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Blight Client 388.20.0
Chaos Restart
Live Hotfix
Blight Hotfix
Blight Delta 277

Blight Updates Blight Client 388.20.0 Istaria Community Manager
July 29, 2015
  • Quest UI doesn’t have columns for sorting (it shows the quest steps), so sort alphabetical
  • Update interface for visibility so the difference between being visible and ignoring is better understood
  • Crash fix for changing hover name size
  • Crash fix for characters that don’t have models (model failed to load from disk)
  • Crash fix when updating character that doesn’t have any textures layers loaded (textures failed to load from disk)
  • Crash fix when coming out of full screen mode into non-standard resolution
  • Crash fix when removing loot effect from a monster that was in view, then player teleported close by, and then monster unloaded
  • Crash fix when closing chat window, but there’s no active tabs (chat windows)
  • Various fixes to sound manager to make sounds play properly
  • Optimize / Clean up Trade Window
  • Add Techniqued Flag to Consignment Results
  • Add note to character creation page that Free Access is a single human character
  • Support for random sound emitter delays
  • Increase maximum items in trade to 30 items (from 15)
  • Correct problem with edge of quest available / quest step icons above NPC heads
  • Properly show community name if plot is for sale and owned by community

Community News Chaos Restart Istaria Community Manager
July 28, 2015

Chaos is back online (1:45 PM PDT)

Chaos will be restarted at 12:45 PM PDT to clear up some issues that cropped up after this mornings maintenance.

Blight Updates Live Hotfix Istaria Community Manager
July 23, 2015


  • If player is on ignore, don't inform about online status
  • Inform other player is being added to player list and route through online notifications channel
  • Disable Emotes for Players on Ignore

Blight Updates Blight Hotfix Istaria Community Manager
July 22, 2015


  • If player is on ignore, don't inform about online status
  • Inform other player is being added to player list and route through online notifications channel
  • Disable Emotes for Players on Ignore

Blight Updates Blight Delta 277 Istaria Community Manager
July 20, 2015
  • Typo in Spike Scales IX - Return to Dralk (instead of Chiconis) in feedback message upon killing the 20 Blood Skulks.
  • Tier 2-6 Storehouses’ skill range has been adjusted to 200 (difference between minimum and optimal).
  • Tier 3 Barn has skill range adjusted to 200.
  • Crafting Boons/Bounty/Blessing techniques no longer drop from mobs. They are now purchased from the appropriate tiered Quartermasters, including the new Tier 4 & 5 Benefit and Benevolence. The price for the boons will be 1.5x higher than the normal price of craft techniques.
  • Renamed Bloodskulks to Blood Skulks (to match Forest Skulks, their cousins)
  • Fix rotation on empire structures that have machines (some were rotated on prod, but the delta (276) doesn’t rotate placed machines)
  • Gruk's Tormented Mind ability no longer stuns (potentially a 0:50-1:03 stun) or lowers nature/blight resistances (but still keeps it's DoT effects).
  • Tormented Mind recycles every 75 seconds, instead of 50 seconds. Duration reduced from 1:03 to 0:40, frequency from 0:11 to 0:10.
  • Gruk's Chain Lightning V now does nature damage instead of slash damage.
  • Daknor now has Shield of Blood (equivalent to Blood Shield II that Blood Skulk Bloodmages use).
  • Daknor no longer casts Spellbind (which was being casted every 15 seconds). He still has Petrified II, which is similar to Spellbind but requires 5 hits to remove and is not dispellable. Recycle remains at 75 seconds.
  • Guglar the Shaman (Named Nah’guk Gatherer) is now known as Gruglar the Shaman (typo in spelling).


Live Updates Live Client 388.12.0 Istaria Community Manager
July 14, 2015
  • Display player coin in travel gate window
  • Support for defining races to play special boss music / fix when combat music plays
  • Prevent compiling of strings in character updates / character module when log print disabled
  • Display buffs/debuffs on target window
  • Update character sheet so that correct school icon is displayed
  • Ctrl-Click select last item in list view
  • Crafting animations work again
  • Sound added to adult and ancient dragon ascension effects (Thank you Racktor)
  • Crash fix for hotkey tooltips being too large (Thank you Machaeon)
  • When building string for text hotkey, if length greater than 32, trim and add ellipse (still allow custom tooltip > 32).
  • Add Right Click > Access Property Info to structures
  • Add warning if custom inscription is too long

Blight Updates Blight Delta 276 Istaria Community Manager
July 9, 2015
  • Fix spelling in ability descriptions from addtional to additional.
  • Small patch of Viridian Azulyte spawns along western edge of Lesser Aradoth Deadlands. There is a nearby crystal shaper that can be accessed.
  • Update to Emblems: Grave-Digger gives +2 (delay adjusted)  against Undead, Relic Hunter gives +5 (delay adjusted) against Undead, Relic Protector gives +10 (delay adjusted) against Undead, Wolf Hunter gives +3 (delay adjusted) against Animals.
  • Loricatus Beetle: Gritus Maximus spawns again on Kion beaches.
  • Geleon’s Master Scroll Replica will now consume itself when used (thus allowing you to use the scroll).
  • Ethien the Tempered will allow you to forget (erase) Tinkerer, Gatherer, Enchanter and Miner schools.
  • Focus of Spirit will now teleport you to just outside of lair entrance (Council Elders), instead inside of lair.
  • Crafting Boons are now available in Tier 4 & 5. Tier 4 is known as Benefit, Tier 5 is known as Benevolence. Benefit gives +8 and Benevolence gives +10. Exception is Mining Benefit which gives +12 and Mining Benevolence which gives +15.
  • Quest: ‘South March: The Essence of Research’ is now available to dragons. Purified orbs do not need to be crafted by player and can be obtained from other players.
  • Abandoned Isle resource nodes has been adjusted on eastern side of isle. Relevant resources now spawn near the relevant Imperial buildings.

Community News Authserver Issues and Resolution Istaria Community Manager
July 1, 2015

We know how frustrated a lot of you are with the recent downtime we've had due to the authserver, we have a few patches of hair missing from our heads over it as well at this point.  We're 99% sure we narrowed it down to a hard drive that while it wasn't reporting any errors was indeed causing problems.

We've also, just today, finished implementing a new monitoring system for the authserver.  Our normal server monitoring system wasn't always alerting us to the authserver problems.  The new system is more sensitive and will also restart the authserver in the event of any issues.

Community News Authserver Issues Istaria Community Manager
June 26, 2015
We haven't had any reports of authserver connection issues for a few days so this appears to be resolved, hopefully we did not just jinx ourselves by saying that...

Live Updates Live Delta 275 Istaria Community Manager
June 23, 2015
  • Drain Bolt IX and X are no longer stackable. This will prevent issues with techs getting erased, on the spell, when you create or have more than one in inventory. Issues with creating the spells should also be fixed.
  • Emblem/Title quests are more relaxed on the requirements. Instead of ‘current’ adventure school level, it is now ‘any’ adventure school level constraint check to acquire the quest. This will also prevent quest logs from becoming disabled should you join a lower level school (assuming you have at least one school that meets requirements). This will allow you to kill the mobs at low levels and receive credit, as long as you have at least one adventure school at the correct level.
  • Updated / checked techniqued spells to ensure they are not stackable (and so can accept techniques and inscriptions properly)
  • Updated / checked techniqued tools to ensure they are not stackable (and so can accept techniques and inscriptions properly)
  • Jewelry Tech Kit: Amulet of the Grand Magus is no longer not stackable


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