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Thread: New old player has many, many questions

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    Hi all,

    I was notifed about re-activated accounts and, having wondered about coming back to this game a few times before, thought I'd make the effort to see whether my old characters could be recovered. Turns out they could, really easily (thanks customer support!) so I now have access to my 100/100 adult dragon but am struggling with the game in general.

    I last played before the first takeover of the game, back when it was Horizons. I took part in the freeing of the dryads, I played a dragon when adulthood and flight was just a promise that we weren't honestly sure would be kept. I remember pulling an all-nighter the day they released adulthood with a few other dragons (Eclipse in particular being the main one I remember), I remember the huge community projects (mainly one about building a bridge somehwere) and generally have fond memories of the game which really drive me to want to get back into it.

    My poor Archeon Flamewing has been picking up dozens of dragon quests (primal mastery/spiked scales/dragons gift etc) and has been getting somewhat beaten down on the IX versions of them. That, combined with it being a little lonely has been dampening my spirit, so thought coming on here would be useful as I hear the community is great, it just always seems pretty quiet when I'm on. Anywhere in particular I should be heading? I'm in the new player assistance channel but it seems like I have soooo many questions about what things are, where to find things, how best to do things, why things are the way they are ...the list goes on!

    Anyway, if anyone sees me around I'm always happy to socialise and/or kill things, would be great to find a home in this game again, even though I have about 10% of the playtime available to me these days that I used to!

    Edit - forgot to say, I'm on the Chaos server.

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    Haha i thought my first question: Wich server r you on? Well then i red to the end :P. Ooof well alot has changed since you were gone. Just poke me or Cardia when you see us online. I`m glad if i can help. There is no strict line to follow when it comes to questing. Just keep in mind: The ability quests are important for dragons and you can get them in Dralk and Chiconis from the dragon trainers. Depending on how far you are and if you have already done them i would check on gerix in Kion. He is in charge of the beginner quests. Working together in groups is needed if you wanna get around faster. Istaria is after all made for exactly that . Any more questions? Go ahead! Welcome back! Dont`miss out on the current GM events to get some anniversary tokens wich you can trade in bristugo for some nice stuff. Post about the schedule is here in the Forums. There is also an ongoing double xp event til January 15th i think. Til then the account is for free! C ya online!

    Edit: Btw if you are interested, Istaria has a discord channel. I bet you can get alot of answers there pretty quick! Here is the join link:

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