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Thread: Veteran Experience Potion of adventure?? [resolved]

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    Default Veteran Experience Potion of adventure?? [resolved]

    using a light lapis lazuli weapon crystal under influence of Veteran Experience Potion of adventure I get 1000, the standart exp not the expected 1250.

    Other crystal behave similarly.

    The battle fields identifying the leader exp 675140 to 695140 = 200000 exp also missing the 25%

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    I cannot see anything wrong with the code that supports xp mods. The only time a potion won't give you the boost is if we have double-xp active OR you would have reached your xp cap for the kill/quest.
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    We have a fix for this long standing issue. Sorry for the long delay on these potions not working against the cap correctly.
    There is a sim update on Blight Shard only (not Patch to Blight, but actually playing on Blight shard). But as Amon stated they probably won't work when we have double experience boosts (a couple times a year).

    The Loyalty token versions that gave 2.0 boost didn't have a problem. It's the ones that give 1.25 boost that did.

    Please don't use any of the 1.25 potions until the sim update moves to Live Shards, which should be on "Delta Day" on Chaos/Order.

    Assuming no major issues. We are planning a mini-delta capture this weekend, which will be amended to Blight Shard. Then all deltas should be pushed to Chaos/Order this coming Tuesday, July 9th.
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