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    Some of you might remember me ..

    I have spent some time back in the game recently .. and am thinking about re-instituting some of my work that was mod- based ..

    I have some ideas for things that I'd like to work on ..

    I have worked on other games over the years - but honestly - as Dorothy said, "There is no place like home."

    To clarify - I am not currently part of the dev team .. anything that I choose to work on is purely my own work ..

    However - as I started out - I would like to continue - making Iz better because it deserves to be and because I can ..

    I hope to see all of you again in game soon.
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    Welcome home


    PS I want an avator pic too!!

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    Default Re: I am Val

    of course you are remembered! most welcome home, val, and i look forward to your new excellent work
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    What a joy to see you back again Val:-))

    Happy gaming- looking forward to meet you ingame

    I m really curious what will be your first project:-))
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    Yay Val, definitely remembered. Welcome back
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    Of course we remember you! Welcome back!

    Some of the best mods ever for the game.
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    heh - that was the original icon for Gold Rage - however it lost a lot in scaling and I ended up replacing it .. Kept it as my avatar though>

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