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    I was hunting the elusive [Enraged Yew Treant Root] as ranger and thought it would be really helpful if I could target specific part of the creature to increase my chances of getting the comps I want. For example, maybe heartseeker as a final kill shot would shake the roots out of the ground with an extra 25% chance of it dropping, where headshot might preserve the limbs for an extra chance of ironwood limbs dropping.

    I know it would take a lot for applying the concept across all classes, because of all the different attack options, but it would be nice to have a way to focus our hunts.

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    That sounds like a splendid idea, but it sounds very complicated to get into game if not impossible

    But yes, the idea is good.

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    I was hunting for Turgid Purple Weaver abdomen. I don't have a gut punch, but I like your idea
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    Would say that for every ability is a bit complicated-
    Though if there was some way to in general target either x or y on a given monster would be better, each holding an opportunity cost to them; for example target wolf head instead of torso, increased chance for fang comp, reduced chance for ear/tail comp.
    Not sure how that would be implemented though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azath View Post
    increased chance for fang comp, reduced chance for ear.
    you realize the ear comes from the head also? You can't compensate for all the different parts that come from certain area's of each creatures body.

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    I'm not sure this is really a good idea.

    Would likely take a lot of work to implement. And to what end? Make it easier to get rare comps? They are rare drops on purpose, so if this was put in, then the drop rate would just be lowered to compensate. Making this ultimately pointless.

    I suppose it would be a way to add some bit of strategy to comp hunting... but it would be very simple to learn, and wouldn't really represent the "skill" of the player.

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