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Thread: Thumbelina passed away

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    Default Thumbelina passed away

    It is with tears in my eyes that I have to tell you that Thumbelina passed away last year in november.

    Most of you that knew Thumbelina, knew that he mostly played on Blight server. But a few times came to Chaos to say hello to friends.
    I have known Thumbelina since 2004. Him and i have played Istaria together since and we have played other games together to. He was my close friend .
    After i havent talked with him for almost 4 month, I got worried. I tried to find his wife on facebook as i knew her name.
    I did find her and send her a message about how he was doing and hoped he was okay.
    I got the worst message back from her.
    I am sorry to inform you that my dear husband passed away last year. I was in chok. I knew he was ill, but never it was so serious. Somehow i knew that he have passed away to a better place as i havent talked to him for month and that was not normal.

    For those who knew Thumbelina, can nod to that he always wanted to help others. Always. He was a very warm hearted and kind man.
    And i will miss him very much.

    I have created a memorial land on the memorial island in his honor. I promised his wife that i will send her a picture of the memorial for him as she really wanted to see.
    I hope that those who knew him have time to come to chaos and to the memorila island to have a picture taken with us on it. His friends.
    I will let you know in this post when it will be planned to go.

    Thumbelina, mate. May you rest in peace ♥
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    Default Re: Thumbelina passed away

    i am so very saddened. i was just the other day speaking of the old days and old gang, and of course thum came up. the palais du fromage's garden is named for him. he will live for the millions in my heart. my deepest sympathies for his family and many, many friends.
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    Default Re: Thumbelina passed away

    I m sad. So he is gone..he will be missed..

    Abbie: Thumbelina and you- one of the best teams of Istaria in glorious days. I feel with you my friend.

    My condolences to all who cry for him.
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    Default Re: Thumbelina passed away

    Very sorry to hear. Grieve and hold him in heart, but let him go too. He will always be with you in your heart.

    *gentle hugs*

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    Default Re: Thumbelina passed away

    I came into the Fora this evening to post our Guild's condolences to our dragon Kumain regarding the death today of his stepson only to find this message regarding Thum. I am saddened, but not surprised. *Many* items - tools, bags, cargo gear, etc. - were made for me by Thumbelina and Grodec when I was a little gnome, still wet behind the ears.
    I often pass his lair on Blight at Last Stand and less often his plot at North Crystal and couldn't look at them without thinking of him... now it will be even more bittersweet.
    *sigh* - the dance of life.
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