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Thread: Novian oak boards?

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    Default Novian oak boards?

    Somehow I have these in my vault with other novians. Not sure where they came from and I don't know what they used to make. Can anyone tell me?
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    Default Re: Novian oak boards?

    If I remember right from a dev, sometimes, when peoples plot gets reclaimed, anything on that plot is usually placed in the owners vault. But sometimes, I don't know the reasons, materials are just spread to other characters as well.

    I never played a biped myself, yet some years ago I suddenly hat novians for biped structures in my vault.
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    Default Re: Novian oak boards?

    Even if they came from another toon, I don't recall ever seeing a novian BOARD. I don't know what
    I can do with those.
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    Default Re: Novian oak boards?


    Your Oak Board Novians are probably related to a bug I posted to this forum in 2012 -

    or perhaps related to Post #7 in this 2008 thread -

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    Default Re: Novian oak boards?

    Correct, the Saris Manor House mistakenly required Oak Boards. However, it appears that the Large Coffin also uses Oak Boards so if you deconned one of them it would explain why you got Novians back. You can sell them or use them, but for the next update it'll be updated so that Oak Boards no longer give Novians.
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    Default Re: Novian oak boards?

    Thanks for clearing that up, sort of. But I have no clue where I got them!!!!!
    No, didn't decon a coffin of any kind. *shudders* So I guess I just pawn them? Can you pawn novians?
    Maybe I can find someone who wants to build a coffin before the next update.
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    Default Re: Novian oak boards?

    I got some too. They don't take up any bulk, not a big deal either way.

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