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Blight Delta 265
Blight Delta 264
Blight Client 386.82.0
Blight Delta 263
Blight Client 386.60.2

Blight Updates Blight Delta 265 Istaria Community Manager
January 30, 2015
  • Two previously unreleased lair murals are now available: Obsidian Mirror (variants: normal, lunus, helian) and Drulkar's Icon.
  • Players may no longer have more than one quest from Steward Pratt active at a time. This was causing conflicts with his various quests. Included are the Town Marshall quests that he gives out.
  • The final quest for dragons coming from Skalkaar sends them to greet Steward Pratt instead of Milicent.
  • Fixed the missing water around the island of New Trismus
  • "Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse" will now progress properly when speaking to Resliak. The quest links have been updated, as well as a grammar error has been cleaned up.
  • "Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse 2" now has the proper final quest progress so that it will completed and clean itself up.
  • "The Ruined Homestead" quest links fixed.
  • Fixed the optimal skill requirement for Glass Vials in all tier of Antidote formula.
  • Updated the loot tables and drop-rates from monsters within the Rift
  • "Town Marshall: Color Blind" quest now correctly returns you to Marshall Fohadon, to complete, instead of Dezwar Gabbledock.
  • Trophy Hunter quests on New Trismus now require that you completed Jeremiah Trueheart's Request first.
  • Fixed spelling errors in some of Cellardus's quests.
  • Modified Tiny Grass Beetle spawns on Spirit Isle so they are no longer linked.
  • Updated the descriptions of Primal Retribution, Drulkar's Retribution and Vital Resistance
  • Determination's buff, Determined, now takes up a gift slot
  • "The Ruined Homestead 2" quest now starts with just Braekhis so that players may start it.
  • Quest experience and rewards for the tutorial quests on Spirit Island have been adjusted to fit better with the New Trismus changes.
  • A fourth Spirit Isle quest has been added to teach players a bit more about the game.
  • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Defender of New Trismus has been modified to increase Ethereal Armor instead of Armor so that it may be applied to a wider range of equipment.
  • Ceremonial Tower Shield and Ceremonial Chest Scale are quest rewards and thus should be attuned.
  • Set up the Minor Anchor so that it properly spawns on New Trismus now.
  • The Rite of Passage's Bluish Stone has had its description updated to reflect that Kaa & Lem are no longer in the Western and Eastern Deadlands.
  • The Ceremonial Tower Shield and Ceremonial Scale now both come from the quest "Imperial Army: Protect Harro From A New Menace" quest. The "Imperial Army: Stop the Kwellen Raids" quest now properly sends you back to Burris at the end of the quest rather than completing after Daknor has been killed. This will also place players at the right location to get the next quest in the series.
    • Quests to change the old Ceremonial Tower Shield and old Ceremonial Scale have been removed. A script will be run to do the exchange instead for all characters.
  • Moved the Assistant of Wit into Kion with the others for the Trials of the Gifted quest.
  • Fixed typo in the Defender of New Trismus augmentation.

Blight Updates Blight Delta 264 Istaria Community Manager
January 21, 2015

New Trismus Revamp

  • Many structures in New Trismus have been replaced with burned out versions of the structure. Machines have been removed from the town of New Trismus itself, though field machines on the island were left in place.
  • The shrine on New Trismus has been moved to an out-of-the-way location on Genevia Island so that those bound to it will still have somewhere to recall back to. The New Trismus Shrine is a burned out structure that can not be bound to (this is part of the storyline.)
  • Gaedin, Miry, Sadie, and Ulaven have had their quests for characters level 4 and under marked as Obsolete. The persistent dialog has been updated to send these players back to Spirit Isle to start their adventuring.
  • The trainers (Cleric, Mage, Scout, and Warrior) on New Trismus provide quests starting at level 5 through level 10. These quests give consistent rewards and usually call for the same objective at each level.
  • Avariatus and Kerian have had their quests updated slightly to reflect the changes to the island.
  • Animals, insects, and semi-intelligent mobs from the island have been moved to the southern portion of the island to separate them from the undead/withered aegis mobs.
  • Wolves, Grulets, Spiders, Grass Beetles and Pygmies on New Trismus have had their levels adjusted to fit into the new scheme of storyline quests.
  • The following quests have been updated to reflect the new locations of monsters: The Lone Wolf, Red Tusks, The Withered Bane.
  • The Trials of the Gifted quest has been moved to Kion along with all the various Assessors. The quest now starts and ends with Town Marshall Krianos. The ability "Title" Emblem of the Gifted" now will provide players with a buff based on the fact that this quest starts at level 10.
  • The former Valor and Vigilance quest has been marked as Obsolete. There is a new quest series which has replaced it and tells the story of what has happened to New Trismus. (Players who had done the old quest may still do this new one.)
  • Steward Pratt and Rancher Elden have new quests which can be repeated every hour for characters who are between levels 6 and 12 to provide an experience boost.
  • Braekhis has quests which focus on the Ruined Homestead region for anyone level 8 and above.


