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Thread: Daily memories of the forgotten

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    Default Daily memories of the forgotten

    for some reason the memories of the forgotten stopped dropping after 8 of 16. I think I have the reason I have 16 in my inventory. I destroyed 8 of them and I'm getting them again.

    I have no idée how I ended up with the extra 8.

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    Default Re: Daily memories of the forgotten

    Is there a bug here? I'm unclear what the issue was.
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    Default Re: Daily memories of the forgotten

    I was doing the daily quest to get the memories. Somehow I started with 8 in my inventory. got an other 8 but then they stop dropping from the ghosts, because I had 16 in my inventory. to correct this issue i had to destroy 8 of them. and they start dropping again.

    had the same issue with mylog gatherers were I started with one in my inventory needing I think 8. here also the dropping stopped after i got the needed number in my inventory but the counter was still 1 low. destroyed 1 and it started dropping again.

    I think the mylog veterans also suffer from this because after i have done this quest i get some drops of rank symbols.

    what is happening quest need X number of items. you start with n number of these. the drop stops after you have gotten x number in your inventory but the counter for the quest is only ad X-N

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    Default Re: Daily memories of the forgotten

    I've just had this same issue, did the questline on my 100 Ancient and had gathered 9 extra "Recovered Memory" then took on the daily that asks for 16. I looted 7 so in my inventory were 16 but then no more would drop. Quest log says only 7/16 gathered. Took me a while to realise then remembered reading this thread. Split stack and deleted 9, next kill a memory dropped. Could've been there all night trying to get something that wasn't going to drop!
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    We've fixed Memories of the Forgotten (Part 1 and Part 2), so it won't drop any extra Recovered Memories while taking the quests.
    When doing (Daily) Clerical Order: Memories of the Forgotten, proceeding the above quests, then you won't have any extra, which will cause this situation. It will be on next Delta. Thank you.
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