So, just a random idea playing around with the new monk and older disciples.. New monk is strong but a bit.. straightforwards. Just having the few buttons to mash with the combo system is nifty but doesn't shake things up much - if I recall, long ago, during the 'neo monk' preview there were a few followups and finishesr, which made a lot more sense as far as choices/cooldowns to manage, plus I know with all the chain attacks there's tons of animations that look great ready to be used!

Which brings me to Chain Attack.. the Monk combo type system made me think.. The disciples all get Chain Attack I-X or whatnot, and with all the new stances having varied effects, maybe that'd be an approach to spruce up all the disciples at once?

Each chain attack already gives an effect, basically have either an effect per chain, or one every few (i.e. Chain Combo I for Chain I, Chain Combo II for II, etc., whatever makes sense) and then, depending on the *order* of chain attacks used, you could setup a bunch of neat little interactions. If Chain Combo I is active then II does X extra effect, and the inverse could also be true, basically creating a handful of combo-based interactions depending on what attacks you have and the order you use them in, cooldown management, etc. Reasons to press different buttons in different orders for different situations, and it applies to all the disciples at once. Say I-II is extra hit, II-I is a DoT, I-III is a self heal/buff, whatever makes sense, and it might be logical to only have a few, such that Chain I/II add Combo I, or maybe each has a chance to add, or adds random ones, etc. Lots of ways to make it interactive and distinct while using abilities that all exist already.