Blight Updates Blight Client 386.82.0 Istaria Community Manager
January 9, 2015


  • New emotes button in chat window
  • All specific resources to show a specific animation
  • Make gathering easier by allowing double click on nodes / expanded right click menu
  • Add selected entity description to Target Window
  • Add icon, products, and requirements to scribe window
  • Add item icon to item info window
  • Animate idle system to allow NPC to do cool things when they're being idle
  • Add directional arrow for selected resources
  • Highlight map search result
  • Add icons to target window
  • Add UI reset option from options window
  • Item creation window resources consolidated / base and technique listing
  • New Fishing Sounds
  • Don't wait for resources (things you gather) when deciding to drop loading screen


Blight Updates Blight Delta 263 Istaria Community Manager
December 12, 2014
  • Town Marshall quest "The Warmth of Winter" now points to the correct wolves rather than the Snowback Wolves.
  • Adjusted the Giant Chicken spawns on Lesser Aradoth
  • Fixed the experience given for formulas Beginner Recharge Cell and Beginner Metal Gears.
  • Fixed skill requirements in the Beginner Glass Nodule Fabricator.
  • Helian and Lunus Tavern structures can now be activated to have a Tavernkeeper.
  • Adjusted the treasure tables and drop rates of loot from Greater and Lesser Anchors (excluding the Greater outside of Delgarath).
  • Corrupted, Defiled and Ruined Shades no longer receive the Stunner ability.
  • Storm's Shadow once again fights as a werewolf, not an undead dragon.
  • Lowered the Risen Bioscholar's social and aggro range.
  • Removed the step from the quest "Essence Harvesting Mastery IV: Collect 100 Tainted Pale Essence" that requires you to obtain the tainted essence in a particular manner so that this quest now is just like the other "tainted essence" quests.
  • Quake Attack is now a spell-like attack rather than a weapon-focused attack. This means it will benefit from your Nature skill.
  • Gold Rage X is now known as Brilliant Rage (it is only used by Selenia the Brilliant)
  • Fixed quest "The Angler" so that it does track gathering Mackerel and it has a separate step for returning to Ted (instead of him speaking magically to you from afar)
  • Completed audit of construction and lairshaping experience for applying resources and made adjustments to correct various bugs.
  • Weapons have had resolution of textures improved to make the textures visible.
  • Several tweaks and some minor bug fixes have been applied to certain weapon textures in the process of increasing resolution.
  • Weapons and weapon parts made of wood are no longer shiny to reflect the fact wood is usually not shiny.
  • Demonbane Spike has been set to use a weapon model & texture that seem to have been made for it long ago, but were never used. It will use this until the new model is ready.
  • Blight Hounds now have far less health.
  • Blight Hounds and Frosthounds now have 1/3 less strength than before.
  • Inspire Cowardice (used by Abominations of Fear) no longer gives “Dumbfound” as a debuff, but instead gives a debuff called Terrified (a mez instead of a stun).
  • Stagnation (used by Abominations of Agony) is now known as Inspire Pain. It no longer gives “Dumbfound” as a debuff, but instead gives a debuff called Agony (a DoT and slow). It also now recycles every 60s (down from 90s).
  • Dumbfound (debuff, used by Abominations of Terror) is now known as Dumbfounded, is a flat 6 second stun (varied from 4 to 10 before), and now also reduces Dexterity and Focus. The ability now recycles every 60s (down from 90s).
  • Clay Scoop now limits Foraging instead of Preparing and has the skill_use_foraging (instead of skill_use_preparing) keyword.
  • Fixed plot in Last Stand so it has the proper terrain type beneath it.
  • Changed the trigger point for the quest "Iron Guard: Disturbing Rumors" so that it also has a tighter radius and updated the dialog a bit to make it clearer.


Blight Updates Blight Client 386.60.2 Istaria Community Manager
December 6, 2014
This is an update to the launcher (v4.11) to help fix problems some players were having patching.  You can comment on the community forums thread here:

Blight Updates Blight Restart Istaria Community Manager
November 25, 2014
Blight will be restarted at 12:30 PM PST.  The restart should take a little bit over an hour.

Community News Chaos is Back Online Istaria Community Manager
October 23, 2014

Chaos is currently offline due to some hardware issues, we're investigating now.

Fingers crossed... we're hoping to have Chaos back online around 7:30 PM PDT.

and of course by 7:30 I really meant 7:00... Chaos is back online!

Live Updates Live Client 386.58 Istaria Community Manager
September 16, 2014


  • Turn NPC to face player when talking to NPC
  • Update Content for Gathering Sounds
  • New flower clutter
  • Allow NPC tells and NPC emotes to the same channel.


  • Several crash fixes for out of memory textures / file buffers / bad file names
  • Hoards should once again work properly

Blight Updates Blight Client 386.58 Istaria Community Manager
September 16, 2014


  • Turn NPC to face player when talking to NPC
  • Update Content for Gathering Sounds
  • New flower clutter
  • Allow NPC tells and NPC emotes to the same channel.


  • Several crash fixes for out of memory textures / file buffers / bad file names

Live Updates Live Delta 262 Istaria Community Manager
September 2, 2014
  • Paladin
    • "Stand Against Darkness" now works versus Undead, Constructs and Animates.
    • "Aura of Light" now reduces incoming damage from the Undead to the Paladin
    • "Interpose" now has a recycle rate of 30 seconds and a range of 20 meters
    • Interpose's debuff is now known as "Distracted" and has a duration of 20 seconds.
    • "Infusion" now has a 25% (up from 3%) of applying its double-damage versus undead.
    • "Blessing of Life" now heals 5% of maximum health every 30 seconds.


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