Proprietor Caliginosus invites one and all to the new Emporium located in beautiful downtown Chiconis.

Cafe has all teir foods available and a lovely porch deck at the entrance for seeing the sights. Further inside you will find t6 consigner, t6 pawnbroker and vault room. Next floors down hold all t6 crafting machines for all of your crafting needs. Remember bipeds can fashion armor on a scale forge too!

The Emporium is located just above the floating trainer lair. Climb the hill near the bridge to the floating lair, the hill is steep but look closely and you will notice a darker look on the stone where many feet have gone before you.

Fireworks are available on the connie for your 4th of July celebrations! Pardon the construction dust as things are still being finished up and adding more items to the connie. Hope to see you there!