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Thread: Pekkas Map Pack

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    Default Pekkas Map Pack inaccurate?

    ive noticed thatmany of the markers are off the mark and that none of the other map packs seem to have markers which i thought was the POINT of downloading a map pack: To have USEFULL information on the map rather then a poorly done layout of the terrain........please update the markers to be more accurate!

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    Default Re: Pekkas Map Pack inaccurate?

    The work on the map pack is being continued in this thread lugia:

    These changes should alleviate your grievances a bit:
    -Changed the map to the offical Tulga map, its a relief map so there is longer a need for a player made map. a 512x512 version will soon be available.
    -Added a texture relief map for New Trismus.
    -Updated map markers for New Trismus.
    -Updated map markers for Kion
    -Updated map markers for Island of the Drowned

    As for the "poorly done layout of the terrain", at the time version 2.9 was current the map in the map pack was much better then the official map.
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    I have always loved the pekkas map pack hehe best one I have ever used for HZ just saying I love you guys for all the hard work you do here please keep it up.
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    Default Re: Pekkas Map Pack

    Does anyone have any working links to download pekkas map pack? None of the links I have found so far are working now.

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    Default Re: Pekkas Map Pack

    Sorry for the tread necromancy, but I really would like to check this map pack out. If anyone has a working link could they post it? If no one has the link, could someone Email me the file? My email is [email protected].

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    Default Re: Pekkas Map Pack

    This is the link to the recent mappack, based on pekkas but worked on by others. It's great and very usefull.

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