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Thread: Damage VS Armor Guide.

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    Default Damage VS Armor Guide.

    I didn't write this either...
    I'm not sure if this was a TAZ Post, or a post here..but I couldn't find it, so here it is again.
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    The issue with evasion isn't a bug in the system, it's the monsters. In order to make the enemies increase in challenge as you progress through levels, we altered the way monsters gain skills. Unlike player schools, which gain the same amount every level, monsters schools increase their skills in an accelerated manner as they get higher in level. This helps compensate for things they don't have, like techniques, training points, gifts/buffs (beyond what they cast on themselves) and potions. I believe this is having an unintended side effect of making monsters effectively never miss at higher levels, unless you have very high evasion (i.e. a monk with evasion techniques and training points spent). This is especially due to the fact that the base chance to hit is currently 80%, meaning if the attacker's weapon skill is the same as the target's evasion, and their dexterities are the same, the attack has an 80% chance to hit. Therefore even a slight edge in weapon skill provides a near-guarantee to hit. We've discussed reducing the base chance to give more room for competition between attack and defensive skills, though we need to explore the ramifications of such a change, such as longer fights. Also, as was stated at the time of their release, the new monster schools are still in a period of adjustment, and reevaluating the weapon skills of some of them may be in order.

    "I'm a tad confused by this. Does this mean that mobs reduce more damage from people with a lower delay? So if the attacking weapon had a delay of say 22.5, is it going to reduce the damage by 200?"

    The other way around. 1000 armor against a delay of 22.5 would reduce damage per hit by 50.

    Basically, the damage is altered in terms of "damage per second", so the speed of attack is irrelevant.

    Dexterity should add to evasion 1/3rd of its value. It shouldn`t be independent. Since dexterity also adds to weapon skill 1/3rd of its value it doesn`t matter if you both got 800 and 800 dex or 1400 and 1400 dex. So basicly 300 dexterity should add 100 evasion.

    Yes, Dexterity (or Focus, for spells) is in the calculation to hit for both attacker and target, at 1/3 the importance of skill. This is completely separate from the boost to current skill that attributes give.

    That was awesome save there from Tazoon boards Deathiny . Let me try to explain why some of you may experience low benefit from armor or don`t notice effect when removing armor (just if there are no bugs). If some mob is doing 100 dam with delay of 1 and you got let`s say 500 armor that would reduce damage 20 at delay 1. If you double that armor to 1000 you`d reduce damage by 40. So you`d only lower received damage from 80 to 60 when you doubled your armour. Then if you add armor from 1500 to 2000 you`d reduce your damage taken from 40 to 20! This just means that basically all armor except platemail and maybe chainmail are useless for reducing damage. I think there is same type of damage reduction for evasion too based by my experience. You can gain "invulnerability" too against mobs if you get the best evasion, dexterity and boosting abilities+wards. If you got less than half of this "ultimate" evasion it`d make dodging more or less useless since additions to evasion like evasive style only would boost only little dodging. So point is if you want any good effect from armor or evasion you`d need to completely max those out and you`d be nearly godly.

    Also let me say why dam on monks etc is very sub par compared to other classes. It is mainly cause melee abilities like multistrike do NOT give you much benefit when using low delay attack. Multistrike would give tons of damage with relatively much shorter recycle time with high delay attacks. Also compared to berserkers rage and reavers ethereal blade monk doesn`t get any comparabe abilities execpt spirit disciples spirit form at late levels.
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    Default Re: Damage VS Armor Guide.

    It has been a long time since this post was made and I am wondering if it is still true or if this is out dated?

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    Default Re: Damage VS Armor Guide.

    Sooo much has changed since then, I'd be surprised if none of it were outdated. No clue on what is different though.

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    Default Re: Damage VS Armor Guide.

    And this is why it is better to point to an old post when asking if it is still good rather than necro-posting even to ask. Unfortunately this information is back on the first page weather or not it is current.
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