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    Greater Blight Anchor is in Chiconis on Order

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    me, Thelras, and Awdz took down the anchor. it is no more. town is saved.

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    Clearash, the Town Marshal, took one look at the greater anchor and knew he'd get instantly flattened if he even just engaged one of the minions. He therefore stayed completely out of the battle but took notes on how it progressed.

    Young Bryennagor was trying to haul iron through the city but found it too dangerous for passage.

    Great Gifted Romirez responded in to the alarm, only to find the mobs too much even for one as mighty as he. Sending an additional alarm up, he began minimizing the invasion by picking off the incoming army bit by bit.

    Awdz served klava as a pick-me-up before bouncing in. Assisting Romirez, she quickly found that the army was already too much for just the two of them. Scurrying to the side to heal and rebuff, she and Romirez called for yet more help.

    Twyrix scampered in, a deceptively tough hatchling with lots of experience; Thelras joined the battle as well. With those reinforcements, the tide of the battle turned.

    The highly experienced dragons (Romirez, Thelras and Twyrix) stayed directly under the anchor, destroying most of the armies as they arrived. Ranger Awdz made extensive use of her bow on the anchor itself from a distance, occasionally scurrying in closer to cast a few spells before backing off to use her bow again. Bryennagor cast what spells he could from over where Clearash was not fighting. (The young Gifted was taken much aback at the lack of effort by the normal town defenders, and plans to have a 'discussion' with the Chiconis city council about it.)

    After a long, well-fought battle, the anchor was destroyed and the Withered Aegis invasion of the dragon city was halted. Gifted who collected a piece of the anchor to present to the city council were awarded 2 tokens of epic honor. We also found a few crates containing rare materials for creating epic items, but did not find any of the cores necessary to complete said items.

    All in all, an excellent fight, proving once more the value of us Gifted to the land! :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by awdz View Post
    Young Bryennagor was trying to haul iron through the city but found it too dangerous for passage.
    That would be me

    Thanks to all the brave souls who battled these monstrosities! I even managed to land a few prime bolts on the giant celery. Just had to keep running off to heal, but hey, my 500 total damage surely helped a little

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    My poor little Trahearne was finding that anchor to be too mean the night before.

    Lovely telling of the battle Awdz, that was a fun read.
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