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    Rejoining Istaria last november was a great experience for me. After busy and very enjoyable construction I encountered a (seemingly very personal) problem and asked for hints/numbers ( My concerns therein made me stop playing for what I thought would only be a little while, but in the meantime my sub has run out and my interest wandered to other things.

    All in all I am glad that I made it back once more to this very special game, upheld and played by special people. If the existance of a game were solely dependent on its community, then Istaria, with the incredibly friendly and polite backbone of its playership would live on forever. And somehow it deserves to.

    Allow me to name only Chani, Lov and awdz among many of you great people, thank you very much for many hours of fun!


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    *serves Varaenion a container full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy*

    Hope you return eventually, sooner rather than later!

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