope to see you again someday.

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    Take care Thickle! Pleasure to talk with you and see your artwork as well!

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    Aww! sorry to hear! hope you can get your sub up, and running again! I feel bad my timing is terrible, and I never got a chance to RP with yah.
    Well, in the mean time, maybe there can be some forum RPs going. seeing when I`m on, there`s litteraly NONE, and nothing but dead silence D:
    *pounces, and slurps the purple drake*

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    Default Re: Your Fish Were Delicious

    *is confused*

    Dragon Scroll; BLIGHT~Anam, Ahleah; CHAOS~Veruliyam, Ceruliyan, Jaguarundi, Spinel, Ssussurrouss, Chon; ORDER~Aucapoma, Susurrus

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