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    if any one can find the time to build up junoirs plot would love it since im dragon and cant do it. I would be more than happy to set up a date and help mine material :)on the plots is a vault, t2 human house, many silos, a stone shop for slate and granite that spawns pratical on top of my plot and a wood shop for the nearby oak and a spell shop is on plot to. and cant forget the nearby gold and gems to.

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    Umm... Blue, what town is Junior in? [:P]


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    Looks like Mahagra area.

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    Definitely Mahagra. Although Blizzard's Peak (or is it Reach?) is a cheaper and slightly nearer lp available off of many guild community portals.
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    yes that port pad is mahag

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    He is just outside mahagra, follow road south out of mahagra and you will see selune's plot ( with a fiendish house and pillars on it at base of hill. Go up hill and he is at top on right side.

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    jsut an update I change the b- wood shop and b-stone shop to J-shops and I still need a builder to work with on my plot

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    :o Ask gladmerin. He can do t 1 and 2 on almost all portions (not done with enchanter and fitter yet). Prices are:
    T1 = 120copper per unit
    T2 = 240copper per unit

    When I get to T3-6 it will scale appropriatly:
    T3 = 360copper per unit
    T4 = 480copper per unit
    T5 = 600copper per unit
    T6 = 720copper per unit
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    sweet thanks will do.

    and as an update my t2 house is complete I can now sleep on a soft roof. my next project to work on is the vault and J-stone shop building the J-shop will be a great benfit for the community as low lvl crafters will get a big boost in skill when crafting there.

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    This job is still open for any crafters that want to take up the Job. I raelly want to get my J-stone shop up when it is done it will really benifit the low crafters in are community crafting the slate there.

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    Blue Hasia,

    I'm a young hatchling finding myself short on the lore tokens I need to purchase my spell and scale formulas. I'd be happy to fill silos for you with tier 1 products for your buildings in exchange for some lore tokens. Would you be interested?

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